Keith worked as a babysitter when she was a teenager.

She is not there yet.

I got some sand in my eye.

Eating and drinking too much make doctors rich.


I live within spitting distance of the underground station.

Hunter already has plans for this weekend.

We shouldn't be lollygagging.


Straka Jackson, a US Marshal, escorted prisoners to a state penitentiary.

I'll be bound.

The inside defects never fail to express themselves outwardly.

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Cole doesn't like cops.

Judith and I stayed at the same hotel.

I would rather stay at home than go out today.

The professor has office hours every Tuesday afternoon.

I thought him a poor dancer.

It might've been Theo who sent you these flowers.

I feel like everyone is ignoring me.

We trust you.

It was after a meeting in America that he decided to write a book for non-scientists.

You really do look great.

I'm better than Srinivas.


Annie can't have done what you think he did.

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She looked so incredibly sexy, it took his breath away.

What would I do without him?

Everyone's looking for me.

I thought you were mad at him.

Ti is dreaming again.

I am acting for my father.

Nearly all Japanese have dark hair.

I feel like singing.

They will be evicted in July.

We were dead tired from the five-hour trip.

A man of responsibility, he didn't leave the matter alone.

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You could have trusted me.

I thought you didn't want the reward.

Tao was preoccupied with problems at home, and found it hard to concentrate at work.

My beloved land, pearl of the Orient Sea.

The years have only given him bad habits.

Don't keep criticizing me!

"What kind of beer do you want?" "Whatever's on tap."

Which cup do you see?

Nothing happened to us.


Leon told him.

I forgot that today was April Fool's Day.

This is my union.

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If you guys aren't doing anything later, why don't you come over for a cup of coffee?

Why did you leave like that?

What's wrong, Vassos?

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Marsh might have been a witness.

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I might be able to do something.

This hamburger is inexpensive for a Japanese hamburger.

This movie is rated R.


People's opinions depend on the spirit of the times.


His house is three times larger than mine.


Teresa and Aaron splashed each other.

I assume Jong won't be at tonight's party.

His plans are a riddle.

That's a very interesting theory.

There's something else I need to do.

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He was responsible for the car accident.

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I was dealt a good hand.


It is the fruit of hard work and a well-prepared plan.

He is as strong as ever.

Why do so many people visit Kyoto?

Pedro is now the proud father of a healthy baby girl.

Among the Uighurs, a "Naming Celebration" is held after a child is given a name.

All toads are frogs, but not all frogs are toads.

Are you free the day after tomorrow?


Takeuchi is a very ambitious person.

I've been working here 13 months.

Dan converted his bedroom into an office.

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Teri rented a car at the airport and drove it to Tait's house.

I saw them earlier this morning.

My companions were watching me in silence and, unlike other times when my wonder had made them laugh, they remained serious.


We're going to be fine.


I know it might be hard.

Blood flowed from the wound.

I asked who he was.

Trying owes me a relatively large sum of money.

Pravin made me promise not to tell Marian about what happened.

I'm going to have dinner with my son.

Please give me what I want.

What's Heinz found?

Politicians don't always tell the truth.


He took a photograph of the family.

We need to find another way to make ends meet.

I was three years old when my mother died.


Is she satisfied?

We are going home.

There were at least three people in the park.

We saw the gleam of a distant lighthouse.

Who cares whether Elwood eats egg yolks or not.

We're speechless.

The committee stayed up late last night trying to work out measures that would please everyone.

Did you read the instructions?

This is very valuable.

That dictator gags the opposition parties.

Elephants are divided into three different species.

He is not so healthy as he used to be.

Ti, what's your problem?


I am Turkish.

Do you like Europeans?

The boxer struck his opponent hard.


You need to listen to him.


They married, even though they barely spoke each other's language.

I drove downtown to meet Shahid.

What's the fuss about?

Emma couldn't help smiling.

It is worth fighting for future generations.


Don't talk to her like that.


I might look at flights again soon after a shower, if I don't fall asleep.

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It is not very polite, either.


This is unbelievable.

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He plays the piano for his own amusement.

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Traveling by boat is a lot of fun, isn't it?

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He was not able to open the box.


Ann took a long warm bath.

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We have three hours to figure this out.

The door opened and there she was, standing in the doorway.

There is a big hole in your stocking.

This is better by far.

Why did you ask us for help if you didn't really want our help?

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Would you lend me your dictionary?

These shoes are too small for me to wear.

Actually, I did write it.

With JAL tickets so expensive, expatriates flew Air Iraq.

We're not afraid of any difficulties.


I love her so much, but she does not love me.

That isn't likely to happen in my lifetime.

She smiled and accepted my little present.

Celia had to go to school.

I was bored of sitting between four walls.

I want to be a taxi driver.

Did Hans enjoy it?

This is insubordination.

Antony often talks to his dog.


He is a sanitary inspector.

The game is not worth the candle.

Don't buy me any more presents!

This coffee is too bitter.

She did not want him to leave.

Ricky should hear about this.

You only need to ask.

A person named Ono has dropped by to see you.

Would you mind paying this time?

He is foolish meeting her again.

I can get one of those any time I want.

I want to give you my heart for ever.

You didn't have to come so early.


What's Loukas even doing here?

Jane Goodall discovered that chimpanzees could use tools.

Excuse me, is this seat free?

First time Tareq met Hector, he came across as a guy who wouldn't stick his neck out for no one.

It must be hard.

Have you got through with your work?

Well you can indicate everything you see.


I heard something fall to the ground.

We fell asleep.

Stanly wasn't one of the group.

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They arrived from England a week ago.