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The 2017 Canadian Guideline for Opioids for Chronic Non-Cancer Pain





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For clinicians and their patients

Content in guidelines and evidence summaries is made available in a new multilayer format, making it possible to dig as deep into the data as needed to make well-informed decisions.

For authors and organizations

We've finally brought guideline and evidence summary creation down to earth. Our secure platform guides authors through the different stages of planning, authoring, and publishing of high quality content. We're a non-profit that believes that helping you write better guidelines benefits everyone.

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MAGICapp is brought to you by MAGIC, a non-profit organization backed by an international team of doctors and researchers. Our goal is to improve the authoring, adaptation, presentation, dynamic updating, and dissemination of medical guidelines using the GRADE methodology. MAGIC aims to facilitate shared decision making between patients and providers. This is accomplished by developing decision aids and using guidelines directly in EHRs and decision support systems, all with structured data.

Dedicated to open data, we aim to improve the flow of information between different actors in the medical knowledge ecosystem. We are passionate about helping spread the adoptionand use of trustworthy guidelines, hoping to benefit the health of everyone in the world.

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