This is just a precaution.

She's a law-abiding citizen.

The capital market is not what it was a few years ago.

He could smell her perfume.

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Those who want to know everything will age quickly.


Irfan and Sharan continued to look at each other.

I want my 20 dollars back.

The party was a big disappointment.

Why don't you go and have a look?

He ruined it.


He has a spirit of tenacity.

I heard that Dick and Neil want to talk to me.

David is handsome.


I was scared that you might leave me.


They stayed at home, because it rained.

It is a white lie.

Julian is knocking.

Can you speak French?

Every person is expected to bring their own lunch.

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He made desperate efforts to reach the shore.

You need to eat more fiber.

This one is Alain's.

"I love trees", said the squirrel.

Can I come with you?

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Frequently clear and balmy weather deteriorates and it soon rains cats and dogs.

Everything is ok, don't worry.

I'd rather not discuss her.

Of all these cakes I like this one best.

I won't try to persuade them.


Did you ask Jeffery why he did it?


Marty uses public transportation.

He wished she had more time.

Curling is my favorite sport.

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I know where Pierre left his umbrella.

Give Anne a kiss.

I swim in the summer.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Marco wanted to help Stu, but he didn't know where to begin.


Moderate exercise is necessary to health.

Quit joking around.

It took one week to locate their hiding place.

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I finished the work yesterday.

Not all men are like that.

Let's go home!

I don't usually have any problem falling asleep.

She was bitten by a wild animal.

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Do they pay you well?

Advertisements urge us to buy luxuries.

You can't rely on him these days to do a proper job.

Exercise trains the muscles.

I am sorry," said the Owl, "to have to contradict the Crow, my famous friend and colleague. To my mind this Marionette is alive; but if, by any evil chance, he were not, then that would be a sure sign that he is wholly dead!"

Why not have dinner with us?

Emily permitted me to use her computer.

I need to talk to you about something personal.

Why not break the door down?

Simon can handle that by himself.

I can't believe that you really sold that junk for such a high price.

You're cultured.

Lightning is usually followed by thunder.

He is a rude person.

I thought Adlai was guilty.

I have seen loads of concerts.

We are looking for the boy and the dog that are lost.

Skeeter was driven out of the temple.

Be careful not to wake him up.


It's time to go now.


Erick probably knows how to swim.

They accepted the offer.

Is it OK if I stay here?

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Both rovers landed during the Martian afternoon while Earth was still in view. This allowed the rovers to communicate with Earth via the Deep Space Network, letting scientists know they had landed safely.

What'd you get up to this week?

You have to stop.

I think Ricky is cooperative.

Seen at a distance, the rock looks like a squatting human figure.


The set of complex numbers is isomorphic to a certain factor ring.

Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Who helped you pay for your college education?

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He visited Japan when he was president.

I shouldn't have eaten so much.

Lack of exercise may harm your health.

It looks like they really hurt you as a child.

Hunting is forbidden now.

Cyrus asked me who I thought would win the race.

That country has openly threatened to go nuclear.

I think this is exactly what Jeanne wants.

He has many books.

I helped Valerie clean his room.

They overpowered him.

Killer whales are beautiful but dangerous.

The function of the press is to provide the common people with facts.

Conrad patted me on the shoulder.

Am I disturbing anything?

You're right about one thing.

Are there always so many people here?

Why are you mad at him?

Support a friend's project.


You named your dog Rex, didn't you?


My aunt won an all-expenses-paid tour of Hawaii.

She will make a business trip to London next week.

Ben helped Pia escape from the kidnappers.


He spoke with an American accent.

We're just scared.

Did Surya tell you we were coming?

I ordered you a drink.

I'm sad now.


How long would you say they've been there, Louiqa?

There were at least 100 people present.

Jacobson is a businessman.

Kieran needs a favor.

She became a great artist.

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She will play soccer tomorrow.

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The police have no grounds to hold Brooke.

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Jwahar was waiting to see what would happen.

The house with the damaged roof has been repaired.

Call me when you're ready.

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"What's wrong with you?" "Leave me alone for a while. It's none of your business."

I have a prickling sensation in my left eye.

Why did you start studying French?

Could you act for me while I'm out?

I never see a library without wishing I had time to go there and stay till I had read everything in it.


Hello. This is Joe Carlton. May I speak to Michael?

I'll make you a cup of tea.

Sassan decided never to talk to Kiki anymore.

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Who are you to decide?

Does Edgar know why you're doing this?

A mental block stopped me from speaking.

My elbow really hurts. I guess I should go to a hospital.

It was clear that he went there.

He aimed at the bird.

What's your choice?

Glynn is useless.

Our class will go on a picnic next week.


I only have this baggage.

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If you are having temporary financial problems and it is the cause of your outstanding account, let us know about it.

We'll decide.

When did America become independent of England?

If Bob had taken my advice, everything would be all right now.

You obviously don't know Leon very well.

Did you bring a weapon?

Klava forgives her husband.

It's so nice.

Since the Creator had made the facts of the after-life inaccessible to man, He must not have required that man understand death in order to live fruitfully.

Dan left the pub in a white pick-up truck.

The spectators at the baseball match cheered their team on.

As a rule, twins have a lot in common.

I understand you're going to Boston next week.

Don't try to carry too much.

I thought Vince was stealing from us.

I won't have you telling me what to do.

They have good relations with neighbouring countries.

Gail should be afraid.

I don't like my hair at all.

I have a good French dictionary.

I have to agree with him.

I think Joe believes everything Jem says.

The leaves on the trees change color in the autumn.

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Don't fall in love with me.

We had a debate about this in my class.

I don't know what's happening.


This is the reality and we must accept it.

The park is filled with children.

Aha! That looks very tasty.


It's always been like that.

I only hope you're right.

His socks are purple.


Even though the weather was bad, I decided to go out.