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It’s All About Data Quality

rMove combines superb passive data collection of users' locations and movements with timely and tailored survey questions, adding essential context and data validation. It delivers the most accurate and most complete spatial, longitudinal, and attitudinal datasets in the business. Period.

Making Smartphones Smarter

To achieve high-quality data collection, rMove mixes the rich capabilities of today’s smartphones (including GPS, WiFi, accelerometer, and compass) with RSG’s custom in-app intelligence and machine-learning algorithms. rMove captures the most detailed geolocation data in the industry while minimizing phone battery usage.

All-in-One Mobile Experience

Say goodbye to burdensome online surveys and participant drop-out. Users can download rMove, continue their daily routines, and answer your surveys on their phones with a best-in-class user experience. Best of all? Intuitive interface features allow users to capture, edit, and describe trip details in one convenient place.

Designed for the user. Designed by RSG.

rMove has been developed for ease of use and data quality by RSG’s experts in transportation market research, travel demand forecasting, software engineering, and information design. We're proud to offer the simplest and most accurate approach for conducting location-aware market research.

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What Users Say

  • This was one of the best surveys I have ever taken.
    Raleigh-Durham Region (NC) User
  • The app [was] fantastic - so easy and accurate to use.
    Calgary, Canada User
  • rMove is a tremendous help in making studies like this easy for participants.
    Lakewood (WA) User
  • I love the fact that it immediately knew when I had stopped and made a trip. It was very accurate.
    Raleigh-Durham Region (NC) User