What's Bernard trying to hide?

What are you guys going to do today?

Wealth, as such, does not matter much.

New questions will be asked and new debates will unfold.

I'll leave you two alone.

What's happening to me?

Why do you lie for him?

Year after year they re-appeared; and it was known that underneath those fertile spots, heaps of men and horses lay buried, indiscriminately, enriching the ground.


If something was compressed, then something else expanded.


He was electrocuted while playing the electric harp.


I see this thing quite differently.

The file is corrupt.

Bookends are very useful things.


You're afraid of Kiki, aren't you?

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Oh no, you have revealed our secret!

Is there somebody you want to see?

He is poor, but he doesn't care about money.

Go where you will in Holland, you will see windmills.

Get in your places.


Mitchell is a real competitor.


Gerard doesn't like coffee with sugar.

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My older brother is planning to work at a drug factory.


You're not limping anymore.


Dannie didn't have to do this.


I was trying to tell him that.

No one knows just how big the Universe is.

Before going to study in Paris, I have to brush up on my French.

Juan made an apology.

Somebody could exchange a sheep or a horse, for example, for anything in the marketplace that they considered to be of equal value.

Don't forget smoking is bad for your health.

You're upset with me, aren't you?

They know the system.

Nelken left the house.

You're the second person that's said that to me today.

Of course I can drive a car very well.

Emily got stuck in traffic.

I'm going to take care of everything.

Do any of the members agree with you?

If you mail it by 7:00 p.m., it'll arrive tomorrow.

I will drive to Paris tomorrow.

The sun doesn't only shine on your father's windows.

Poor people, don't eat each other. Eat the rich, they're plumper.

Chancellor Merkel said that all Syrian migrants would be allowed to come to Germany and apply for asylum.


She decorated her notebook with gum wrappers so the cover was all shiny.

They've come back.

My fatherland is there, where my soul is.


Okay. To be precise, it is understanding the flaws that I don't.


His courage went down in history.


Oh, you have evidence disproving evolution? Gather your data, have it peer-reviewed, and receive your Nobel prize.

Dirk was kidding.

Hello, I'm Kee and I'll be your waiter.

You are not my father.

I wanted to stop her.

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You're very kind, Scott.

I saw the way Vic was looking at Dwayne.

Bread and butter are my usual breakfast.

Was Courtney here when you got here?

Let me see your wound.

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I'm for that.

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May I try this on?


If you're hungry, eat.


Would you like to see something?

Look at the view.

Cliff has no comment at this time.

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They all got into the car.

She is five years his junior.

His wounds were infested with flesh-eating maggots.

The collards that you gave me yesterday were delicious.

The magazine does nothing for me.

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Again his father insisted on another private conversation and broke the sad news.

He won the next election.

We need music.

The extension of the summer vacation delighted the children.

I'm not a fan of the choreography.

John had his body cremated and the ashes thrown into the sea.

Add a few more names to the list.

You people go ahead. We'll bring up the rear.

A working class hero is something to be.

He authorizes his workers to eat at the office.

This club is fearfully dull. The dance floor is empty and the smoking patio is packed.


If you're planning on doing it anyway, the sooner, the better.

'It must be very scary to be you,' Janina said in a whisper.

Hubert is in there somewhere.

Pat waited until I arrived.

So it isn't new.

I'm not ordering sandwiches for them.

Mario was afraid to tell the truth.

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People who've never been to Boston don't know what they're missing.

Crying loudly, the little girl hurried to the door.

A man whose wife is dead is called a widower.


The exchange rate of the dollar versus the euro has declined.

Why would I tell Shuvra that?

I wonder why you would say that.

Some soft drinks have very high sugar content and can cause obesity and tooth decay if consumed to excess.

She readily agreed to my proposal.


You're not usually like this.


That's what happens when you don't read the instructions.

Helen cooks chicken just the way Lanny likes it.

You should not lie.

Those who have given themselves the most concern about the happiness of people have made their friends very miserable.

I came to kill him.


Why don't you leave them alone?

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At last, John and Sue decided to cut the apple into halves.

I'm feeling so much better now.

Why did you tell him I'd left?


Everyone who's anyone will be there.


I guess I just don't see the point.

When I was 10, my brother left our home.

That was the scary part.


Watanabe is my family name.

Brender filed for divorce.

Most everything has been improved.

They are weary of their tedious work.

The dress is too expensive. Can't you sweeten the deal a little?

How exciting!

I don't want any coffee.

The cake I made was not eaten by you, it was eaten by your sister.

Don't sleep with the light left on.


He comes home at ten.

She is poisoned.

Judith has a four-year degree.

It requires wisdom to understand wisdom: the music is nothing if the audience is deaf.

Where did you procure the information?


Do you know Sidney's real name?

Keep your room clean.

It's a great night to go dancing.

He used to play poker with us.

This is exactly what I needed.

You must have a reason for telling me.

Am I still on the right road?

Penny couldn't explain what had happened.

Konrad is clairvoyant.

There's nothing that can't be done if we work together.

You shouldn't go if you don't want to.

Charlene likes music a lot.

Why are people afraid of her?

I was bored, so I wandered around town.

I'm used to being teased for being vegan.

A lack of sleep affected the singer's performance.

I don't know how much more I can take.

Pull it open.

I used to have a friend named Brender.

You'd better be kidding.

It's just not the same thing.

All the resuscitation efforts have failed.

Corn yields in the U.S. have increased fivefold over the past seventy years, thanks to advances in agricultural technology.

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Let me say goodbye to her.


We just fed the baby.


Sergei and I discussed the problem with each other.


I'm glad you noticed.


These things can happen.

A tall boy is standing at the gate.

It's not uncommon for a divorced couple to marry each other again some years after their initial divorce.

It seems unlikely that any society could completely dispense with myths.

He goes to the park every morning.

It's up to you if we go.

Excuse me, what is the name of this place?


Moreover, the sweeping change brought by modernity and globalization led many Muslims to view the West as hostile to the traditions of Islam.


Do you want me to keep Steve and Howard company?