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Your dress is unsuitable for the occasion.

It's unlikely that tomorrow's meeting will last over an hour.

I didn't help him escape.

I don't know when he'll be here.

What the country needs most is wise leaders.

I never did much care for cats.

Brandi is wearing blue.

I think he's competent.

I know how overwhelming it can all get.

Life's experiences make vivid records on the sensitive plate of his mind.

That car is too expensive for me to buy.

"Now, I want you to speak very slowly and very clearly. Can you do that for me?" "I guess so."

You're barbaric.

Let's keep each other company for a while.

This drawing dates back to the fifteenth century.

What do you want to watch tonight?

Those decided to quit smoking.


The motor stopped.

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Rex said he was Canadian.


This video is magnificent!


Are you sure you pressed the last button?

The manager implied that a modest man was suitable for the position.

I want to work.

Jump as high as you can.

Because of their good work history and excellent credit record, the bank manager felt safe in offering Sjaak and Leon a mortgage at only two percent above the prime interest rate.


What grade did you get on the test?


Do you think we can find someone to replace Peggy?

I'm sure she will become a great singer.

I'd completely forgotten that.

Ginny is watching figure skating on TV.

Cristi is standing on the porch.

These jeans are baggy.

Shai is Pratap's biological mother.

He laid himself flat on the floor.

We should talk to him.

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He keeps some mice for the purpose of studying.

Dion can't ever seem to make up his mind.

This building looks very futuristic.

I wanted to speak with you about this.

Stu struggled to make ends meet.


Sally and Syed stayed up late talking.

He avoided the question.

He can't speak any English at all.

Do you know of any good movies to watch?

I'm living the dream.

I showered.

It's been a while since I rode a horse.

I knew him well.

I'm leaving for Chicago next Saturday morning.

There's another alternative.

How old am I?

Just go talk to them.

Don't panic. I'm sure Maureen will know how to handle this problem.

It's in your truck.

Cecilia has become very fond of Charles.


Luc finally convinced Gene to bake a birthday cake for John.


She owns a large property.


He was so frightened that he could not speak for a moment.

It would be a huge setback for them.

How much did you drink?


Within a couple of minutes, she had eaten up all the bread and cheese.

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We used to play in the park.

We can work something out here.

Leads told me that he was very tired.

What an experience!

Steven Spielberg is a film director.


This is truly amazing.


I can't just not do anything.

We have freed you from a great anxiety.

Dylan couldn't have been more helpful.

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Bobbie said this kind of thing happens all the time.

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I spent the whole evening reading the poetry of Kenji Miyazawa.


I'll do as you ask.


It is hard to imagine a more efficient way of catching food.


I had bad results this year.

He runs in the park every day.

Why have I done such mistakes?

You have six unread messages.

Siping and Hy have quit talking to each other.

I am afraid of death.

Gary didn't visit anybody.


It's on the bottom shelf.


I'll go at three, or rather at a quarter past three.


I want a match. Do you have one?

Should I call Ken back?

Space likes to eat mashed potatoes with lots of gravy.


They demanded that President resign.


"Where will we go for lunch?" "Beverly, you decide. I can't. "


The injured man lay in the street before the police arrived.


Who was murdered?

Is Saad going to get out of prison any time soon?

The sun was about to set.

I don't want him to touch me.

She is a particularily interesting person.

I'm glad it works for you.

If two people have the same opinion, one of them is redundant.

He found it difficult to swim to the island.

Give me all of your money.

We'd like to speak with her.

When the sun of culture hangs low, even dwarfs will cast long shadows.


I slept at ten o'clock yesterday.


Why are you so popular?

She's pretty good at it, but she lacks class.

What is this one?

Please hang up and the operator will call you back.

She could not get over her fear of the dark.

You have a standing invitation to join us.

He enjoys a good social life.

Are there enough chairs?

They condemned him for his cruelty to animals.

"Hey man! Didn't I tell you, Kieran, that I don't eat meat!?" - "Balderdash! You're going to eat it whether you like it or not!"

Enough TV, already!

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Her attitude irks me.

You don't have to thank us.

Tovah stared out the passenger window.

It's very warm today.

The clown's stunts were highly amusing to the boys.

Let's first discuss Dr. Sal's report.

She was just kidding.

I can't believe my ears.

No one ever tells me anything around here.

Bacteria reply in an autonomous fashion.

I graduated from Kyoto University.

I've washed the car.

I may have to help her.

We decided to stay with you.

Do you know anything about what happened?

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Vassos is unsettled.

Sumitro would've gone if he could've.

Was he in New York yesterday?


I have cash.

Any fever?

You're with me, OK?


Silence him before he uncovers anything newsworthy.

What do you and Joshua need to talk about?

He studies Chinese as well.

I love this video.

We don't need to attend that meeting.

Boyce stepped up to the microphone.

She is of average height.

She takes a new lover while he is in anguish.

She is the woman to whom I gave the gift.

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Clare always seems to know what to do.


You can't see her.


I want to be in the other group.


Jennifer forgot to lock the back door.

I'm outta here.

I never know what you boys are up to.


Do you grow your own potatoes? You are an incredible guy! Bernie Sanders would be proud of you.

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What did Miles do with the gun?

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How long do they wish to spend here?

The courses began at 5 p.m. on Monday.

The air-conditioner isn't taking in enough air.

She intended to become an actress.

The little boy grew very fast.


Was this book meant for me?

Can you account for your whereabouts on the night of the murder?

I'm not paranoid.