Safe-root is a secure remote
service of Android rooting
or iOS jailbreaking.

Our experts will assist you with Android rooting or iOS jailbreaking. Get the most of your device via remote control software. Safe-root helps you enjoy full capabilities of your phone.

The list of benefits your device receives with the Safe Rooting

  • Download & install apps which are not available in the App Store and Google Play Market, or your carrier doesn’t want you to install. Enjoy thousands of new apps!
  • Block annoying ads in any application on your device
  • Get an access to the mobile tracking features
  • Increase your device performance and charging duration
  • Change your phone skin or even install the latest version of Android before anyone else

Why us

  • Professional rooting and jailbreaking team
  • Support Many Platforms and Devices
  • 24/7 Customer Support & Live Chat with Experts
  • With Safe-root professionals you will never get your device bricked
  • Low price

Why you shouldn’t use free services or do it yourself

To limit the risks, it is better to consult with an expert before you root your phone. Rooting your phone on your own or with the help of free services, you should be ready to face such problems as:

  • bricked device
  • malware attacks
  • updates issues
  • operating system instability
  • noticeably short battery life
  • your device might be used for the hacker attacks, data leak, credit cards breaking and so on.

Root your device with safe-root