Why would they want to harm Dannie?

Since primary school we've been checking for the qualities known as acidity and alkalinity with litmus paper.

Do you still keep in touch with Merton?

We have to fix this.

He supposes that you will book seats.

I just wish I'd never gotten involved with you.

The countess agrees with all these conditions.

You need Bus Number Five.

The keyboard is backlit.


Do you think that's what I want?

Your hand is shaking.

All your friends will be there.


He spent all night cramming for the test.


She loves him devotedly.

This book will do you more harm than good.

It'll just take about three minutes.


I wrote Alex a letter.


I don't see how it can end well.

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Let's just talk.

It's difficult to tell those two twins apart because they look so much alike.

I could tell she was hurt.


She is always trying to find happiness.

How about your father?

Mars's gravity is 38% of Earth's gravity.


Can't you stop her?

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Can you get me some milk?

I am allowed to swim in the river.

Where are we going now? To the theatre or the cinema?

The children trampled on the grass and the guard scolded them.

Share it with me.

Wow, you're dressed to kill.

Yes, and here's a photo of the farm where we milked the cows.

You'll get your money.

It's been a long time since he broke-up.

I'll obey.

I must go to work early today.


Who called you?


The police think that Pierre poisoned himself.

Did you make your speech off-the-cuff?

Gilles is a bit crazy.


War doesn't make anybody happy.


I never knew my parents.

I found the cage empty.

I bumped into her.


I caught five fish at the lake.

The game came to a climax.

Don't bring your dog with you.

I sent him an email.

I'll meet you at the library.


They intend to drag the river for the missing person.

I forgot to telephone him today.

Let's talk about something else.

Ima asked me whether he should help Keith or not.

I think it's still there.

I have to go out.

Are you ready to leave?


The Loyalists fled to Canada.


Dan stole Matt's identity and cashed thousands of dollars from Matt's account.


My father is going for a walk in the park.

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He had a problem with the front door key.

The sect members looked adoringly at their guru, and hung on every word that came out of his mouth.

Parliamentary activity has become a political tug of war between the ruling and opposition parties over the issue.

In medical research, one of the first problems is to isolate the cause of the disease.

The stray dog suddenly came at the child.

You cannot buy happiness.

Who spread these rumours?

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This college was established in 1910.


What was the time of death?


This is my place.


You're going about this all wrong.


They're dragging their heels.


She has finally achieved her end.


"But I just did. I came here to tell you." "Me? Am I supposed to put a stop to Lord Pinku Reiga, mightiest of the Four Weepy Lords, slayer of some 320 men, destroyer of the imperial wheelchairs?!"

The ship sailed down the channel.

It will be to your advantage to study hard now.

He was deaf to all arguments.

Do you like science fiction movies?

Lucifer likes to party.

My house is a long way from here.


Your guess is entirely off the mark.

I'd rather get this over with.

Jochen said it was part of the job.

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I never go out.

I'll pick her up later.

The rain is radiologically inactive this time.

I'm working on making new friends.

The project was a joint effort by students from three different classes.


Can I stay here for a while?

The car consumes a lot of fuel.

If we knew what we were doing, it wouldn't be called research, would it?


Why don't you come?

Sofia was very relaxed.

They are so irrelevant.

Lee signed a confession.

I heard about directly from my neighbour.

I hate carrots even more than I hate onions.

Knute can speak French better than Rogue.

I have been working in the library since January.

He knows a little English.

The workman died from the explosion.

I saw a black cat run into the house.


Most studies, however, have not focused on the influence Emmet's theory had on computer graphics.


Have you ever had a long distance relationship?

You have caught cold because of your sitting in the draught.

Jerrie looked for a weapon.

Vilhelm owes us an explanation.

Why would you want to hire Gregory?

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What's going to happen to Izumi?

What time is it in Boston now?

"Well, it's hot again today, isn't it?" "That's one more time you've started with a bland topic."

He heard his name called from behind.

I'm going to go out and get us something to eat.

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I'll call you around five o'clock.


It had been long time since the king had lost his woman.


Your effort deserves praise.

Leif was absent from the meeting.

You still haven't told me all your secrets.

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I'm sure Kevan's fine.


Merton came to ask us for our help.

He lacks tact.

I'll see you next summer.


When did you get this?

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A strange spectacle happened before my eyes.

She could have kissed me goodbye but didn't and just walked away.

When I was a child, I spent many hours reading alone in my room.

Those who labour with their minds govern others; those who labour with their strength are governed by others.

Manolis has never ridden a horse.

What did you tell Barry about these?

How hungry are you, Brodie?


You think you're too important to help people.

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We tried to warn him.

What're you thinking about?

Have you ever been to the Netherlands?


I don't make mistakes very often.

You're not fooling anyone, Serdar.

Would you prefer tea?

He likes sports.

Why do you allow Sandeep to do this to you?

You finished all of the exams.

What's your favorite open source game?

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The sisters are quite unlike.

I can take a good long rest when this work is finished.

We read the letter again and again.

Stop telling everyone you're my brother.

Herve bought a straw hat.

That is going too far.

If you mate a horse with an ass you will get a mule.

Jean-Christophe told me to ask Bea.

There's still some warm tea in my cup.

What compels you to meow?

The Russians have never lived as bad as under the Obama administration.


I think it's a good plan.

Irfan is very unpredictable, isn't he?

I'm not letting you go.