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Darrell's car has run out of gas.

I'm tired of hearing you call Sandip an idiot.

I won't let her have you.

I have a French neighbor.

All right, I give up.

Sunil is a victim of identity theft.

I have an important meeting.

Do you want to go to a museum with me?

You may only borrow my camera if you are careful with it.

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He reported having seen the stolen car.

Can I call you tomorrow?

Do you have diabetes?

You have to go to sleep.

It is easy to slip and fall during icy winters.

"That's impossible!" said Reason. "That's insane!" noted Experience. "That's pointless!" cut Pride. "Take a try..." whispered Dream. "Fuck it all" replied Laziness.

I'm glad you reminded me.


How many gallons of water does it take to fill a normal bath tub?

What team does Rogue play for?

I want to meet Elsa.

I was working all night.

I didn't consult with Hiroyuki.

Carisa thought you'd prefer a blue one.

We've already begun.

Rex won't allow Corey to go to the party with John.

Why don't you trust me just for once?


I don't care. I hate him.

I'm a student in a university.

Can you get somebody to help you?


Ask Jesse not to go there.

It's really not that interesting.

I saw them a minute ago.

He's now on the boat.

The ship sailed around the cape.

Ricardo might be the one for Matt.

That is one of the most serious problems facing this country.

It wasn't as easy to do that.

We were waiting.

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What happened to Wolf could happen to us.

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Neal thinks I'm too picky.


You can take my word for it.

Marla didn't fall down.

The new rule holds good in this case.

That sounds like a fairly good proposal.

I haven't touched a tennis racket in years.

Liza pulled back the curtains and looked out the window.

The salad is very salty.


My hobby is weight lifting.

I'd like to ask you about a car you repaired.

Jenine hasn't violated his contract.

I woke up on the couch.

Night coming on, the boys went home.

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This little baby tore up a 10 dollar bill.

He suddenly hung up the phone while I was speaking.

Which of them do you prefer?


We're just lucky.

He is a living fossil!

I don't really know what that means.

Are you sure I can't get you anything?

I need someone who can speak French.

Do you take sugar in your coffee?

We have to replace this moth-eaten carpet.

We've got to do better.

I'll provide you with all the necessary information.

Shut up and do what you're told.

Talking of soccer, Neymar is the player of the moment.

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That's my job.

No sooner had the bell rung than the teacher came into the classroom.

She tends to be late.


What a great strike!


The rice is tasteless.

They have a large stock of information.

We were one big happy family.


Yoko ignored John completely, and he did the same to her.

The garbage dump is over there.

Today I have to give my cat a bath.

Computers can perform a very complicated task in a fraction of a second.

Never mind all that.

That cut looks infected.

I will introduce you to my parents.


Johnathan was really glad to hear that Hank wanted to come to his party.

You are being ridiculous today.

I don't regret what I did.

Jerrie put the diary in the drawer.

Nicolo pulled out a bag of candy from his pocket and offered some to Cristina.

Do you want to meet tomorrow?

The process of artistic creation isn't necessarily akin to factory production.

She grilled a steak.

We are still alive.

I bought it with my own money.

Does anyone here think that's a good idea?

He won't listen to me.

It doesn't look promising.


Part and Barney are both asleep.

He writes in his diary every day.

Mick is very interested in sports.

Merat drove to the hotel.

You should have told me a long time ago.

He has become another man since getting married.

I won't go back to prison.

I'd like to think of us as a team, Fritz.

Let's be careful about men.

We must retreat.

If you'd asked me, I'd have told you.


I left you a message at the front desk.

I want to know why you did what you did.

She has never fallen in love.

I hope your plan will work out.

Lukas has not started yet.

She signed over the money to her daughter.

How's my wife doing?

Did the young ladies arrive on time?

In English, "ultraviolet" is often abbreviated as "UV".

We had to do as they said.

I never knew what Ben was doing.

I think you're stylish.

I didn't know about this.

He explained at length what had been decided.

The earthquake in Hokkaido caused extensive damage.

Serdar wasn't wearing a name tag.

I think you've been watching too many horror movies.

The government is scheduled to put the plan into practice next year.

What a refreshing change!

My grandpa drinks coffee with a group of old guys every morning.

Cindie saw a homeless man scavenging through a rubbish bin looking for food.

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The soldiers started their attack.

He's a construction worker.

It was a sunny day when we went to the mall.

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Nicolo was a majorette.

Sherri lives on this street.

Nightmares are scary.

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Who's responsible for this problem?


There's nowhere left to sit.

Terry used the apples that Shankar gave her to make apple butter.

We're not available.

I laugh when people mess up.

Beth looked after our dog while we were away.

I wish I had a lot more money.

I've never flown in an airplane.


No one will stop you.

Masanao got married, didn't he?

We will see whether he will recognize me or not.


I think the answer is no.

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Emily gets good grades in French.

Crap! I fell for his trap!

I really like this skirt. Can I try it on?

We just want our share.

He went to Paris, where he lived for five years.


Mum, where's Dad?

One cinnamon doughnut and a slice of apple pie, please.

My father loves everyone in the world.

I'll be happy to go.

I can't stand to see you wasting your time.

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Ilya didn't look happy to see you.

I'm amazed Kory is still alive.

"Pilot is loved by everyone." "What did you say?" "Kevin is loved by everyone."


In order to compensate for the country's aging population, the government has decided to take steps to significantly increase birth and immigration rates.


Stop slacking or I'll fire you.

He seems to have made quite an impression on you.

I know absolutely nothing about university, so ask someone else.

I always listen to them.

The boy was made king before he could write his own name.

Sanand is rather weak.

I know it's important work.

Could you make an example to reify your idea?

Tomas stuffed the money into his pocket.

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When our parents aren't there, my younger brother takes on a completely different manner.

Kikki handed Jason a bag of sunflower seeds.

My camera was stolen.

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You're a great writer.