Would you rather play tennis or golf?

Did you have fun over the weekend?


Every country has the government it deserves.

His shirt was stained with sauce.

My grandma just drank a bit of soup.


I can't take that risk.

Church leaders denied the accusation.

Ti has been in love with Kristen since the first grade.

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Expensive is not always better than inexpensive.

It's really bad.

We can still talk to her.

You must not smoke while working.

This is my desk.

She gave a cry of pain.

I'll make it.

I said I wouldn't worry.

As for me, I have no objection.

Heather, I want you to listen to this.

Tatoeba is currently unavailable. We are sorry for the inconvenience. You can check our blog or Twitter for more information.

I think you're reading too much into John's relationship with Jane.

That would be normal.

We took a back road to avoid the heavy traffic.

I should've known you wouldn't want to see me.


It's your problem now.

There are several ways to measure speed.

Man is a more dangerous foe to man than the elements of nature or animals in the wild.


Follow me.

I was ill yesterday.

It may safely be said that he will never succeed in business.

He is afraid of his father.

All of us are happy.


What were you doing there anyway?

A group of us from Westmont is going to Ensanada this weekend as well!

Ricky thinks Serdar is really stuck up.


Is that your briefcase?


Not everyone who wants to may be a gourmand.

All you people think about is work.

Carsten dashed water in Sridharan's face.


Do they know?

I wasn't speaking English.

You still haven't told me why you decided not to go.

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Could you stop checking your phone every 30 seconds?

Go ahead and eat as much as you want.

Lincoln's parents remained poor all their lives.

Luc inherited all of his father's property.

Rest is important.

Please contact me by letter.

I am not going out because I have to tidy my room.

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My room has two windows.

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He was run over and killed on the spot.


She made me a promise to return home before midnight.

I had a nightmare last night.

I should've known Dustin would do something we didn't want him to do.

Would you please tell this gentleman who I am?

Obviously, it's not working.

I don't have a choice here.

I wouldn't mind a beer right now.


You are the only one who can protect them.


No, it's not necessary.


Dinner will be ready in thirty minutes.

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I've never been to Istanbul.

When the kid wanted the latest PlayStation software, he acted like a spoiled child.

I don't have time to deal with this right now.

Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

There are a few good hotels in town.

I should've paid more attention.

We were both in the library.

Pride tends to develop into hubris, which is close kin to madness.

Tait, please tell me the truth.


This bookcase is easy to assemble.

Even as we take new steps to reduce U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, we must also prepare for the impacts of a changing climate that are already being felt across the country.

Do you mind if we come in?

Jurevis doesn't have a savings account.

This pork is a bit off.

Let's end up this useless argument right now!

Rich mineral deposits have been discovered recently in Afghanistan.

Sorry, I can't stay for long.

She loves you very much.

We handle all type of books, both new and old.

Gregor has a good alibi.

Micky has developed feelings for Anita.

Floria didn't exactly say no.

Benson plays baseball like a pro.

At what time are we going to get a bite to eat, with all that?


Maybe she can tell you more.

He has a remarkable memory.

He should be put in prison.

What did Kees have in mind?

People call him Dave.

In front of the water fountain, there was a young woman accompanying herself on a guitar.

Jisheng has no choice but to trust us.

I hope I'm not imposing.

Soon everyone was laughing.

It probably weighs about thirty kilograms.

Bob is a cool guy.

She is used to walking long distances.

Have you lived in Sasayama since last year?

The weather being fine, we went on a picnic.

There used to be a pond here where you could see many swans.

I wish Jeanette was here to explain.

Huashi likes seafood.

Nobody's going to believe that.

A Mr. Miller wants to see you.

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How long have you had it?

Why would I lie?

I will begin to work when it stops raining.


Gay marriage is legal here.


I'm glad Murat isn't here.

Irvin doesn't know if he will come or not.

Maybe Vick wasn't busy.

Can you introduce me to a doctor who speaks French?

I hope you'll return.

I've broken off contact with Thuan.

Perhaps you'd better come with me.

You're a prude.

She talked him into quitting his job.

The doors automatically closed.

I have something more important to do.


May I speak with them?


He's in bed with flu.


Here's the key, here's the contract.

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Where did you get those shoes?

I think it's necessary to sleep well to keep in good health.

I'm going to take Cathryn back to his apartment.

How do I look?

The Sun has never claimed that the newspaper is error-free.

I must warn you to be careful anyway.

Tigger has been in Boston for three years.

She's in good physical condition.

I've got no time for that now.


She is not only beautiful but also intelligent.

They're crazy.

However, that magic power is evil and is similar to Zeref in a way.

You aren't really going to buy Klaudia's old tractor, are you?

There is a parking lot behind the theater.

Flowers soon fade when they have been cut.

Jenine is concerned about Jean-Christophe's health.


How did you come up with this crazy idea?

After they received the results, all of them were depressed.

I ordered two hamburgers.

First, I'm going to do an outline of my new website.

He is the most cutthroat person I know.

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Jarvis is approximately six feet tall.

The speaker is young.

Last week I gained back five pounds.

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I am tired; nevertheless, I must finish my homework.

You're starting to get on my nerves.

They don't teach you that in school.


I'm real proud of that.

How do you suggest that we settle this?

I don't understand his obsession with soccer.

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He rubs the stain with vinegar.

She tells us jokes.

Alex's grinning.

She allowed me to see her daughter.

I came here to give you something.

He used to collect beetles when he was a kid.

Someone named Henry said he wants to meet with you.

Somebody has left his bag on the bench.

They must have found out who I was.

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How are you these days?


Heavy work in youth is quiet rest in old age.

I've been so busy.

Are you aware of what's happening?

I'm going to sleep in about an hour.

The less men think, the more they talk.