It never occurred to me that my words would hurt her feelings.

Do you want your possessions identified?

How do I open the hood?

Serve the coffee now, please.

I only ate one sandwich.

Like a headless chicken.

It's my CD.

Fritz is in satisfactory health.

Do you know anything about that?

I prefer paper cups to plastic ones.

The radar was jammed.

I received a coded message from Jamie this morning.

He is a big shot.

The root of the problem is a lack of communication between departments.

I'm just being polite.

We will endeavour to finish the job by the end of the week.

One shouldn't take the hat away from a fool.

Evenings in Hawaii are beautiful.

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Where is your honey that excites the bees, Pyragy?

We wish to quote a part of your paper in our new catalogue.

Knapper should do what Tony says.


Darryl loves fried chicken.

Sanjay seems relatively happy.

I was walking in the direction of the town.

I'm too busy for this.

You must not go to extremes in anything.


Are you happy with your new bass guitar?


Pilar grew up with a secular and antifascist education.

I'm really jealous of your life right now.

You saved my hide.

This is the real world.

After the incident, our relationship underwent a sudden change.

I want your feedback.

Suzanne is two years older than me.

The news may well be true.

This is Miss Curtis.

She is young.

Where would you like us to put these boxes?

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Darren decided to mosey on over to Annard's place.

A Noldo is beneath the tree.

You are my good friend.

Is there another way to do this?

You are satisfied with your life, aren't you?

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My wife is the boss at home.

He traveled with only a dog for company.

It's all been a waste.

If you like, I can get Raphael to take care of it.

The politician tried to woo corporate interests, but as he was still an insignificant figure on the political scene, they weren't interested.


I said stop it!

When did you pass the exam?

You can be a real nuisance when you want to.

She was trying to inject some fun into the grim proceedings.

As it happened, I had no money with me.


You should sit with Sorrel.

Who is qualified to do this?

I find the problem easier than I originally believed it to be.

We have a complication here.

My wrath shall far exceed the love I ever bore.

This book is a fascinating read.

Shepard remained in space only about 15 minutes.

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Laurie has done a fine job on the report.

I enjoy classical music.

I'll be there soon.

Bernie doesn't share his food.

The scene was burned into my memory.

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"Is it a good hotel?" "Yes, but it is too far."


Jeffie didn't have to stay if he didn't want to.

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The truth from the Lord of you all.

I don't know why you don't like me.

I barely even remember him.


I haven't seen her since I was a child.

The room is very cold. The fire has gone out.

Maybe we can talk to her.


It's better to go senile while you're still young. It'll save you the trouble of having to do it later.

Vinod wanted me to tell you he's busy.

I didn't think you'd be coming.

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I'll do something.

I'd stay away from Max if I were you.

We'll start at nine tomorrow.

Were you in love with her?

Hubert turned out the lights.

We need to conserve ammunition.

He followed his sister's example and demanded more money.

On May 14, 1973, a two-staged Saturn V rocket propelled the 90 metric ton unmanned Skylab space station into an orbit above Earth.

We shouldn't have made you go.

Did you have any trouble keeping up with the others?

I've locked myself out of my house, so I'm going to break a window to get in.

Our fans deserve our best.

All are happy.

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Teresa only eats with his family about once a week.

Who told her?

When does the bank close?

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Vic is getting ready for work.


Let's see what you've got.


I'm comfortable here.

There isn't much milk left in the bottle.

There is no problem that we have to solve.


Tell them when you're ready.


Did you think I wouldn't notice?

The girl was kind enough to show me the way to the museum.

I've lost a little weight.

They are not interested in other languages.

I was just trying to be funny.

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We can tell you're not a bad guy, Glenn.


My parents would have loved it if my brother or I had become a doctor or lawyer.

Do you like French wines?

I can't do this job.


His business plan looks good on paper but I get the feeling it would never work in practice.

Is that a cat or a dog?

Danielle often eats beans, rice, potatoes or pasta.

I'm going to find them.

The patient made a full recovery.

He has too much pride.

If I love one, but one does not love the one I loved when one loved me, and one is one, but one does not love one unless the one that is one loves one, then does one love one, or does one not love one?


Now it's time to make amends.

I can play soccer.

Amir's house is near Shari's school.


How deep is that lake?


We took an airboat tour through the Everglades.


I love Nara, particularly in the fall.

The exam was divided into two parts.

He has a disappointed look on his face because he knows that his grade went down.

Since when do you learn Latin?

Do you have a child?


There's probably something subliminal about this album that makes me feel uncomfortable.

I'll take my cue from you.

You made a horrible mistake.

I'd better tell her.

I couldn't help myself.


She put on an assumption of ignorance.


You should take your car to John's Garage. He does a pretty good job.

probitas maxima virtus est.

None of this makes any sense.

Jussi thinks that I was in Boston last week.

That makes me happy.

The strange man in the strange land says that the future of the world is the Philippines.

Many a mickle makes a muckle.

Please hand me the dictionary.

The book is pink.

I'm sorry to be so late. The meeting completely slipped my mind.

My mother makes cakes.

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I should've kept my cool.

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Do you want to see where Gregg is buried?

We're ashamed.

Everyone likes her.

I don't know when he'll be here.

They fed me a line about Monday being a holiday, so I took the day off, and it wasn't.

I have always wanted a daughter.

"So, what happened to Morris?" "He disappeared." "Reeeally?"


Go on ahead and tell the others we're coming.


We just talked.

Somebody called Hanry wants to see you.

"Hey, when do the dorms lock up?" "9 o'clock" "Whoops, if we don't run we won't make it!"

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I'm being fired.

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I thought we could use the cloth napkins.

In algebra, we often replace numbers with letters.

I want you to have something.

I don't think Franklin's jokes are particularly funny.

He never seems to be any older.

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I hate birthday parties.

Do you want me to help Nichael?

That's exactly what I've needed.