He hired Larry to kill Mr. Smith.

Suddenly, a terrible storm came up.

If there's a cheap kanji dictionary in Japan, I will buy it.

Turkeer held a seat for me.


It's all right!

I don't feel like sleeping right now.

Markus says that anyone can be hypnotized.

Come what may, I'm ready for it.

The revolution divided many families.

I went to the airport to see them off.

Don't mention that to Suzan.

It's still new to me.

It would have been better, if you had asked him which way to go.

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A glass of cold water is very refreshing in hot weather.

I'm sorry for having deceived you.

Carole neglected his cough and got bronchitis.


Please inform him.

Go get the rest of the prisoners.

Are you in favor of the plan or not?

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Women in that country are fighting for their freedom.


My canary was killed by a cat.

He has no more than one hundred books.

Now, will you help me?

Your answer is correct.

How do you like Kazan-city?

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I saw your brother the other day.

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I need mascara.


The boy decided to observe and record honeybees in detail.

The hummingbird is the smallest bird in the world.

Teresa acknowledges it's not fun.

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They kept us waiting outside for a long time.

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Ripe papaya smells like vomit.

Liber was a native of Boston with deep roots in the community.

At first, I was puzzled by all these strange fruits, and by the strange flowers I saw.

We've got to close the doors.

I am not going to deal with this until after the holidays.


He looks like my father.

The question threw him off his balance.

I'm occupied right now.

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A man's life is but three score years and ten.

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Thousands are feared dead or missing.

Let's have a try.

I think you should leave.

We have evidence that Gerard was behind it.

I'm not very hungry right now.

Nicolette likes nuts.

Hasn't Syd told you anything?


No problem. Come again soon.

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Philip is a gang member. You should stay away from him.

It is horrifying that we have to fight our own government to save the environment.

Bjorne is rather optimistic.

I became friends with at least 10 Americans.

Steven is afraid of making mistakes.

It looks just perfect.

He was a true patriot and an able diplomat.

Judith wanted to run for class president.

Answer my question.


Her beauty has captured him.

Planets move around a fixed star.

Sit down, please!

Squirrels eat acorns.

I don't have time to spend studying English.

If you meet the Orleanu sisters, invite them to Ruxandra's birthday. And don't forget their brother.

I'm three years younger than you.

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I'm supposed to talk to them.

We'll meet at the station.

I don't give enough fuck about Srinivasan to even hate him.


He is always writing about journey to other planets.


Extraordinary things never happen in simple and ordinary ways.

We should make good use of dictionaries when studying a foreign language.

Do you really feel sorry for John?

That would be a huge waste of money.

His death grieves all of his friends.

That's not my box.

It was during my college years that I took up tennis.

Don't forget to leave a tip.

Even a small sound from the TV interferes with my concentration.

Perhaps it'll rain tomorrow.

Worse still was the mean-spirited stuff that it was OK for my friends to know about, but the thought of anyone else knowing about made me itchy with shame.

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I have given leave to do what he likes.

I need them in my life.

You should wash this.


He continued singing.


Shit shot with a gun makes the best freckles.


Can you help me out of my trouble?


Can you put some suntan lotion on my back?

How old's your son?

We got dressed.

The conditions that lead to my parents' divorce were engendered by their obsessive attitude toward work.

How tall do you think my daughter will be in three years?

They went around the lake.

No hard feelings!

I'm sick of studying.

Leon thinks that Oliver is spending too much time playing videogames.


I want to thank you for coming here today.

Are you a police officer?

I can't stand being looked at like that.


I am not very good at sizing people up quickly.


Can we find anybody that knows this town?

Have I done something to upset you?

Space will explain.

I'm not arresting them.

Where's the mistake?

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Tigger is dejected.

Maybe you shouldn't tempt fate.

Maybe you should tell her that.

Your name? - Robot.

You seem a little tense.


He taxed me with neglect of duty.

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Mr. Jackson gives us a lot of homework every day.


This newspaper costs a dollar.


I look around but it's you I can't replace.

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By the way, how many of you keep diaries?

You'll have to work hard if you want to pass the exam.

He has been absent from work for a week.

We're just busy enough to stay in business.

I think this what happens now in South Africa is not what Nelson Mandela wanted.


It is refreshing to take a shower after exercising.

The textile factory's windows are fitted with iron bars so when a fire broke out inside the factory, most of the workers died.

Is this what scares them?


Did you really expect Pamela to tell you the truth?

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I did that last year.

Graham doesn't let Nanda drive his car.

I don't have a badge.

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Happy birthday, Mom.

Antonella is buying some bananas.

Do your parents speak French?

I don't want to talk about my cold.

The man was traveling with a stolen passport.

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It's worthwhile to take his advice.

I'm not good at self-promotion.

I don't know why they hate each other so much.


The police identified Dan by his fingerprints.


I've heard about all your problems.

I don't like you very much.

Yoshiko is an Anzai.

Christie wants to know how he can gain weight.

Marie pointed to the back door.


Send the bill to me.


I'll be back in ten minutes.


I'm pretty conservative.

Svante would've grinned.

She's very worried about you.

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Let me have a talk with Hurf.


One lives but once in the world.

Please wait here until he comes.

The entire process of manufacturing this small car takes only six hours.


I love passing time with you.


I must give my respects.

Have you ever seen Lukas's stamp collection?

Why does it have to be me?

They competed all over the world.

What have you been doing for the last three hours?