It's easier to stay awake until six in the morning than to wake up at that hour.

I don't feel like cooking tonight.


I am very sorry for what I said.

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He went to America for the purpose of learning a new method of producing crops.


Tigger is always cheerful.

You have everything you want, don't you?

This is the first time I've ever heated the dinner.

Though he is old, he has a youthful spirit.

I think Randall might have taken something he shouldn't have.

Her mother made her a new dress.

I dream about a beautiful woman.

What was the explanation?

Alastair peeked through the curtains.

Didn't you hear me?

Nichael asks me the same questions every time he sees me.

I'm going to report you to the police.

I'm not dressed.

There is a cat under the desk.

Wait for the bread to completely cool down before eating it.

Can you do that, please?

Home prices are falling.

How is that my fault?

Tell me that story you heard from your brother.

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He did it for his sister.


The majority know how to use a knife.

We have to tell people what they need to do.

Dimetry and Arthur are both colleagues of mine.

The very sick baby was under careful observation by the doctors.

He comes round once a week.

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I think I'll stop now.

It was only a kiss on the cheek.

I don't like this shirt. Show me another one.

We have been to Tokyo many times.

There might be a problem with Kari.

People talk without having anything to say.

You may catch sight of our house from the train.

Rafael doesn't want to drink a thing.

Baku is located on the southern shore of the Absheron Peninsula.


She is extremely competent.

Ralph followed Sharon upstairs.

Milo is coming with me.

Why are you sitting on my chair?

I would like to live in the quiet country.


Jay was thunderstruck.

Mom said if I misbehave, she'll take away the computer for a week.

I chanced to be working there.


My father left me some property.


The replacement for the demolished house was built in record time.

Sorry, Stanislaw, I don't have time to chat.

The technicians carefully checked the exterior of the aircraft.

George is poor, but he's always happy.

Don't you have any feelings for me at all?

Even Fay grinned.

Nick never seems to accomplish anything.

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Tyler won't be missed.


She is better at speaking English than any of her classmates.

The striking workers protested their pay cut.

I'm going to check my messages.

What are you going to do with this camera?

If anyone calls me up while I'm away, tell them I'll be back by five.

Lie down on the ground.

Gil pulled out his wallet and gave Cathrin some money.

I don't think it's going to be easy.

She has lived alone for ages.


The prices here are quite reasonable.

I need a Japanese-English dictionary.

Jos knows Amedeo pretty well.

How many people do you need for a rugby game?

We're filled to the rafters.


They marched in a parade through the streets of Paris.


I love you Shane!

Sue motioned for me to sit down.

People often don't notice their own faults.

When do you start work?

The playground is divided into three areas by white lines.

How do you say "lung"?

Did they have what you were looking for?

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He had no more than 10,000 yen.


He had a shutout until the ninth inning.

I don't know, but I've got time before that.

I would like to travel around the world.


Do you want to talk to someone?

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Mark shouldn't need any more help.

They will get these.

Why would I want to do that?

On the whole, the pomato plants are growing well this year.

He had few friends there anymore.

You've overdone it.

All are well at home.


The baby continues to sleep.

Piete ate some cheese.

President Jackson called a cabinet meeting.

You bought me a gift?!

Not in there.

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He ran away so he wouldn't be caught.

Where's your head at?

There's no mistaking about that.


That dry-cleaning business is a front for the mob.


I like to drink a cup of tea in the morning before I do anything.

It's over between us. Give me back my ring!

You've got frenzied.

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I can't think straight right now.


Everything artificial that breaks the laws of nature dies sooner or later anyway. Only nature's creations can be eternal.


I heard an awesome story yesterday.

The students are afraid to speak out.

The Ship Island region was as woody and tenantless as ever.

He is sorry that he caused you trouble.

Francisco was rescued by a passerby.


Are you suggesting I had something to do with this?

What would you like to be called?

Don't expect everyone to share that opinion.

Ricky's guitar playing sounds likes it's gotten better.

It rained a lot in Rio de Janeiro.

Clark looked hungry.

Have you forgiven them?

He's a good liar.

You eat more food than I do.

I had no idea what to say.

I've done my job.

I'd like you to leave my house.

You seem to enjoy watching me suffer.

I share his political position.

She's wearing high heels.

Men who were bereft of reason conducted the war.

I'm trying to do this.

Dan confessed to Linda that he was a heavy drinker.

He raised the glass to his mouth and drained it all in one shot.


What are you saying, God be with you!

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I never eat before breakfast.

My husband has his breakfast while reading the newspaper.

Please stay away from him.

It is stupid of him to behave like that.

Stop listening to Cory.


She came to Brittany when war broke out.

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Is America larger than Europe? - Yes, America is larger than Europe.

He will make a business trip to London next week.

They are in comfortable circumstance.


Our plans are not yet concrete.


She mentioned a name.


My old car is now in the junkyard.

Do you believe that elephants can contemplate life after death?

Eddy doesn't want to hurt Starbuck.


We had to come.

My sister? She goes to the skating rink or she goes hiking.

Moe rented a limo for the prom.

That's O.K. with me.

We're really excited.

Kenn should never have been allowed to do that.

Just be silent and listen.

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My house is a hovel.

We were bogged down in a morass of paperwork.

You ought to keep your promise.

Alvin doesn't require much supervision.

I didn't give them a choice.

Hsuan is a sorceress.

Is your watch correct?


Will was impressed by Donal's courage.


Brexit means Brexit.

Could I get a few hours of sleep?

Popes are soft targets, they don't issue fatwas but only bulls.

People can easily start loving, but not so easily stop.

Due to our office moving, we will be closed from May 30 to 31.