Anything you say can be used against you.

I think Marilyn gave up too easily.

The farmer rose at sunrise and worked till sunset.

Lea will like this.

Ro goes to work by bus.

They said they're tired.


Experience is a revelation in the light of which we renounce our errors of youth for those of age.

Dorothy knows that what he did was wrong.

How did you come up with such a good excuse?

Where were you when Kristen needed help?

You must take care when you cross the road.

I know the reason that she quit her job.

Ilya was always different.


What he said doesn't make sense to me.

Let's talk about food.

There is nothing wrong with this.

It's neither good nor bad.

Please don't try to find me.

What's your favorite boy band?

Christianity came to Armenia at the beginning of the first century and became an official religion in the year 301.


I have a different opinion.

I'm sure Rajarshi would be willing to help.

I think I might've caught a cold.


This car sells well.

Could somebody tell me what happened?

You can't escape from me.


I'm afraid I can't let you do that.

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He is so aggressive that others avoid him.

He came on this bicycle.

By obtaining advanced technology from Japan, those countries also plan to provide people with a technical education.

Olaf asked me if he could kiss me.

After examining the bear at leisure, I made a rush on him.

Technology has the potential to transform education in America, allowing students to learn more, to do so at their own pace, and to develop the knowledge and skills employers demand.

The older you grow, the more you tend to adhere to fixed ideas.

He is used to hard work.

Steve should be here soon.

This package is for you.

Am I talking too fast for you?

He set up the school.

Brad is completely bald.


My wife is going out of town for a few days.


Shane is back in town.


I am gay.

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Give this copy to Alastair.


When I'm in a bad mood, I like to think of stoats to cheer myself up.

The house where I grew up didn't have running water.

Dan shot Linda, killing her instantly.


Miriamne wondered how good a singer Nikolai really was.

She spent most of her life taking care of poor people.

This book is full of figures of speech.

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A little pain never hurt anyone.

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No one else laughed.


You had better have your eyes examined.

Get into the car.

No serious news, I hope?

I do sympathize with you.

You have to accustom yourself to the crowded trains in Tokyo.

That's not what happened.

Scores of people died in the epidemic.

Can you do me a favor?

We'll set up a meeting.


I couldn't tell you even if I wanted to.

The cost of advertising has gone up.

What did you do to my phone?

However, it captivated me and I would stare often at it, as though there was a deeper message buried within.

We went through the woods and came to a lake.


We are traveling to Barcelona.

It was too nice a day to stay inside.

Can you come up to my room and help me?

You had a phone call from Mr. Takakura.

They mistook him for his brother.

Jussi hit a dog yesterday.

Maybe I'm missing something here.

They slept in the same room.

He is quite in the wrong.

Mr. Mitsubishi is drinking at home to save his drinking money.

Many people were killed in the war.

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Who would do something like this?

Do you want to hear something funny?

They started out the following day.

An old man spoke to me suddenly.

Why is English the new lingua franca?

She went to Paris in order to study art.

Del is coming over after lunch.


How often do you eat food you don't like?


The sun came out.


Some of the ingredients are harmful, especially if you are pregnant.

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Take a walk with me.

My bonsai, which is the cherry tree, is starting to bloom.

He will leave for the station an hour before the train leaves.

Do you know what's wrong with it?

Is eating fish every day bad for you?

There's something I wanted to show Teriann.

You're cuter than Ian.

There's no point in taking a camera.

Stanislaw is really a good worker.

This was your idea, wasn't it?

There were storms in that region of the country.

My little sister sometimes wished she was a boy.

It's five o'clock.

Are we disturbing you, guys?

Jacob made the wrong decision.

In Harbin, many people invite me to their homes to have dinner.

If you want to achieve the kind of success that I think you do, then you'll have to study harder.

I think this kind of custom is unique to Asian countries.

Steven turned down our offer to help.

Claudia never told us that Tommy was his girlfriend.

Can you tell me how you found out that Dan was unfaithful?

I completely agree with you.

Why are you jealous of me?


These containers are airtight.

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Take them out of here.


The presiding judge sentenced the defendant to death.

Dan launders all of his money in legal activities in Canada.

Human beings are social animals.


What was the name of the guy you dated before Betty?

I went to a park this morning.

It just doesn't work that way.

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Let's take a little walk.

Once dismissed as an artificial language, Esperanto has gained the respect of a new generation of linguists, as the most successful planned language of all time.

The physicist was aware of the potential danger of nuclear fusion.

It makes me curious.

Joubert tried to solve the problem, but couldn't.


Is that all we need?

I think Jonathan will be late.

Recognize and respect the personality of a person.

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Has the train been delayed?

Dewey looks a little better today.

I didn't mean to involve you.

Peace is of great importance.

I was born in Boston.

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Thierry has thinning gray hair.

Where do you eat lunch?

Tears began to spill down her face.

You take this one.

I can't lie to Leslie again.


How are the repairs going?

We'll try to answer all those questions later.

Jared honked his horn at the kids playing in the street.

That woman who has a child on her knee has a photographic memory.

The test was real easy.

Coral reefs are some of the most amazing natural habitats on Earth.

Ritalynne went upstairs very quietly.


Do you want to send a message?


The fish is in clear water.


See you a little past 7.

It is cheaper to go by bus.

The company he used to work for went into bankruptcy last month.


It is very impolite of you to decline my invitation.

My grandma is 75 years old.

I was really late.

You frightened Rajendra.

Sherman was skeptical at first.

The capital of Turkey is Ankara.

I was surprised at his success at all.

The salt cellar was on the table.

You'll never escape that way.

It seems I'll be staying up all night tonight.

Sarah spent the whole morning getting ready for his presentation.


Sumitro is no match for Ann.


Eileen has some clothes that need to be washed.

I gave notice at work yesterday.

This is an issue where there is a little bit of space between your position and my own.