Can you please come fix it?

Where do we go now?

I'm reading this book.

Randall didn't buy the tickets.

The downstairs was rented to a bookseller.

Anthony is on his cell phone.


I'm not suggesting anything.

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Who told you such nonsense?

Who's your favorite painter?

Was anyone in the room?

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I think I should leave.

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Randall's team suffered a crushing defeat.

It's dangerous to study.

Did you invite Rod to dinner without telling me?

Well, nobody is perfect!

Have you ever heard of the Loch Ness monster?

Can you help me out or not?

Something went off with a loud noise.

Excuse me, but can you help me?

I received a letter yesterday which was written in English.


I don't know who's behind it.

This hat is a little too small for me.

Just you and me.

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I knew I couldn't trust you.

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Shatter cut himself with a knife.


He is home on leave.


It was proved that he was a thief.

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Damone has some good news.

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How old do you think Elliott is?


I can't do this all on my own.


If you love our band and want to help us out, this is it!

Kazuhiro might have missed the train. He hasn't arrived yet.

I want you to follow him.

Elvis doesn't have to do that right now.

Did you drink in college?

What, may I ask, is so important?

He has some grave defects, but I think he is a great scholar all the same.

Terrance is watching a soap opera.

The train we'll be on will arrive at 9 p.m.


How can I tell it just to Socorrito without telling everybody else?

We can't give up.

She is the editor-in-chief.


Russ only earns half as much money as Horst does.

I've always considered you more intelligent than all our other co-workers.

He went to Italy ten years ago and has lived there ever since.

Don't make a fool of the poor.

She sings like an angel.

You don't look the same.

Take this medicine faithfully, and you will feel better.

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She got Nelken.

The policeman followed him.

I know what it means.

On the table there's a plate, a fork, and a knife.

Take a cookie.


Go away.

I've done nothing wrong.

We feel Jong needs some spiritual guidance.

They're self sufficient.

There's no need to worry about Ritalynne.

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I'm pretty sure that's Anton.

The sun has gone down.

Could you please explain what's going on here?

Why do you want to talk to us?

The USA and Cuba are set to mend their relationship after half a century of hostilities.


We soon caught up with them.

He shifted about uneasily in his chair.

We had arranged to meet at 10, but, even now, I have had any contact from them at all. You don't think they got into an accident somewhere or something?

Why are you wearing those?

He cannot afford the common comforts of life, not to mention luxuries.

The streets are laid out quite well.

You should be safe there.

Men have an X and Y chromosome; women, two Xs.

Sehyo, there's someone here to see you.

The buyer backed out.

I spent three years looking for a good director, but couldn't find one.


Sharada talked to Ro in French.

I should probably go and spend some time with Clare.

I'll tell you why we haven't answered your letters.

I didn't know they could do that.

The petals of this rose are very tender.


We cannot tell what may happen in future.

Tell me you didn't take it.

He got kicked off the team.

You probably won't be able to do that.

It looks like they are at it again.

I'll probably be fishing.

Say it to his face, not behind his back.

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They're not following me.

I was told you weren't very helpful.

I don't think this rain will let up anytime soon.

You've lied to me repeatedly.

You might at least have appreciated his kindness.

I have a hard time seeing the logic of this latest decision of his. He just isn't as sharp as he used to be.

Wow, it's hot today.

Alastair had to stay home.

I knew I could make it fit.

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It's shocking, isn't it?


I just moved to Boston.


Joni won't agree with us.

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Let's end this debate.


Are you a priest?

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Cats are like girls. If they talk to you it's great, but if you try to talk to them, it doesn't go so well.

Oktoberfest has often already ended by September.

Daniel disappeared into his bedroom, slamming the door behind him.

Why would somebody hit Keith?

Is chemistry a boring subject?

Islam emerged in the Arabian Peninsula in the seventh century.

I have two friends who live in Germany.


Jacques isn't sure how to proceed.

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Takayuki is a nice kid.

I talked to them again.

I will get a driver's license when I reach eighteen.


I am surprised to hear that prices have gone up so high.

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I will act on your advice.

There was nothing left to do - the decision was made.

I had to deal with Per.

I have got beautiful eyes.

Make sure you check all the pockets for tissues before washing your clothes.

I'm actually very happy.

Mr. Davis looks very tired.

He is buying a vintage hat.

I've never seen anything quite like this before.

This is suicide. We shouldn't be attempting to do this.

Cristi knew it was wrong to do what he was doing.

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I think this might interest you.

Try not to make him angry.

Let her try.

I waited for Jerald.

It took the police a lot of time to get to the island.

Joachim didn't try very hard to find out what was wrong.

There's smell of naphtha.

There are innumerable stars in the galaxy.

I'll ask him for you.


I can't do this anymore.

Everything has returned to normal.

That's why I don't approve of your plan.

You can always ask a question in return.

All I found is a pair of scissors.


May I use this bat?

I've already tried that once.

I don't understand this reasoning.

I used to tell them everything.

Colin pretended to be an undercover policeman.

Hamlet has a clear understanding of the situation, understands that he is in the wrong no matter what he does, and realizes the consequences of his actions. He is, therefore, not mad.

I saw a crowd of children at the cinema.


You see, the first of the students is my father.

This was a good book.

Richard opened one of the bottles.

Dean thinks that volleyball is more fun than basketball.

I wasn't scared at all.

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If the dull substance of my flesh were thought injurious distance should not stop my way, for then despite of space I would be brought, from limits far remote, where thou dost stay.

They sleep in separate bedrooms even though they're married.

Come on, you can tell me.


Ethan took Juan to an expensive restaurant.


I don't like any of these pictures.

Ronni is living apart from his wife.

She lied to her parents.

I didn't find it funny at all.

I hope it won't rain this afternoon.


Each house is within shouting distance of another.