We have rented a cabin by the lake.

My hands were shaking too much to thread the needle.

You still haven't answered me.

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Sorrel's schedule is insane.

They'll bring her.

I'm studying to be an artist.

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He is the head of marketing.

He had a magnificent sense of humor.

He threw an extraordinary party.

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Nicolette has a female bodyguard.

The downclimb here is also dangerous as there are no handholds.

At the end of the class, the teacher said, "That's enough for today."

They'll be safe here.

Angola was once a Portuguese territory.


I don't know why they are so cross with us.

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How long have you been stealing from me?

He may be in Paris now, for all I know.

One clear thought is worth two neologisms.

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You should have them arrested.

It's time we do something.

He doesn't live far from here.

I need to travel.

I can't wait to tell Duane the good news.

That thing wanted to kiss you.

I want to sit in the front row.

Would you say you're a morning person?

I have mentioned it to you before.


Any doubts with the assignment?

Jeanette's such a bad sport that no one wants to play anything with him.

Our baseball team is very strong.

Her mother is calling you.

Soccer played throughout the world today is closest to the original football.

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Major got in his pick-up truck and drove off.

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I helped my father water the flowers.

He's a reliable man.

I've accused you unfairly.

This coat is out of date.

I am not gay !.

Jane's dream was to find herself a sugar daddy.

Paris is at its best in autumn.


That'd take hours.

Jeff had to pound the pavement for three months before he found a job.

Skip sold all his land.

Now you're flying over the Alps.

They'll be next.

Cynthia forgot Phill's phone number.

I also enjoy writing a lot.

Where exactly did you go?

I assure you that I won't be late.

Stop apologizing.

You must be vaccinated against rabies.

Do you mean a total nuclear war?

I asked Jisheng to come over.

Boyd got dressed and slipped on his shoes.

This is not a rock. It's a mineral.

Jerrie wants me to take responsibility for everything that went wrong.

Gregg's dying.


That's one of the reasons.

I was too exhausted to think, let alone study.

We need a few volunteers to help clean up after the party.

These persons run this country.

We're open tomorrow.


I assume you've heard from Tim.

Nara is as old as Kyoto.

I manage to support my family.

Bret shouldn't have told you.

I'm from Estonia.

Jelske heard the back door open and close.

He felt a sudden pain.


Are you a college student?


I'd appreciate some help.

I want to sing the song.

A sumo wrestler thinks nothing of consuming 20,000 calories a day.

Look backward!

The car stopped.


She is known for her soup.

I read it in the newspaper.

He took great pains in the negotiation.


Johan asked Heinrich to see about getting front row seats at the Lady Gaga concert.


Most people like chicken.

We're glad you're with us.

When she was a student, she worked as a truck driver.

I want a match. Do you have one?

We are all in terrible danger.

Lie on the couch.

Do you like sci-fi movies?

China gives me many different impressions.

Consult a doctor.


Ellen tried to look calm.

This company is a victim of its own success.

I feel homesick when I remember my family.

I need you to find Tony.

Tell me you didn't take it.

Janos enlisted.

They're almost on top of us.


That time we were just a few men in the middle of a group of gorillas.

Don't forget to tell Alberto this.

Dirt has built up under your fingernails.


You should be talking to me.


Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get.


Which flower do you like the most?


It'd be better if you didn't come today.

I was in an agony of discomfort.

He put a ring on it!

We're back home.

The nurse gave Miriamne a flu shot.

It is a lot of fun picking various shells on the sands.

Would you please tell me your name again?

I measured one.

The man aimed a gun at the detectives.

I think it's highly unlikely that Donald will show up today.

I met her along the way to school.

The child drew a spherical triangle.

I like cartoons.

Even though he's my neighbour, I don't know him very well.

We had a little tiff.

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Dwight has three hours to get this done.


I think I'll get some rest.

I am throwing up.

They've caught her.

I remember the man's face but I can't call his name to mind.

I've got to get her a present.

I want you to look for him.

Maybe Edmund has something to hide.

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We hope to do better this week.

No one expects friendliness these days.

Lukas didn't mind living by himself.

"I think I need a stiff drink." "Make that two."

Stop trying to cheer me up.


I'm not familiar with that.

You're hideous.

The pond was completely frozen in the morning.

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Are you going to help us tomorrow morning?

Whether we win or lose, I won't have any hard feelings.

Given the lovely smell, there's no doubting that lunch is ready.


The computer is new.

I am speaking Osmani.

I sympathize with you.

Evelyn really needs a vacation.

You bombed your speech.


I didn't even know you were married.

In Italy, each village holds a festival once a year.

The snow was still too deep.

Come at eleven without fail.

He came back at nine o'clock.

I've been secretly in love with her for years.

How high is the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office Building?

Pollution is everywhere.

"How are you doing Mike?" "My name is Donal."

Shamim is quick to turn violent.

I want to show you my drawings.

Did you consider other alternatives?

Where is the bus stop for the museum?


In that unwelcoming place I found too many surly people.


Bud took a bite out of the apple.

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I'm in Boston right now.

Don't interfere with her.

This book is not for sale.

She's slim and sexy.

I'll ask her for you.

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Why's it our job?

I disassembled one.

Are you a ghost?

She is more influenced by personal anecdote than I.

Jose is a lot like John.