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Designers are trying to convince us that the “mother” of jeans or gray-tanned pants are required this spring. Trendy models with high waist, kilotte, palazzo trousers, crop models and irresistible pants with stripes are in trend. At the Valentino Fashion Show, the most popular models were black pants with white and green tape. Models with red sports tracks are also preferred. The pants with strips moved very quickly from the runway to high street brands. Olivia Palermo has also contributed to their popularity. The famous blogger pants with stripes combines with white shirt, vest and moccasins. This pants model has been in the trend for several seasons. In trend, they are more precise from 2016 and to this day serve as an ideal example of a combination of elegance with sports aesthetics. Online shops of popular high street brands are filled with different models of pants with stripes on the sides.
Stripes are one of the fashion elements that have become so fashionable in fashion trends that they have become an iconographic pattern that returns from season to season. When they are fitted with real pieces, streaks can flatter your figure and make you look trendy. From classic combinations of navy blue-and-black and black-and-white stripes, to colorful variations, in various colors, directions and styles … the choice is large and there are many combinations, but there are several rules that you should adhere to when deciding to introduce streaks into your style. SML gives you the following guidelines for you: The detail on the lines will add to your style a nice accent. The Escarpment, hat or wallet on the tracks is a great addition to the warm days. The combination of the strip can look very attractive only if it is with a measure. Make sure that when you combine the tracks, the colors are aligned, as well as their size.
They elongate and make the figure look slimmer. Just make sure that if you choose a dress with this type of strip, be not too long, so that you do not get a counterweight. The great thing about the railroads is the fact that they create an illusion of perspective. So a simple top draped forward that would otherwise work simply, when the strip looks dramatic and becomes a moving piece. Wear draped stripes when you want to add volume to the figures because they will do just that. And if the dark-white combination is classic, the combination of black and white stripes, which is very thin, gives the current chic look, especially under a long blazer and with a cigarette pants of black.
When the tracks are wide, they give a graphic appearance to the whole combination and automatically drag on the sporty elegance. Avoid jewelry and details in combination with large streaks because wide stretches are a wearing element of the whole look. A shirt or a set of stitches in the men’s style can be a great solution for the office or for the weekend, depending on what you combine them with. In a relaxed variant, with berets and shorts, the men’s shirt is great for a daily variant, while pulled into a pencil skirt and with a cardigan it becomes a great piece of work. One of the best ways to carry streaks is to combine them with much white color.
Striped clothes will no doubt be a hit! There are certain rules for this type of clothing, and if you adhere to them, it’s very easy to love the tracks. And the good thing is that they are multi-practical, that is, they easily transform from day to night in the evening variant.
Rule number one is commonly known, that is, the upright stretches out, and the transverse wider. That’s why, according to your line, select the patterns. Now, let’s go back to what’s practical and relaxed, both for business and for a hilarious opportunity, which is a great advantage to them.
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Railways are constantly returning in fashion and this time – spring / summer 2018 – will be marked by a large return of railroads. From classic French black and white stripes, to color ones – clothes inspired by the retro stripes of the ’60s and ’70s, to horizontal, vertical and nothing between them. All stretches are trendy and we dare say that they are the mass trend this season. When you have a dress with colored stripes, you feel very retro and Italian for some reason. Or, when you have your black and white stripes you can not, without thinking of Bruges Bardo. Strips are the most versatile, classical and sophisticated prints. Classical black and white French tracks are always trendy and will always be. They still look great at every opportunity, on blouses, in shirts, in shirts, in combination with texas, brave narrow trousers or skirts. To this day, they remain a classic.
The game of blue and white, but the ever-present combination of red, yellow, turquoise and white has completely dominated the fashion scene. Sailor’s look is an absolute hit this summer, and the clothing combinations of this style are all just not for looking at the sea. How to wear this style, which line width corresponds to your body structure and how to combine it? We found the inspiration in the current collection of the fashion brand Mohito! This style allows the combination of different colors and patterns, but the base is still a white strip in a game with a stronger color like blue, red or yellow. Strips can be on t-shirts, skirts, dresses and pants, but also on details such as bags, shoes and jewelry. If you do not like strapping, wear the elements of a sailor lilac-dark blue suit in combination with t-shirts decorated with anchors, rope … Strips do not thicken! Especially if different widths! To optically cover the curves, you should wear a row of narrower lines and a line of wider stripes.