I have heard nothing from him.

Piercarlo's son was killed in a traffic accident last winter.

Isabelle doesn't have anyone to discuss his problems with.

I love Arabic.

I think you might need to slow down.

Same shit, different day.

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My apartment is on the fourth floor.

I'll let you off doing the dishes.

And now who's going to clean everything?

Please give me the number for Mr Brown.

This job fulfils my expectations.


You think that I'm wasting my time with him.

Sal is a good guitarist, isn't he?

Masanao and Amos are both determined to make the best of this situation.

They seem unstoppable.

You didn't seem to want that book.

Tareq admitted he didn't know what to do.

He doesn't speak a single word of French, but on the other hand, he speaks English like he was born into it.

Elliot and I are best friends.

I hired a private investigator.


Go help your mom with the dishes.

I've requested political asylum.

I have never seen a red refrigerator.

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I want you to find Agatha.

That's not for him.

My father, in his infinite wisdom, has forgotten to bring the tarp again.

I wrote to him for quite another reason.

Sit here.

Day and night come alternately.

Linder and Konstantinos spent all morning baking cupcakes.


You wouldn't know how to do this, would you?

Curt is very gentle with her baby sister.

I don't think you can do this.

Chip knew well that in all the sentences, the last word would always be for Miek.

Please give us your help.

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I'm not used to this kind of competition.

I firmly believe it is characteristic of him to be late.

You're supposed to be helping Janet, you know.

I am very grateful of you.

Please spare my life.

I didn't know who else to call.

Maureen is holding a bottle of beer.

Narendra will pull through.

If you do not observe these regulations, you will be penalized by me.


I run five miles a day.


Tricia always drinks his coffee strong.

Where's Tony?

She was none the worse for drinking spirits.

Yolks are yellow.

I'm glad Miltos is gone.


We're going to church.


Turn it on.

Can't you stop her?

Russian is a Slavic language.


I discussed baby names with my pregnant sister.


We couldn't stop.

I guess you've caught me.

We'll go get him.

The king ruled on the island.

Teresa should help Paula.

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Now everything is fixed.

Our atmosphere contains 21% oxygen, which is necessary for us to breathe, 78% nitrogen, and .9% argon. The other 0.1% consists of water vapor, carbon dioxide, neon, methane, krypton, helium, xenon, hydrogen, nitrous oxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and ozone.

Have the police been notified?


Many people declined the invitation to the reception.

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He needs something to drink.

She was a British national.

The story has in it something of the element of tragedy.

Stop talking about me.

I'll be presenting a paper at a conference.


How romantic!

You will soon be able to swim.

It was chilly that day.

Naren is younger than me.

Watch out for that man.


The nation mourned the death of the king.

Dan was assaulted by a mugger.

Their marriage was a happy one.


That is the height of foolishness.


Yesterday was very cold so I wore a hat.

I wish I had some answers for you.

It's natural for you to think so.

The evil of the world has to be extirpated.

She and her sister agreed on everything.

It was just polite applause.

You have good genes.

Our ship wasn't damaged in the battle.

She keeps on asking me for money.

What it all boils down to is that we are in the same boat.

You may go home early today if you like.

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Everybody is just "smoking" in a way.


What have you found?

Ramesh is starting to relax a little.

It is not to be denied but that the news was a great shock to her.

It shouldn't take much longer.

Let's do only one thing at a time.

I don't think I have what you're looking for.

The Milky Way is a faint river of light that stretches across the sky.


I feel it unfortunate that there is little of this kind of humble attitude amongst Japanese debaters.

I heard Mason walking up the steps.

We've been living together for the last three years.

Where can I find the itinerary for your business trip?

Come drink a beer to my health.

The robber was never apprehended.

Don't do the crime, if you can't do the time.

Gypsy clinked his glass with Dory's.

Janice went to Boston to visit his uncle.


Was it interesting?


I don't think you're going to have the chance meet Nigel.

Nathaniel has a nice family.

What rock have you been hiding under?

Before that, we had better make sure of the fact.

Dan was a homicide detective.


It took an hour to paint the doghouse.


Pratt was more direct.

Phil talked Carlos into joining our band.

Apart from English, he speaks German.

You'll wear yourself out with all that pacing.

Have him come.


Do you wish that you had more money?

I would be grateful for any help you could give me.

Tim's employer promised him pie in the sky benefits.

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No sweet without sweat.

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I don't have any time to waste.


He studies Chinese.

Tiny particles in the air can cause cancer.

How much do the oranges cost?

Sherman said he asked himself that same question.

He joined the baseball club.

The sun suddenly appeared from behind a cloud.

"Are you OK?" "I'm fine!"

Were you really that worried about me?

You knew her, didn't you?

I built the kit taking care not to make mistakes in the wiring.

the groups infractions were so egregious that we were forced to arrest them.

A stoat is as cute an animal as it is deadly.

I don't know how many years Walt has been a teacher.

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War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.


Axel said he'd like to spend his next holiday hiking and camping.

I guess that's normal.

I write letters to my friends.

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You need to stop and smell the roses.

We're going to help him.

God is everywhere.


My son often worries me by asking a lot of questions.

I wonder what Ramon did with it.

Termites are sometimes called white ants.

If our lives of faults were free, think how dull they all would be.

Eugene accidentally knocked over the bottle of water.

She is keen to go abroad.

Stay out of it.

Irvin must've been planning this for weeks.

Did you meet him recently?

You cannot buy friends, you can only make friends.

She made a quick adjustment to her new job.

In England they have much rain at this time of the year.

The world is a big place.

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She came an hour beyond the appointed time.

Sometimes I can run as fast as the wind.

I'd like to come around to your house sometime.

When unlike is joined to unlike, the result is called harmony.

I went shopping at that department store.

He was blind from birth.

He is on the heavy side.

Her English is perfect.

They call him Joubert.