At Ballard Family Chiropractic we believe that health is our most valuable possession.

Everyday, more individuals and families are seeking out ways to enhance their lives naturally and they are turning to chiropractic to do so.  A chiropractic lifestyle is an opportunity for you to reduce stress on your body, which in turn will promote greater energy and a healthier life. If you are ready to take charge of your health and wellness then call today. Now is the time to make the positive changes that will ensure your health and elongate your life!

Let's work together, because at Ballard Family Chiropractic, our goal is to grow a healthier community, one family at a time.

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Upcoming Events

Starting Wednesday, September 5th!!!NEW LOCATION!!!
Beginning September 5th, we will be at our NEW OFFICE SPACE, just two doors down from our current location (on the corner with the brick front). We are excited to serve you even better in this new space with all new features--an enclosed children's play area, a mother's room for nursing and changing, and a detox foot bath room!

Tuesday, October 16th @ 6:30-7:30 pmADD, ADHD, SPD, Autism: The Perfect Storm
Is Your Child “Stuck in a Sensory Storm?” Sensory Processing Disorder and ADHD are REAL problems kids face EVERY DAY! From brushing their teeth, to combing their hair, to sitting still in class, and falling asleep at night – these kids struggle. As a parent with a child who is struggling and/or has been diagnosed, your entire life is consumed searching for answers and unfortunately finding many dead ends. Parents reach out to us with very little hope, but the strong desire to help their children be successful at home and school. We get how exhausting find the right help and resources can be for your family. We are ready to help you find the root causes of your child's restlessness, lack of focus and sensory seeking behaviors. We have ANSWERS and action steps! Join us for The Perfect Storm at Ballard Family Chiropractic on Tuesday, October 16th @6:30pm. The Perfect Storm is one of the most sought after presentations on the topic of ADHD, SPD, and Chronic Illness in kids. This FREE event is for parents whose child struggles with: -Sensory seeking or avoiding behaviors -Frequent meltdowns, overwhelm, and emotional instability -Troubles going in busy, loud public places -Sleep and speech challenges -Motor, balance, and postural problems It’s FREE, it’s ONE HOUR, and it’s wildly impactful! This is your chance to learn the TRUTH about conditions like ADHD, SPD, and Chronic Illness in children are topics that lead parents down a chaotic path to nowhere. The goal of this presentation is to become your beacon of hope in an extremely convoluted world. You will learn from Dr. Ballard: - WHY is it happening? - WHAT is happening? - HOW to help your child? The “Perfect Storm” is hitting our kids early and often and can be found everywhere today – getting ready for school in the morning, in your child’s classroom, or in a local restaurant

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