• Success In Higher Math Starts In Elementary School...

    Mathematics is a skill required in any path a child chooses. RightLobeMath is a highly structured self-paced, self-learning early math training platform for grades Pre-K to 8.

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  • Making Numbers Make Sense

    The most important decision we can make as parents, teachers, educators, or curriculum administrators for our children is to focus on early math education. The RightLobeMath online abacus math program dives deep into basic numeracy, number sense, and arithmetic in a fun, engaging experience for your child.

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  • Moving the Needle on Future Learning

    Lots of research points to K-6 grade math as the best indicator of future learning at higher math levels. Building a strong foundation in numbers and arithmetic will unlock the future potential learning of all children.
    RightLobeMath.com makes it simple!

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  • It's All About The Journey...

    Meet Sumo Sensei, your guide to arithmetic mastery. With the help of the 6 Great Insect Masters, Sumo Sensei will teach you all you need to know wherever your math journey takes you and have fun doing it!
  • The 6 Great Insect Masters

    Master addition and subtraction in 6 simple steps each presented by a fun, engaging insect character starting with Master Beetle. Through our comprehensive Skill Training program, students are self-motivated to learn more with immediate incremental math success.
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    Sumo Sensei first introduces children to Master Beetle teaching them the "secret to speed is accuracy". Each of the 6 Great Insect Masters teach students 1 new arithmetic skill developing the strong basic numeracy foundation needed for higher level math learning. bead tree
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Minute by minute, achieving incremental successes, our students are going places - maybe even Mars!



With math, the future is bright and filled with possibilities. With more practice, Mars is just the beginning!

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    For serious students who are ready for a multi-year, multi-dimensional self-learning math program
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Build Math Confidence In Advanced Arithmetic

​Our online math program for Pre-K to 8 provides a deep foundational understanding of our base 10 numbering system. Learn More


Help your child build confidence in math and basic numeracy and teach them how to concentrate and fully engage in learning.

Soroban training is a great way for students to build a solid foundation for higher math learning!


If you are a teacher or just like teaching, start your own online abacus classroom. We will give you all the tools and support you need to run a successful math class.

You will be delighted with the success of your students!

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The Five Senses

The RightLobeMath.com computer based abacus math program teaches students math through a multi-sensory approach utilizing touch, sight, and sound.
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