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Ravi seems to be seasick.


I am not completely satisfied with the formation of this phrase.

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Angus bought us some drinks.


Tuna took off his hat and bowed down to them.

Flying is the quickest way to travel.

Mega Bloks are less expensive than legos.

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Gary Ewing was sentenced to life under the three strikes law for stealing three golf clubs.

It's human to make slips and mistakes in translation.

I remember giving him the key.

How dare you!

Sir, have you been drinking?

Eddy stepped into the shower.

Why doesn't that bother you?

I'm going to bed for real.

I didn't even consider that.


You've got to be kidding!


The river bends slightly to the right here.

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Tell me what kind of car Pascal has.

Answer at once when spoken to.

He seems to know all about her past.


I don't think that's going to happen.

He paid his dues for what he is now.

I'll take good care of Eileen.

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Do you need a place to stay tonight?


If you get up early tomorrow, you can see the rising sun.

Oh, don't bother.

Turn right at the end of that street.


Niels is going to be devastated.

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I know you can't stop me.

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We're not afraid.


The turnover on the Tokyo stock Exchange swelled to the year's record.

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I don't think about it that much.

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Robbin wants Stacey to buy a new dress for the banquet.

I can't shake off her seduction.

Andrea already knows what happened.

The hotel can accommodate 500 guests.

It's extremely important to do sport every day.

I was very polite.

That was always so.

I have to go even if it rains.

I really couldn't believe it.

You've got to get out of here now.

We ought to be more interested in environmental issues.

It's all right, I won't tell anybody.

It's not optional.

If you really have grounds for acting the way you did, then please tell me.

I was afraid I was going to lose you.

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That's why I trust you.

This cottage reminds me of the one I was born in.

Constantine the Great is discussed controversively in modern historical research.

I'd like to engage in foreign trade in the future.

Jelske was my boss.

I think you should check under the bed.

I can't stop laughing when I hear that story.

He was heartbroken.

I am indifferent to flattery.


Janet didn't look at Linley.

I'm a grandfather.

Don just ate lunch.

I call him Mike.

You have to work faster.

They got married young.

Ramiro is still a member of our club.

You're wasting your time.

Patricio had some questions he wanted to ask.

This mountain isn't a lofty one.

They stopped singing.

Guido turned away.

I have lots of rubber bands.

I am human, and I think nothing human is alien to me.

I regret not having bought that house.

Are things any better now?

Do you like red wine?

I, too, like candy.

I celebrated Bastille day with a baguette, Roquefort and a glass of mediocre French red.

I plan to go to Boston next Monday to see Irfan.

She always seemed rather serious so it was nice to see her laugh for a change.

I have hardly any English books.

You're late to the party.

I'd be unhappy if that happened again.

Please move back.

Did you go inside the cave?

I'm always writing strange things, so I'm sure it's difficult to comment on.

They serve a continental breakfast in this hotel.

It's easy to understand.

Accommodation is in individual tents.

There is an automobile outside.

Shutoku walked out of the bar with a smile on his face.

Sherman tried the shirt on, but it wouldn't fit him.

That's all I've got to say.

Just make sure that doesn't happen again.

The rain was beating hard against the windowpane.

Never again did I see you.

All three of us agree.

Hume and Jwahar are playing tennis.

The cistern is empty.

Why did it have to be me?

We're really in danger.

They murdered Christie.

It was so foggy I couldn't tell who it was.

Don't let Lucius do it.

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I can't believe my ears!


Does Suwandi often eat lunch at your house?


Father has never gotten sick in his life.

Almost no one goes to the same classes.

I wrote a post to my blog encouraging men to report experiences with domestic abuse.


I take the subway almost every day.

Televisions with vacuum tubes are regarded as being behind the times.

I know that Jayant is more beautiful than I.

It's very convenient.

What's Dave got against me?

You owe us more than that.

New York is the biggest city in the world.

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When are we going to eat?

Everyone told Ginny no.

Why did Leonardo leave his researcher's work undone?

You're not going to find me.

I find her intriguing.

We're going to miss you.

You'll never know until you try.


I've got a question.


Nobody wants to be around you.

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You're ugly.

Elvis was bald.

Does Cristi have long hair?

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I know I made a mistake, but you needn't to rub it in!

You should've helped Sofia carry his suitcases.

They need to study.


If only I could speak English as fluently as you.

His girlfriend is younger than him.

Takeuchi is stingy.


You were here just the other day, weren't you?


What is better than sentences to get acquainted?

I'm special.

They looked at him.

Russia has woken up.

Do you three ever go to Boston together?

There's a loose button on your shirt.

Will you give this to us?

I need money badly.

I need to be alone to think.

You blamed others for your own failure.

We began to kiss.

Marty knows it's useless.

If you will be in Istanbul when I visit in March next year, I would like to spend some time with you.


She's got two teeth?

I don't want to lose face.

Let me take your temperature.

He took great pains to do a good job.

I remember seeing him somewhere before.

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The moon is shining bright.

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I seem to have lost my appetite.

I didn't want to spend any more time in jail.

It was careless of me to do something like that.

In this flat lives an evil spirit.

I was a bit confused.

Where did you get this ring?

Try to be moderate in drinking.

It's hard to lose weight.

The contract doesn't yet have their signature.

That's an impractical idea.

She has beauty and what passes for intelligence.

I plan to throw all of this away. You may take whatever you like.

Pedro went to Boston and stayed there until he died.


One day I had a phone call from a friend. "There's a nice little earner, won't you come round?" so I went to his house.