Nici opened the glove compartment and noticed the registration was missing.

This is the cutest puppy I've ever seen.

Mann already knows.

You're only human.

The label on my scarf says, "Wash and iron inside out." I wonder how I'm supposed to do that.

I don't want your help.


Let me have your suggestion as to what I am to say.

There's only one model missing in my collection.

You're still up? Isn't tomorrow also an early day for you?


I have to give myself up to studying for final exams.


That was very cute.

He doesn't watch television at all.

The noise disturbed my sleep.

Please give me a pen and some pieces of paper.

Tim had to go back to the office.

I share your sorrow.

You're starting to sound like your mother.

I'm about as qualified as Wolf.

I think it's not a good idea to let children drink wine.

Wendell leaned over and whispered in Tanya's ear.

Elvis wouldn't cooperate.

I think my jeans have shrunk.

A highly skilled shearer can shear a sheep in two to three minutes depending on the size and condition of the sheep.

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He hurried past me without stopping to speak.

We have already finished our dinner.

At first, she thought it was a joke.

You should better not smoke in his presence.

He said that he had a lot of money.


I met her on my way home.


Francisco doesn't love Arlene.

Do you still think we have a chance to win?

"I lost my wallet," lamented John.

Do you want to be my apprentice?

We barely saw it.


That's good coffee.

Can't you even do simple arithmetic?

"Sentences?" once more, the shopkeeper was confused by Dima's strange ramblings.

Hillary refused to allow Duane to see his daughter.

When does the screening start?

I went to the hospital to visit Rabin, but I wasn't allowed to see him.

The proposed building site has yet to be approved by the city council.


According to the thermometer, it's thirty degrees.


Would you please tell her to give me a call later on?


In some situations, telling a white lie could be used to avoid people to be disappointed or get angry by or with someone.

I don't know how much more time it'll take.

Fourthly, my first three points do not exist.

Could you send me some money?

I will take three of each kind.

I knew we'd regret giving Hon a knife.

Roderick was strong.

I wanted to know why you didn't come yesterday.

The crowd cheered when he appeared.


The air conditioner doesn't seem to work.

Elizabeth, come here and sit with me.

They sell textbooks at the bookstore.

I was compelled to do all the work alone.

We don't exclude the possibility of starting a company someday, but that is if and only if we have an innovative, coherent and ethical business model.


In winter, the windows were sometimes quite frozen over. But then the boy and the girl would warm copper pennies on the stove, and hold the warm pennies against the frozen pane; there would be very soon a little round hole through which they could peep, and the soft bright eyes of the little boy and girl would beam through the hole at each window as they looked at each other.

Once upon a time there were a poor man and a rich woman.

Charlene is still a child.


Holly keeps her jewels locked up in the bank.


The writer is bringing out a new book next month.

I want to talk to as many people as possible.

Gregg read novels.

This is so frustrating.

Education must not be limited to our youth, but it must be a continuing process through our entire lives.


Sometimes it depends on luck.

I've found him.

I will have been loved.

I was in London last month.

We just need to do better next time.

He keeps his room clean.

They never listen to me.

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Does Werner have a beard?

See to it that your cigarette is put out before you go to bed.

It will be the end of the world.


Lack of sleep is bad for the body.

I don't know if it could get any worse than this!

The manager opened the door and identified himself.


Either you or I will get the first prize.

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Why did you volunteer to do this?

Allen forgot to ask Tahsin the question that John had asked him to ask.

Knapper saved my life.

The university was founded by his father twenty years ago.

The field of my research specialty is sociology.

I want to travel all over the world.

May I call my first witness?

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Instead of smiling, the boy cries.

Shakil waited for someone to come.

Sorrel continued to play his banjo even after everybody asked him to stop.


You will be charged.


I just cut my finger.

Pierre convinced Pat to help.

Where are they swimming?

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Is he in favor of the plan?

She surprised him with a small gift.

I feel tired and exhausted.

I lost the game.

Are you cooking tonight?

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Are you angry at what I said?

I studied hard to enter the school.

What are you two arguing about?

We didn't reach any conclusions.

She must have told a lie.


I gave Kari a coffee mug with our company logo.

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How's the weather in New York?

Insofar as possible, our examples will be drawn from English.

I'm not done with Alan yet.


That's gratitude for you.


Do you want me to be your bodyguard?

You could talk to him.

I'm very optimistic about this.

I'm half Japanese.

I refuse to allow it.

If the sky falls we shall catch larks.

In late August, the Allied forces captured Paris.


I'll be leaving in March.

He is wise enough not to do such a thing.

Jurevis thanked me with a smile.

He came down with a cold and had to be away from work.

You should expect help from Dorothy.


This stuff's awful.

I'm not a kid.

We live in the vicinity of the school.


Tomi became rich and suddenly got a lot of friends.

At first I felt a bit too shy to speak to her.

I really should buy a new car.


You have to come.

I saw Dion with Butler the other night.

See you tomorrow in church!

Karen didn't yell at Tai.

Will you lend me your pencil?

Can we afford a new car?

What can you offer?

Did you offer Hwa any assistance?

I feel like he's grown cold toward me lately.

My sister is old enough to go to a workout studio by herself.

Tell me everything.

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The hot bath relaxed my muscles.

Yeast is used in making beer.

Day after day, all over the world, millions of people die of hunger in the streets.

This station plays good music.

Pablo is stable.

I am not going out because I have to finish the reading of this book.

Carry all your things with you.


In such a case, you can always ask a question in return.

"This math problem is very difficult. How did you solve it?" "Eh, I managed somehow."

The most advanced voice recognition techniques are based on neural networks.

Will I get well soon?

It's in plain sight.

We wish we didn't have to take a test in English.

Slartibartfast looked like a volcano about to erupt.

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Would you like some more orange juice?

Just let me walk away.

I heard that you were looking for me.

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I can't lie.

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Does Gideon seem insane to you?


Vernon asked me to keep track of Rudolph.


I'm clean.

Juliane knows we're coming.

I had some custard pudding for an afternoon snack.