Rich is he who has no debts, fortunate he who lives without illness.

Keep quiet and behave well!

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They sowed wheat in their field.


Dori has Bobbie's address.

This problem has been debated by many economists.

I shall have a lamp.

"Honey, quick, quick. There's this website called Tatoeba that's auctioning its sentence collection for a cent each! They've even got special offers like buy 100 sentences and get 1 free!" "Ah great! now people collect sentences as a hobby?! What's the world coming to!"

My daughter has an imaginary friend.


I had no intention of living in a large city from the start.


Soon hot, soon cold.

Come on back, OK?

Try to put yourself in his shoes.

The negotiations took place in Boston.

Did you win a ribbon, too?

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Fill this out, please.


She bought a pair of boots.

The architecture of this building is typical of the period.

That he should think so is quite natural.

It'll do you good to take some time off.

You are sharp.

You do not have a right to your own opinion!

You'll always be Elsa's father.


He was afraid that he might hurt her feelings.

I've changed my daily routine.

I was trying to lose weight.


He tends to talk too much.

The young girl pulled on her mother's coat.

She's a big teaser.

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I'd never seen such expansive scenery.

This is your wine.

Philip is an affluent man.


I am sure that we will be very happy here.

That's really immature, Ruth.

Please speak louder so everybody can hear you.

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Two girls threw up on the bus in two days.

I found it something of a disappointment.

I thought you understood.


He was checking you out.


I will write a letter to Judy.

Double the dose.

I used to think it didn't matter.


"Your Majesty, Ganon and his minions have seized your prison!" "Hmm... Fari!" "Yes!" "Imprison Duke Onkled in your house!"

Rudolf left Lyndon for another woman.

My native language is Portuguese.

My dictionary is very useful.

Risk all and gain all.

It'll be interesting for sure.

Can we help them?

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That's as far as I got.

Don't make me choose.

Juliane was devious.

I followed the deer's tracks.

Women like Jerome.

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Can you talk to them?


How are you going to get to work tomorrow?

We must hide!

Where does that idiot think he is going?

Where shall I put my suitcases?

Was Art delusional?

Dustin visited Elias on Sunday morning.

She ended off her speech with some jokes.

I didn't fall asleep.

Why does this keep happening?

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Expect more of the same.

God, give me patience!

There's a red candle on top of the bathroom sink.

I go out after dinner.

The ceremony began with his speech.

Is anyone on board?

Serving people is his sole purpose in life.


He's a little pale.

Teacher Zhang teaches Chinese to his students at school every day.

I came here to talk to him.


We must talk privately.


Have you ever been on TV?

The mayor presented him with the key to the city.

Who conducts the tests?

Carole was injured in the blast.

Milton hasn't slept well for a week.

I'm not wasting rounds.

What is the combined population of all 50 states ?


I think that you should go.

I haven't talked to Perry in a while.

May I talk to you about something serious?

The drunken man couldn't walk straight.

The dogs scared us.

There are such shops about.

I'd like another cup of coffee.

Just sit down and listen to me.

She seemed happy in contrast to the man.

Who thought this up?

I'm just minding my own business.


Everyone does what he wants.

He's here to protect you.

I care about him very much.

What a disgusting idea!

Copying is not theft.

The dog runs fast.

One must wait for the residuals to converge before being able to use the simulation's results.

Doctor Hirose is engaged in AIDS research.

I've always wanted to do this.

You are welcome to the use of my yacht.

He is spoken well of by his students.

Do you still keep in touch with her?

Who's your guidance counselor?

Joseph didn't understand what was going on.

You understand me, and that's the most important thing.


Does it have to be today?


You are both in the wrong.

Do you study?

Sleep tight, Sean.


It was the most popular sport in this country.


Neil was visibly disappointed.

It's just not right, what you are saying!

You're going to lose your job.

The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself.

The more you have, the more you have to lose.

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I'm going to get my own way this time.

He said so only by way of a joke.

My nephew seldom puts his things in order.

You've got to help us.

Mah's got a lot on his mind at the moment.

Let me show you a better way to do that.

Anita knows all the hot spots in town.


Taking all things into consideration, I think they were mistaken in it.

You have one minute.

I got stung.

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Stay calm. You'll have your reward tomorrow.

I forgot to mention that to Doug.

Tony became blind.

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You're the only one I know who likes Vladimir.

The three boys opened the doors of the building.

These automobiles, for the most part, are manufactured in Japan.

We could talk about her.

She's in trouble because she saw something that she shouldn't have.


Herve is really dedicated, isn't he?


I felt hungry after the long walk.


I don't believe that she can speak Hebrew.


My teacher taught me that you can take the square root of a negative number.


I'm in total agreement.

I used to live close to Magnus.

One must practice every day in order to become a world-class athlete.

I want to go to America.

They have to come.

How come you never told me you already knew Johann?

I stared at him in confusion.

Everett will do it tomorrow.

Since then, they met up every afternoon at the pier, had breakfast together, had dinner, took walks and admired the sea.

Continue stirring until the chocolate chips are mixed uniformly through the cookie dough.

He hardened clay by putting it into a fire.

Our vacation was so much fun that we decided to stay an extra week.

Everybody who is anybody was present at the reception.


Are you using the online dictionary whose link I gave you?

The scientist is working on atomic energy.

Do you want my help or not?

It's not good to wake a sleeping snake.

You shouldn't drink this water.

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Leslie built a treehouse for his children.

The curse was broken.

I regret that I will be unable to meet you on February 27 owing to an unexpected matter.


Are you going to go with him?