LVK stands behind our products and installations. We provide maintenance, on-site repair and warranty on the products we sell.  That is something you will not find at most pump distribution companies. 


For complex applications, designers & contractors are looking for a companies to properly install the right equipment for proper application. LVK can provide your project with installers who do it right the first time! 

Applications Understanding

LVK is dedicated to be more than just a pump distributor.  Our employees have spent most of their professional life in the pump industry.  We understand what works and what does not!

Knowledgable Staff

One call to our sales staff and you will see the difference. Our depth of experience set us apart from our competitors. 

Application Approach

We don't take a product sale approach with our customers.  We ask questions, understand the application requirements and make recommendations and will find the right product for your application. 

Cost Savings

Putting the right equipment into your application saves money in long term.  With proper maintenence and support form LVK we can keep your equipment running for a long time.