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A Cloud-computing platform providing resilient infrastructure and data services

A scalable solution providing eLearning and eResearch services designed for the requirements of New Zealand tertiary students and staff


Scheduling Your Resources by Seconds

All the computing, storage, network resources are second-level response in real time. If the initial resource is not enough, you can stretch and expand it elastically. You can always destroy unneeded resources.


Maximum Data Security Protection in Hardware & Software

Hardware Level

  • Physical Clustered Firewall (FortiGate)
  • Dedicated IPS (Snort & Suricata)

Software Level

  • Encrypted VPN                       
  • TunnelBeast: Secured authenticated layer 3 reverse proxy
  • FWaaS: Next-generation richer application-aware firewalls for UniteCloud         
  • Tenant based security group (Access Control List)



Management console

Realize the resource creation, network configuration, remote access and system monitoring through the simple and clear operation.

  • Visualisation and resource manipulation
  • History and real-time monitoring chart
  • Important behaviour log




Superior Performance



Obtain Computing Resources



Volume I/O Speed



1 TB

Single-block Volume



Virtual Instance Capacity