Where there's a body, you'll find vultures.

It's important never to go out while you have the clothes dryer on.

Kabul is Afghanistan's capital city.

Did we have any English homework due tomorrow?

The cat lay hidden behind the bushes.

He hit a home run in the first inning.


OK, I think I got it.

I waited for ten minutes.

Do you remember your father's birthday?

Do you like Mexican food?

This show's main character is a talking squirrel.


Don't kiss me like before.


I think Kee is taking a nap.

I study very little.

His father breathed his last this morning.

Praise be to Buddha.

He catches colds very easily.


We want complete sentences.

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I'm such a retard!


Archie will be very pleased.

Let's assume Pantelis won't be here on time.

Nathaniel walks his dog every afternoon as soon as he gets home.


Ralph is quite angry.

Clem asked me to protect Juri.

Elric liked it immediately.

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I decided to wait at the station until my wife came.

He is captain of the football team.

It's eight o'clock.

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Do you need help moving?

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We are giving the first prize to a Japanese student.

I will employ somebody who can speak English.

She has a cute giggle.

I want to have nothing to do with you.

Dust had accumulated on the desk.

I washed one.

Soohong didn't need to use the knife I lent him.


I'm not scared! This is fun!

I need a pair of scissors to cut this paper.

Marvin laughed out loud.

You can't help her anymore.

I hardly even know you.

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I've asked him to stay.

If it's sunny, let's go to the club.

The truth is, Ellen liked you a whole lot.

Edith asked the wrong questions.

I always rest for an hour after dinner.


I think you should probably see someone from Purchasing.


How old is this tree?

Keep them inside.

They hated him.


Keep up your courage.

It looks like it might rain, so don't forget your umbrella.

Michel knows how you feel.

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Are you two musicians?

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A housewife has many domestic duties.


You may not be right.


You can run on ahead and I'll catch you up later.

Thank you for being honest.

That'll come in handy, I think.

I look forward to your comments on the report.

It's worth the chance.

I am on duty now.

You need to stop drinking.

We want you to marry her.

That belonged to us.

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Describe your ideal breakfast.


Let my hair down now if you can.

A lot of our mistakes come from a lack of patience.

She came home for the first time in five years.

Work is going well.

Both of the passengers in the back seat had neck injuries.

I believe we can do business together.

She ran away with tears in her eyes.

Nguyen made a big mistake.

We have no comment.

How are you doing today?

The banker's pay cut was temporary, not permanent.

Thank you for your gift.

He broke the window intentionally.


Southern men, Northern women.

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Lars is three years older than Glynn is.


The extension of the summer vacation delighted the children.

They're just like rats leaving a sinking ship.

Where a tooth aches, there goes the tongue.

How long do you think Dion will stay in Boston?

Colin didn't need any convincing.

I've had enough of your excuses.

Put the book back in the same place where you found it.

My mother planted daffodils in the garden.

Do you think we will get there on time?

Life isn't just a destination, it's how you get there.

He soon left the new job.

She always smiles at me.

Why would you even want to work here?

We won't be doing that.

Barry knows what Marilyn likes.

Climb to the top.

I hope I'm wrong about you.

Tell me what is depressing you so much.

At home, we speak Hungarian.

We know all that.

I cannot speak and listen as well as I write.

I can't let you leave.

This section of the library is closed to the public.

I'm getting tired of your complaints.

Kyu didn't call Pam like he promised he would.


Of course it's a joke!

Hank can go first.

Marriage is a serious matter.

To be considered as a scale, the construct under consideration should be a continuum, with quantitative units.

I think this isn't going to be enough.

The room wasn't cleaned by Kate.

You should go help Mats.


Am I supposed to help Jesse?

Alex says that Seenu can go, but that he can't.

They took Bjorne to the hospital to have his stomach pumped because he ate something poisonous.


When did you start wearing glasses?

Don't live like you want to, live how you can.

I thought you were older than me.

I'm going to go check.

They rushed out of the room.

I was asked to give you a message.

We're going to leave tomorrow morning.

We lock the doors at night.

The dogs are going in the same direction.

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I've been thinking over the issue for a long time.

Turn off the light before you go to bed.

Why did you buy all this stuff?

Don't look at her enviously.

He slowly opened his eyes, and then she kissed him.

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Let's get a bottle of whiskey.

Why don't you ever pay attention?

You don't have an email address?

There is no escape from destiny.

I'm a medic.


Do you want to keep dating her?

Is there some reason you're saving these old bottles?

She laid a blanket over him.

That can't be. It would have been in the news.

Last night, Mizuki was completely drunk and she was walking along the lake, and then she fell in the water.

Sedovic is so mean to you.

Who says I'm afraid of Gene?

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Give her another chance.

We weren't at home yesterday.

Have you got a pet?

I believe Walt is innocent.

This bar is much busier later in the evening.

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I get tired of hearing Leigh talking about Carlo.

We are not hiring anymore.

You need only give the word.

My brother loves taking pictures of mountains.

I look over to Melissa.

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Thanks for making me remember.

I think it better to go at once.

When was the last time you laughed?

Diana doesn't make mistakes very often.

You're the one spending the most time with Mongo.


Will you please come with me?


I like to brush my teeth with this toothpaste.

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Asteroids can be a few feet to several hundred miles wide.

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The weather in April is unstable.


Even children can understand this book.