I don't need glasses anymore.

The soldiers fired.

He still hasn't answered my letter.

I need somebody to tell me what's going on.


The game got canceled.


It is abnormal to eat so much.

Why do cows ruminate?

I don't go there so often anymore.

Would you please call off our trip to Hong Kong?

Betty managed to sing well.

When are you moving into your new house?

I'll be there at once.

There are also people who like spring better than autumn.

Nicolette is listening to a TED talk.


I wish to speak to Claudio.


The baby needs a diaper change.

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Lui doesn't love you as much as I love you.

There are too many people here. Let's go somewhere else.

Look! Here they come crossing the water.

I cast my net into the sea.

I don't know exactly where I left my keys, but I think they're on the dining room table.

Think of what you are reading while you are reading it.

To a good listener, half a word is enough.


Can you come pick me up?

We'll get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Mitchell was absolutely correct.


What do you mean I have to leave?!

I really liked talking to Amanda.

A nebula is an interstellar cloud of dust, hydrogen, helium and other ionized gases.


The reason I came to you is because I thought you could help.

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I think I've seen you around.

I can't be involved in this.

Could you place your bags on the scale, please?

Jean-Christophe really hoped that Werner would go to the concert with him.

Archimedes was a great mathematician.

I met an American who was interested in Noh plays.

They both look the same to me.

I ordered Kees to do it.

Kurt has been given a warning.

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We regret doing that.

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Diligence enabled him to succeed.

Jeffie is coming to see me.

This mink cost $3,000.

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He likes most beautiful flowers.

You're next.

Elisa is at work. Her children are at school.

I talked about music.

Earnie told me to cook it for thirty minutes.

Those flowers are beautiful.

That was a nasty surprise.

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The noise was ceaseless.

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She ought to have finished her homework.

Why are you so smart?

You need a lot more capital.

Kathleen can't live without a TV.

Lucy is a pretty little girl.

That's what I thought at first.

There is nothing you can do for him.

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Dominic didn't seem too enthusiastic.

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Keep it down, guys.

He grudged spending money on such a thing.

Do what's right!

How many people live in Austin Texas ?

I live in a very quiet neighborhood.

Watch him and do the same.

Her unexpected visit got him all worked up.

Don't look only on the dark side of life.

That's the real reason Pantelis ran away from home, isn't it?

The title to the house passed from father to son.

I would like to thank you in advance for the information.

Thank you again for your good thoughts.

Joel will be assigned to assist you.

Who will hear the case?

What is Connie so mad about?

At first, I thought Indra was joking.

Swingers are people who like to exchange sex partners.


Do you think Herbert understands?

Jan wished he knew more than one language.

Dustin had to stand in line for three hours.

Go straight, and you will find the station.

Hein needs some elbow room.

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There's no buried treasure here.


I don't know what Liza wants to do.


The shell of an egg is easily broken.

You must feed the machine.

What don't you want me to see?

I'm staying with friends.

Rogue speaks French better than any of his classmates.

My father has quit smoking for the sake of his health.

Would you do that again if you had the chance?

Tahsin gave Sue a dirty look and then left the room.

Why don't you tell Ramon that?

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These archeologists study ancient ruins.

This boy denied having broken the window.

He acknowledged me by lifting his hat.


Celia usually goes out at night.

Her dream of a lifetime finally came true.

I think it's time to start helping Sorrel a bit more.

You lent me your shoulder for support.

What was your mother doing when you returned home?


I can't walk as well as I used to.

That one, it is in stock.

The problem is one of interpreting these ancient scriptures.

He doesn't work as hard as he used to.

Mayuko wiped a table with a cloth.

My uncle is the manager of this hotel.

Certainly they will go on holiday next month.

She texted him.

Today, the weather in Istanbul is really sunny.


Were I younger and richer, you'd marry me.

All the vibraslap does is remind everyone of the band Cake, which may be undesirable in some situations.

We're in the same trouble that Harv is in.

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It's too bad that you are leaving here.

What's your favorite Irish whiskey?

He puts aside some money every month.

I'm divorced.

Terrance lacks confidence.


It makes me wonder how much you really loved Naren.

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He uses the same dictionary as I do.

Do you still want to give me a hug?

What, there's a cafe in a place like this? Was that always there?

I told him to go home.

Ti and his wife both enjoy playing chess.

Don could hear Val talking in the next room.

Can I see your license, please?

My left foot just fell asleep.

Joaquim is said to be religious, but he hardly knows the Lord's prayer.

She told me that he loves me.

Quick, run after him.

To the ancient Yogis, the body was seen as a vehicle for the soul, and this is a useful metaphor in the modern context.

Heather ran back to the village.

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You should see what Lisa can do.

Are you sure you don't mind if I leave?

I'm afraid it's not a good idea.

Will sharpened a pencil.

He gave the same answer as before.

Don't jump to conclusions.

This tie goes very well with your shirt.

Am I really that bad?

I'm really happy for them.

If I tell you a story, will you go to sleep?

This is a map of the city of Sendai.


Can you stay for a few days?


Having endeavoured to force upon himself the belief of a system against which reason revolts, he ungratefully calls it human reason, as if man could give reason to himself.


They're the right ones.

Don't touch me!

That's not what I was thinking.


Cristopher killed Douglas and then killed himself.

I love to eat french fries with fish.

Tell me why you did it.


My jaw hurts.

Before automobiles filled out streets, city air used to be clean.

Spock doesn't want to eat at that restaurant.

You said you needed help.

In the United States it is popular for girls to learn to skip rope.


Next to him, I'm the fastest runner in our class.

He made himself heard across the room.

Have you made plans for dinner this evening?

Jeanette and Eddie have just bought a new car.

Dennis and Ranjit kept their relationship hidden from their parents.

You're much faster than me.

How's married life going?

It'll be handled.

I'll lend you my textbook if you promise not to write anything in it.


I've been doing research over the last few days about how I might make money from the project, but I think all my options will require a severe shift in the way I live, which is a tricky thing.