Mongo would've succeeded if he'd worked harder.

I got grounded for 2 weeks.


You got hurt, didn't you?


Evan went out.

We have enough time.

That'll do in a pinch.

Per is sometimes a little pushy.

Khabarovsk is among the largest cities of the Russian Far East.

Ugh, I have to study for tomorrow's test.

What would you do in this type of situation?

Sanjay's question to Celia in German spurred him on to provide an extensive answer in German. He managed to do this very well, which everyone was happy about.

Their father is a taxi driver.

I'll do everything I can to help.

I'm looking forward to seeing you.

I went fishing again last weekend.

We heard the sound of gunshots.

The new line flew off the shelves in less than two weeks!

China is bigger than Japan.

Novorolsky can't stay for long so let's get the meeting started.

The police were inquiring into the suspect's past.

I'm afraid that she'll refuse my request.

Have you ever taken a vacation?

All the old journals have been sold.

He looked me straight in the eyes.


You mustn't go out now. Why not?

He didn't mean it.

Barney wondered where Nick was planning to go to college.

Have you been to the heart of Europe?

You were very brave.

It's great! You'll laugh for sure.

It's not likely to happen soon.

Solar power is a clean source of energy.

When I heard the news, I cried.

Judith said that school did little to prepare him for life.

I can't trust anyone.


You're on a roll.


I got thinking about it over the weekend, when I was raking the last of the leaves out from under the bushes.


How do you write your last name?

Send me a letter when you arrive.

Everyone wants what they can't have.

I used to ride my bike to school, but now I take the bus.

I could see nothing good in this city.


It's forbidden to make the dogs pee.


She has been struck by lightning three times.

I can't find a thing.

When we started out in this business, many people said that we would fail.

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It's complicated, isn't it?

What are we going to do about it?

I liked what Stanley bought, so I went out and bought one for myself.

I know that I know nothing.

Isn't it so?

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I've managed to persuade Trevor to donate some money.


You must think it's impossible, but could you at least give it a try?

There is no God, unless you invent Him.

Pete has an eye for modern art.

I work hard and play hard.

Max's scared.


Do you want to come sit by me?

Do you have a cough?

No, I have a better idea.

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Gill stumbled out into the street.

Ted is a popular actress.

You will know the truth one day.

You know your rights.

Will you help me with them?


Ethan's weird.

Has anybody spoken to Pierre?

How's it feel now?


What was your mother's name?

I'll have a nap after lunch.

You can't buy it anymore.

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Winston wanted to see me right away.

Jeany knows that's true.

Johnathan is braver than I am.

Take your places.

The tsar was the ruler of Russia.


All the food is organic and local.


Last summer, I spent three weeks in Boston.


Jong is old and clumsy.


She was careful not to leave the door unlocked.


The convention voted on the issue sixty times.

Why didn't you tell me about it sooner?

I like taking a walk in the forest.

You will have heard the sad news.

A chance like this only comes along once in a blue moon.

Does this medicine work quickly?

I can assure you we'll never make that mistake again.

Vern is the manager of the club.

It's nice, isn't it?


He played.

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Your former boyfriend Lewis came to visit this afternoon.

I want you to go home.

I don't know when we're supposed to be there.

I think Novorolsky will probably be there tonight.

Jayant is a 2013 graduate of Harvard.

Everyone liked him.

An angle of 90 degrees is called a right angle.

I know where Spass was going.

Graeme licked his plate clean.

The building was still there in my time.

Either look like what you are, or become what you look like.

Put this stamp on the postcard and drop it in the mailbox.

I met your brother in the street by chance.

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Why haven't you told Gypsy when and where the meeting will be?


Jones has become incapable of loving himself.

He acted as if she had ordered him to do the threshing.

Gregg says he'll never go back to Boston.

That's a subject I prefer not to talk about.

I never actually saw it.

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Everything was wrong.


What makes you think that your house is haunted?


Rub briskly with soap, and the stain will soon wash off.

I don't like both of them.

Soohong started groaning.

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I don't see anything there.

She has lovers for every day of the week.

Annie sat back and watched.

I'm not the least bit worried.

I could barely stand the pain.


I'll never come.


What exactly happened to you?

Brush your teeth twice a day at least.

I like Feijoada.

Dude, she's hot!

Why do I have to study French?

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I'll be voting for Kevyn.

Ljubljana is one of the most beautiful cities in Eastern Europe.

Every address on the list was crossed out.


He commanded me to leave the bedroom immediately.

The game's about to begin.

There were six candidates for queen.

Janet negotiated a lower price.

Robert denied being Miles's daughter.

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I got bit by mosquitoes all over this area, and it itches so badly I can't stand it.

It's not yet a big enough scandal.

Is this word in common use?

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Victor's a drunk.

Patricia is chewing bubble gum.

She waved good-bye to me.


My daughter is in hospital because she was injured in a traffic accident.

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Go to the garage.

His injury incapacitated him for work.

I have something for you, too.

A priest was called in to give last rites to the dying man.

You're probably wrong.

Are you still recovering from last night?

It's really windy.


Did you have your photograph taken for the driver's license?

He loves writing entries for Wikipedia.

She stayed there for a short while.

Where did you decide to go?

I wonder what it could be.


It makes me furious.

My teacher told me that I should have spent more time preparing my presentation.

Your being here means a lot to me.


I told them to leave.


I regret kissing Elaine.

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Pantelis must've been there a couple of hours.