I'll be right in.

I've been there.

I know you've seen some awful things.

I know where to go.

You'll have to be more specific.

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Your philosophy of life is different than mine.

It must be really bad.

She decided to throw a party.

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I am terribly busy because the report deadline is near.

Riots are occurring across the country to protest the war.

I might know somebody that could help you.

He was a hard worker in his youth.

Yoko is interested in collecting stamps.

I have no doubt English is the most common language in the world.

Do you believe his story?

I'm obligated to fix this.

I've got things to say.


We had lunch at a little coffee shop.


I could have handled it without Val's help.

It's a mistaken opinion.

This is the first time that I've eaten in an Italian pizzeria.


You're acting very strangely.

I'll handle things.

Magnus will possibly be here within the hour.

We'll do our best to realize what we've planned.

Some say the beauty is more important than virtue.

X marks the spot.

When you come to France, we will go to Marseille.

Jarmo won't go even if he's invited.

The pain still hasn't gone away.

You've made that abundantly clear.

To live without air is impossible.

We pay a high rent.

You rarely ever wake up this early.

Why did you tell them?

If wisely used, money can do much.


Tell them what happened.


I've discovered a serious error.


Dan stopped to pick up a friend.

I didn't want her to die.

What happened to it?

They went on fighting the fire at the risk of their lives.

Do you have a part time job?

He made good in business.

You've abused my trust.

Tell me exactly where he lives.

The orange didn't taste either sweet or sour.


I have to work late tonight.

I like figuring things out.

The politician had to take back his words and eat crow.


For both translations, I often have to use the dictionary and I notice that there are too few scientific terms.


Matti loves a good laugh and avoids people who haven't got a sense of humour.

How old is this dog?

Sergei doesn't know where Paul is.

This bus will take you to the station.

You're always lying- that's why people don't take you seriously. You get what you deserve.

I don't get to Boston as often as I'd like.

If we have not peace within ourselves, it is in vain to seek it from outward sources.

Did Page look like he was busy?

That would be Joachim's problem, not ours.

There's something I want.

Why would Sandip be worried?

Is this the most serious matter?

You have a car.


I always feel gloomy.

That's what I'm trying to do.

Where did you get on this bus?

You must not insist on going out alone so late at night.

What does that have to do with it?

I don't feel like eating now.

The precious stone belonged to Lenny.

The price was in the neighbourhood of 50 dollars.

Let's go somewhere tonight, OK?


It fell to pieces.

Let me go talk to them.

That kind of talk leads to arguments.

He is an expert in astronomy.

"God is our salvation," said the priest.


I'll buy her a beer.

Give me a little time to think it over.

In this case, translation is, in effect, impossible.

I could be using this time to do something useful.

Flour is made into bread.

Phiroze and I take the same bus to school.

Parking and admission are free.

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Kirsten knows how to play mahjong.

What do you think you are doing, talking down to me like that?

A full-grown African elephant weighs about four tons.

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The golf tournament kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time.

Doyle usually stays up till after midnight.

You'll need wait until some of your traveling postcards arrive - then you'll be able to send some more.

The typhoon moved in a westerly direction.

I went to her for advice.


I kind of miss him.

She became a singer.

Don't forget your coat!

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You must put some life into your work.

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Susan enjoys listening to music.

Can you remove it?

Don't you want to see her?

Jeanette and I went to school together.

What a beautiful story!

I don't know when the prices will change.

Glynn will be thirty next year.


She ignored Magnus.

Joe purged himself of the suspicion.

Sappho was a famous Lesbian poet.

I also contacted the police.

He's active doing charity work.

You look good in this picture.

Carlos now knows what he has to do.


My words are like a mirror; if a jackass read them, then don't expect he'd see an angel's face.

I think we should do that tomorrow.

Joyce expected Val to be at his party.


He will travel abroad next year.


She burned her left hand.

Why did you buy a second car?

The office is empty.


She still lacks an evolved perception for the beauty of language.

Even I started small. Today, the largest trade chain in Austria belongs to me.

We'd like to run some tests.

Our meeting was purely accidental.

The Prime Minister's explanation of the scandal just wouldn't wash with the public.

I'm here just for the holidays.

The same thing happened to me once.

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People around the whole world speak English.


Adil likes anthropology.

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No matter what may happen, I am always prepared for it.


Ralph spent long hours in the woods.

You aren't really going to kill Martin, are you?

You're not Brazilian, are you?

Our club dining room also has a menu in Esperanto.

Ram has been uncooperative.

Let's keep going.

How can you even ask that?


The chance is gone.

We'll be starting college next year.

For in the later also, had nature not been interferred with, a child might possibly have come forth.


Vance said that he had never planned on living in Boston for so long.


Jose violently kicked the garbage can.

He continued working all day.

Irwin started to panic.

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How can we buy British goods?


Ed doubts that he'll be able get there on time.


I know how to fix this.


You seem to be making progress.


Please "like" my page on Facebook.

This movie brought tears to my eyes.

The twilight merged into darkness.

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Sorrel doesn't work hard enough.


He wants to get rid of the ants.


Kathleen put his shirt on a hanger.

What changed Takayuki's mind?

You're not in bed yet?


We rode up in the elevator together.


I think I can speak French well enough to get by.

They got it wrong.

This TV program seems to be very entertaining.