Are you sure this will work?

It is more blessed to give than to receive.

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That's why I was disappointed.


He was wondering the same thing.


We're not cowards.

Her English is perfect.

I'll get them now.

How am I supposed to do it?

Parents need to set the rules around the house.

There's no but about it!

She has a tattoo of a lizard on her thigh.

Do you wish to speak to the lady of the house?

The dog is chewing on something.

I've never seen a yellow submarine in my life.

Which is the most suitable manure for the tomatoes?

She has two cats. One is black, and the other is white.

He makes a living as a salesman.

I wanted to get it over with.

I cooked dinner last night.

We are learning Spanish.

Tell me what you did in Tokyo.


Are you sure you don't want to get your own lawyer?


It happened that I saw her on the bus.


Irfan was always a dreamer.

Mikey made his position quite clear.

I'm busy all the time.

Translate every line of this text.

Soon learnt, soon forgotten.

I accept the offer.

What we really want is some meat.

I am willing to attend the meeting.

You're a very special person to me.

I'll write Arne a letter as soon as I get home.

I love her, but she loves someone else.

Marcel has confidence in Maarten.

I'm afraid of spiders.

Now, take a deep breath.

The horse is not white.

Can you change the color of your eyes?

I had no idea you were interested in Japanese art.


I'd be curious to know what Dean has to say.


How many batteries do you have right now?

Maybe we were too optimistic.

I had my hair cut at the barber's.

The boy was too clingy to function in society.

Buy Juliet a drink.


We've already finished.

Lorraine took the prize for idle chatter.

I love my new job.

He had barely enough to eat.

I go to the church on Sundays.

I took it for granted that he would consent.

I'd love to give him a blast.

He applied himself to the study of music.

The warehouse was a front for drug traffickers.

Where are those prisoners?

I'll talk it over with Marty and see what he thinks.

My wooden bed is actually quite heavy.

I think Moe knows why Lana isn't here.

What Knudsen said is actually true.

They set out with a guide just in case they lost their way.

What is the best remedy for colds?

Do you have a cell phone?

Where's the gate for Japan Airlines flight 124?

He is said to have something to do with the political scandal.

I promoted Max.

He ran up the stairs breathing very hard.


His down-and-out beginning in Paris was really hard.

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I was on my way to school.

I think Niels doesn't know how to speak French.

He reads as many as twenty books every week.


During the day the streets fill up with cars.

If it had not been for his error, we would have won.

Don't tell them that.

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I wasn't really in the mood to go out.

If that is not true, she is a liar.

There are ten people in this room.

What are you holding in your hand?

I helped Mommy in the kitchen.

Where should I check in for Tokyo?

We can haggle over price later.

They regarded him as a great scholar.

I think you look beautiful.


Lorraine is good at this sort of thing.

Someone needs to take the bin out.

He looked back at us time after time then walked away.

I wanted to be alone.

The apple was cut in two by her with a knife.

It was approved.

All the traffic was brought to a standstill by the accident.

How did you get to work yesterday?

Darren went to bed early because he had an early start the next day.

I think everyone gets a bit lonely at times.

Call him now.

I was surprised to see an old friend of mine there.

Today's a school day. I'd better make sure not to be late ...


I can't believe it happened.

Saying they could not support both a wife and an airplane, the two brothers therefore spent their lives as bachelors.

Children like drinking fruit juice.


Now let's go.

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There we go!

All Dan's belongings are gone.

I'm not sure I can believe that.

I want one!

I stayed home for a week.

We were let into a club.

There's no wine left in that bottle.

I hope you enjoyed your stay with us.

He solved the problem in five minutes that I had struggled with for two hours.


She's beaming with happiness.

I've finished all the work for today.

You caught Kiki, didn't you?

It wasn't pretty.

It was my first night among strangers.

He pushes me into the bushes.

I paid cash for the car.

Mario is far better today than he was yesterday.

Perception is often more important than reality.

Anna is the only one who seems to know where Geoff lives.

Our success, after all, is due to his earnest efforts.

Hurf took some papers out of his briefcase and showed them to Miriamne.

I still can't reach her.

So far I have been getting along well with my friends.

I don't want to pressure you.


This is the first time I've played this game.

If you would drive a little bit slower, it would probably be safer.

That Jordan replaced the main engine in this experiment is self-evident.

My mother made me practice the piano every day when I was a kid.

I think I'll buy this tie.

Am I handsome?

Pratap asked Ramiro many questions about life in Boston.


I would like to take that trip with you.

Why don't you go grab us a couple of beers?

Ole is right behind Johann.

We write this in honor of Saint Patrick, who is credited with bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to one of the most pagan cultures of his day.

They get nervous.

The price was only three thousand yen, or about thirty dollars.

"I saw Bucky today." "Who?!"

We should just give them what they're asking for.

Kayvan is a very close friend.

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Sorrel tried on a shirt he liked, but it was too small.

Shall we have a snowball fight?

He decided to feed his dog the rabbit that he had shot earlier that day.

Shari wants to know what time you'll be getting here.

Today's paper reports that the premier has given up the idea of visiting America.

They're alone.

They outnumber us three to one.

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You can regret it all you want, but it won't do you any good now.

Ssi opened the back door to let the dog out.

He sat surrounded by young girls.


Maria tried to kill herself with sleeping pills.

Actually, and I need to keep this quiet, but recently here there's a rumour that young women on this beach are having photos taken in secret of them.

I should think so.

He looks as if he had been ill for more than a month.

This plane is his.

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Denis helped Vice up.


I know you don't like her.

I thought that he was a doctor.

Curtis almost always wears sunglasses.


Jun worked day and night.

I'm sorry to hear that Saul broke his leg.

Lar's lunch includes a sandwich and an apple.

She needs someone to turn to for advice.

Shawn became suspicious.

See you in a month.

This is the same watch that I lost.

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I agree with everyone else.


I need to know what happened last night.

Go to him and greet him on my behalf.

Dale isn't very smart.

This class is composed of 35 pupils.

His life is a neverending race against time.