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for foreign domestic helpers and employers

ecdlifes provides a professional recruitment service to foreign domestic helpers and employers in Asia. Both parties can enjoy a hassle-free experience during or even after recruitment. Download now to get started!

Customized Services

Convenient for domestic helpers and employers

Easy Recruit

ecdlifes provides a recommendation mechanism on searching jobs or helpers. You can find the appropriate helpers or employers through our auto-matching function easily.

Easy Card

Peccoin’s Easy Card is a Mastercard Prepaid Card. You can apply and manage Easy Card through our ecdlifes app. You can also give the card to your family or helpers with tracking spending.

Easy Payroll

Employers can create payslips for helpers, both parties would view payroll records at a glance. Easy Payroll provides a paperless and hassle-free system for both payslip senders and recipients.

Recruitment Record

If you applied for a job or recruited a helper through ecdlifes successfully, you could use the recruitment records to track status, including the dates of contract, document delivery, visa issurance or even helper landing, etc.


ecdlifes Chat feature provides the environment of mutual respect. Helpers or environment of mutual respect. Helpers or employers can chat with each others after accepting the connection requests. Employers can recruit directly in the chatroom.


Multilingual translator is another useful tools for communication. You can store the translation for the next conversation.

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Our app is now available on Google Play and the App Store.

Ecdlifes brings unprecedented user experience and convenience to you.

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