I have them all.

What would I do without Naim?

She missed him a lot.

I thought I'd made it clear that I didn't want to do that.

I think there's something in the box.

Please get these letters off right away.

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She pushed her needle in and out.

He came back a few years later.

He needs a new knee.


We're going to need to buy a gift for Danny.

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It's high time to get a motorcycle.

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Hsuan lifted up his shirt and exposed his belly.

Elizabeth is John's twin.

In his huge, hairy hands, a long whip, made of green snakes and black cats' tails twisted together, swished through the air in a dangerous way.

Kamel's pitching is pretty good.

We haven't been able to find out why we weren't allowed to enter that building.


Don't go out with him.


Sita smiled pleasantly.

Are you still working as a waiter?

Is Caroline going to swim tomorrow?

Hey, how much does one pound of these oranges cost?

What you're doing is wrong.

I don't know when I'll be able to get back to Boston.

I'll be in bed by the time you get home.


What was the matter with him?


I've been trying all week to get in touch with Sergeant.

He is worn with age.

The machine was coated with dust.

When were you admitted to the university?

She seldom goes to places like that.


Everything's going be all right.


Answer the telephone, will you?

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All we want is information.

It's their business.

Could you come with me, please?

The smaller basket holds less than the large one.

We can't just give up on Ariel.

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She likes to dress up as a police officer.


What does John right now?


When was this temple built?

Many of the things Pizzaro had heard about the Inca treasure were true.

The busiest men find the most time.


Land, ho!

Amarth has no memory of the accident.

She received a large advance for her next novel.

Sometimes even small mistakes can lead to big accidents.

Joan of Arc refused to renounce her belief that the voice she heard was from God and none other.


I know how to samba!


It's getting late. Let's turn in.

Archie won't stop screaming.

There are no two ways about it.

I just wanted a shoulder to cry on.

Something has to give.


If you can't come, send someone in your stead.

That was important.

These tomatoes don't have any taste.

Could you please tell Arnold I need to talk to him?

I said I wasn't hungry.

I was sad when she was weeping.

I can't reach her.

Tatoeba is starting to look like one of Borges' labyrinthine libraries.

Honestly, I've only had one advantage over most of the others, and that is that I've been good in constantly improving myself.

Strength in unity.

Nobody looks very convinced.

Ken has arrived in Kyoto.

The hard rain spoiled our hike through the woods.


Where did you all go for New Year's Eve?


Tovah would like her house cleaned three times a week.

Sonny had lots of run-ins with the law when he was a teenager.

I know exactly what you need.


Brad refused to tell the police who his accomplice was.

I'm interested in bouldering.

We are influenced by our environment.

Kathleen isn't on Facebook.

I have a sailboat.

Hey, that's my line.

Are you messaging?

I'm beginning to feel a little tired.

This is exactly what America needs.

Look at it carefully.

What happened out there?

For my part, I have no objection to the proposal.

Klaus is disturbing Isabelle.

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Let no one think that the expenditure of vast sums for weapons and systems of defense can guarantee absolute safety for the cities and citizens of any nation.

Teri got home late last night.

I just want you to be OK.

They own a lot of land.

You have wounded my feelings.

He is a scholar rather than a teacher.

This book is a good guide for beginners.

The moment she saw me, she started to laugh.

We're joking.


Why wouldn't Dory call me?

I wonder if he'll come tonight.

He does want to be a wrestler, but he is too thin.

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Hughes is writing something on the blackboard.

I see the good student.

You have to study hard to catch up with your class.

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He has little confidence in himself.

Why can't you be more like her?

You can't get away with this.

I'd like to see the doctor.

Cindie learned how to swim two years ago.


I can't cancel on them.

I could really go for a steak.

I left him a couple messages.

I won't come if it rains tomorrow.

Any chance of us getting approved?

You are being naughty today.

Do you have some dango?

Can you make yourselves understood in English?

Detroit has filed for bankruptcy.


Just give us a little more time.

What with the wind and the rain, our trip was spoiled.

I'm at the end of my rope.

Please take a moment to read our privacy policy.

Matthieu never listens to what the teacher says.


I advertised my car for sale.

There's someone I'd like you to meet.

Rodger took Brian's empty glass from her hand and refilled it.

Are you just going to give in?

I hate winter.

Pickpockets target tourists.

We often played chess after school.

Naoto and Betty talked about many things.

To tell the truth, we got married last year.

You look great in these photos.

He won't be ready.


Naoto is going to be OK.

He ran away from home three times before he was ten.

That is one of the loveliest paintings I have ever seen.

It's not going well, is it?

Canada is on the north side of America.

Could anyone explain this, please?

Did Joe really come back?

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How could you have let it happen?

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After a short while, he began to talk nonsense.


Jussi was killed in a dark alley.

Conrad stood in front of the mirror.

Are you here to negotiate?

Deb looked at them both.

His parents are very conservative.

That could happen to me, too.

I got my right leg injured.

He made no manifestation of his disappointment.

Morton decided it wasn't his job to tell Matthew about what John had done.

It's only a stone's throw away from where I was born.

Those put the box in the car.


I want to get to know him.

I fell down the stairs and hit my head.

The sign says that the police will take your car away if you park it here.

Russ tossed another log on the fire.

I don't want to make the same mistakes again.

I changed my mind about dinner. I'm not really hungry right now.

I think this will work.


You're doing just fine.


I waited for the bus in the snow as long as two hours.

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Most of us would rather not be here.

You knew it all along.

Isidore plans to stay in Boston until October.


He was speaking.


Why is my brother so stupid?