Actually, I do not really know.


No smiled as Miltos sat down to join him.


He regained consciousness in the hospital.

She's very lonely.

I got tied up at work.

What are your pronouns?

Some of them were murdered by soldiers, while others died of hunger, cold or diseases.

Jacques unlocked the car and got in.

You're a good dancer.

There were a good many people on the platform.

I like to wear a watch.

The Second World War began in 1939 and ended in 1945.

Damon would never sell his car to you.


Mother gives my sister two thousand yen every month.


I think Elizabeth lied to Evan.

I cannot fish on the lake. It's forbidden.

Be a man.

Bill doesn't like the fact that his father smokes a lot.

It seems quiet enough.

A check is a method of paying money to somebody.

I've been practicing my guitar.

We didn't really have so much to drink.

Get Earnie something to eat.

Let's drink another beer.

I think that he's right.

They want to build a fence around their home.

Could I talk to you a sec?

Will you please go there?

I really need this paycheck.

Do you drink?

The sun of the east shall rise in the west.

There's no guarantee.

I can't get at my luggage.

They're all figments of your imagination.

Although many pay lip service to the idea of affirmative action, in reality, very few minorities get hired.


Being a wiry person, he is thin but still looks strong


She shook the rug to get dust out of it.


Sonja thinks I was in Boston last week.

Ami said that he'd be more than happy to help Albert weed the garden.

He's writing a letter.

She's a yoga teacher.

Heh heh, not enough.

This case is closed.

Does Beverly do it right?

The lyrics seem innocent enough, but if you listen to them closely, you'll realize how subversive they really are.

My little sister goes to nursery school.

If I am what I have and if I lose what I have who then am I?

President Pierce finally agreed to sign it.

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They embarked at Southampton for New York.

How old is Tony?

Ofer doesn't have the faintest idea what Lui is trying to do.

I'm sorry about what's happened to you.

Not until they had arrived home did they feel safe.

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Did you go to the art exhibition?

The snow has begun melting.

They are boring a hole.

Our branches extend all over the country.

My mother spends a lot of money on clothes.


Kees didn't approve of his daughter seeing a married man.

I forgot Marc spoke French.

Rise and shine, sleepyhead.

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He has taken to drinking recently.

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I may be homeless, but I'm not stupid.

I always hated this place.

I'm going to go get some food.

They set a new record for the longest kiss.

Her sister Joanna was bright and slender as a lily.

You won't give that to Alison, will you?

The coffee is all gone.


Did Arne show an interest?

I'm seriously annoyed with Hunter.

Jean-Christophe was good.


We have to find out what's going on here.


I haven't seen anything of her lately.

Let's see if we can get lucky.

No matter how rich he may be, he is never contented.

Who sent the flowers?

The singer is known to everyone.

Agatha is always thoughtful of his parents.

He is from our village.

I have never understood correctly what electrodes are.

What a beautiful place!


I am sure I can get in touch with him by telephone.

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You are difficult and incorrigible.

They are examining him from top to bottom.

Police found drug paraphernalia in Stu's flat and took him into custody.

I treated him like my own son.

The church dates back to 1173.


We're very close friends.


I had things I had to deal with.

If something did happen to Price, I don't know what I'd do.

Matthieu is indebted to Marguerite.

This is our favorite dinner.

She advised him not to use too much salt.

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He was surprised by the sudden appearance of his friend.


The telephone rang several times.


Sorry, but that's not what I ordered.

She won a phone.

Does she work in the kitchen?

He's tall and muscular.

My brother tried many times to pass the examination, finally succeeding.

Sofoklis is very interesting.

He has a liking for modern music.


Kaj stole my wallet.

Your hair smells like spring.

Earle wants to be a veterinarian.

We considered it.

Which one of you is Johan's lawyer?

We carried out the captain's order to the letter.

He likes quinoa.


For a wise person one word is enough!

Valeria wouldn't go off and leave us, would he?

Meehan told me he was interested in visiting Australia.

They went home after they had finished the task.

That's what they have been telling me.

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I think you need help.


Linda was sexually assaulted by Dan.

Usually the id and name attributes have the same value applied. (N.B. Not because it matters if they differ but just as a matter of convenience.)

The weight of these apples is two kilos.

Mohammad gave me everything I need.

How do you think Myrick will cope with the situation?

Don't repeat the same mistake!

I've been calling you for hours.

I failed the driving test.

Don't touch anything without asking first.


He traveled with only a dog for company.

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No one knows what has become of her.

You weren't invited.

You're strange sometimes.

I'll take it to Hunter.

"My parents are out of town. There's going to be a big party at my house. Do you want to come?" "I'm sorry, but I have to study."

You and I have something in common.

Application to his studies brought him excellent results in the final examination.

He admitted the visitor to the living-room.

Thank you for the memories.

I'm not doing anything different.

Dannie was the first to enter the room.

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Jaime gave a big yawn.

I'll shoot him a PM.

Charleen wouldn't tell Henry how old he was.

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The time is up to you.

I'm pretty sure I didn't say that.

Donnie says he likes Boston better than Chicago.


That is the danger.

Gregor had a strange look on her face.

Kaj is going to stay here.


She must be well off.


That's the stupidest thing you've ever said.

Don't worry. You'll make new friends.

If anyone saw anything, I want to know.

I wish you were with me.

What does the police officer do?

5 dollars in quarters and a dollar in dimes.

The last I heard, Barry was in prison.

Matthias must be hiding something.

Debi heard a noise behind him and turned around to see what it was.

I'll do what you recommend.

That's the worst part.


Ozan will start.

Jimmy came down to the basement.

Gail committed suicide because he was bullied at school.

You cannot defect to another country unless you can travel there.

I have something I want to show you.

The truth is, I want to be a writer.

She asked me for money.