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I didn't think I'd meet you here.


Context helps to define what is really meant.

She was carrying the baby on her back.

How much do you weigh now?

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Netherlands so deserved the World Cup.

Give me a hand here, will you?

This is the main street of this city.


In an army no man is permitted to leave without permission.

The bus was completely full.

Isn't that a surprise?

Here is your lunch.

Ask Annie to help you.

And you're a teacher, right?

Would you mind staying home and taking care of the children?

Are you sure this is where we're supposed to turn?

Millions of people lost their jobs.

In general, she doesn't eat very much.

We don't need them.

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Tai doesn't have a conscience.


I have a lot of deliveries today.

I think we should go with Wilson.

Tad felt the same way as I did.


Be careful not to hurt yourself.


We should acquaint ourselves with the facts.

She was released on the grounds that she was insane.

Look at what I made.

Kate's dog was barking at Brian at the gate at noon.

The party is tomorrow.


The ice is too hard to crack.

Legal services will be provided by lawyers and other experts to be appointed by the government.

Tell us a joke.

Rabin lied to Mike about what he did.

Is there life on Mars? If not, was it there before?


Lloyd ate what many people call a healthy diet.

Tatoeba is where I translate sentences.

Thanks for showing me the way.

We're not sure what Russell's doing.

"You've never done anything for me, and now you expect me to help you?" "Yes."

I'm not supposed to tell anyone about it.

Donal wore knee-high boots.


My parents are opposed to my sister marrying a foreigner.

I think I'm going to break up with Barrio.

Do both of us have to be there tomorrow?

I almost forgot all about that.

Someone's dog disappeared.

Thuan said I should talk to you.

This program was brought to you by the sponsors here displayed.

The old man arched his back.

We look forward to your feedback.

Barrio seemed reluctant.

They competed all over the world.

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He paid the money into his account.

All his hopes have vanished.

No wedding would be complete without a fight.

I'm going to surprise them.

The best way to understand a sentence is to translate it.

Winnie doesn't know what he's supposed to do.

According to a study published in 2016, Germany is the best country in the world and Canada is the second best country.


He did not listen.

He pushed past me.

I wouldn't want to intrude on your privacy.

Stop that!

Nicholas had plenty of money.

None of what Norman said was true.

That's as good a place as any.

Why not live it up?

Didn't you win the bet?

Samir began to beat the children.

Poland was one of the first countries to recognize the Republic of Turkey.

Please step out of the vehicle.

Sylvan has strong hands.

He will come sooner or later.

Excuse me. May I get through?

You must see a doctor.

Both of them are very brilliant.

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We have enough to worry about.

You're so handsome.

How long are you going to be?


Kim calls Isidore every night and talks with her for at least 45 minutes.


My sisters would like to come to the party with us.

I've been pressed for time today!

Here's the answer to your question.


I want to settle down.

He found me a nice tie.

I'm sure you'll recover.

I heard he had a new girlfriend.

He hasn't eaten for three days.

The woman tried to shout out "Help!" but the word stuck in her throat.

You should go to bed early.


You will be more vigorous if you exercise.


The room was pervaded with the scent of perfume.

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Once you get to know her, she is very friendly.


I want those responsible for the massacre brought to trial.


I am game!

Dean made quite a lot of money in his twenties.

Hirotoshi told Shutoku that she had met a time traveler at the bar, but he thought that she was just being naive.

I feel comfortable in awkward situations.

He doesn't bungle anything.


When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.

An individual has rights and responsibilities.

Dan made the assistants laugh with his comments.

The girl coming in at the door now is always late.

He is as kind as honest.

I saw your name and posts in an English forum and took the liberty of reading your profile.

A hero is often just a person who doesn't have the ability to recognise danger.

Lucifer will be able to solve the problem.

Why bother?


Floria seems to be unwilling to spend the time it takes to do a job well.


Elisabeth wrote a book about squirrels.

I couldn't hear them.

Where are the dishes?

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I said hello to her and she smiled.

I'm sure you'll like him.

There were three of them.

I said he might go.

The place looked big enough.


I'm gonna leave her a tip.

The bartender handed Bert his drink.

Despite adversity, the architect achieved worldwide fame.

The dog barked at them.

Fritz doesn't usually stay up late at night.

I knew it couldn't be that simple.

I think I need to talk to her.

I think I've figured out how to do it.

Tell us what happened to them.

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You may sit here.

There are more women than men in the world.

Moore seems dependable.

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These facts prove that he is innocent.


Success in exams doesn't mean a thing to her.

I was walking in the direction of the town.

Liz says that he'll never come back here.

Are you a globe trotter?

Gideon asked me all sorts of questions.


Someone stole my laundry after I left it in the dryer.


In spite of his tight schedule, Gerald always has time to spend with his children.

In another time, there were poor farmers in that village.

You must study hard and learn many things.

What made them angry?

Sridhar almost got hit by a car.


You're going to make a great dad.


Are they all the same?


Don't interrupt me, Hector.

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Getting down will take three hours.

It's a Cuban cigar.

We have to think about this a little longer.


This storm, too, shall pass.

Let's choose a name for the child.

I'm not sure whether to stay home or go out.

One of the youngsters tripped and fell.

John got up much earlier than usual.

Today I'm going to a game again, but I need to set off earlier than yesterday.

You don't have to be embarrassed.

It was named after Frankfurt, a German city.

Take care of him.

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Did you hurt your back?

The coming winter will be harsh.

The temperature has fallen since morning.


I'm going to carry out this plan.

He gave up smoking two years ago.

I'm sorry, I didn't understand what they said.