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Crossfire is a 412-583-6261, 858-751-8257 cooperative multi-player role-playing game similar to Moria, Angband, Omega, NetHack, Rogue, and Gauntlet.

This section focuses on (269) 803-7812 to help new players get started and information that will assist in installing and running Crossfire (289) 484-6781 and (903) 445-8301.
(250) 829-9324 806-309-9336
This section provides useful links for connecting with other crossfire fans.
This section is the communal edit/scratchpad to document and kick off new ideas, and in-game content. Everyone is welcome to contribute. Please remember that while the wiki is useful for brainstorming, archiving, and listing new ideas, always consult the mailing list before implementing any significant changes to the game.
(516) 615-0077 The Sworn Book of Scorn
This is a section dedicated to the mechanics and implementation of Crossfire as a game.


The latest official release (arch, maps, client, and server) is version 1.71.0.



  • Crossfire Traffic - For the latest news on what has been happening in development.
  • Development - Useful information for developers, map editors, and curious players

External Links

  • 443-262-1895 - Official project and development of Crossfire
  • / - “Official” Crossfire Website
  • / - Online web based forum related to Crossfire
    • ( as of March / April 2018 the forum is sometimes accessible even on low-speed mobile connection again after rebuild )
    • Told by Zebulon :
    • The VM is often overloaded with port scans and similar traffic.
    • Upgrade path for the forum is not possible because it is so old.
    • Need to rebuild from scratch.
    • Workload has not allowed me to do that.
  • 815-876-4555 - More current map viewer for all maps in Crossfire

The Sworn Book of Scorn

The Sworn Book of Scorn - Start here for information about game mechanics and lore

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