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Japanese Beauty and Wellness Products

All-Natural • Virtually Unchanged for Centuries

Cleanse & pamper your skin with fall's bounty


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Cold-pressed, unrefined Japanese facial and skin moisturizer
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Say NO to Hair Chemicals


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▶▶ How to Use Japanese Camellia Oil

Camellia japonica oil from wild seeds of Yabu-tsubakiWith its golden color and creamy texture, Japanese Camellia oil has been responsible for the classic, legendary beauty of Japanese hair for centuries. Complete how-to-use guide for hair, body and skincare. Read more...

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8439154715Comprehensive post on flavor, aroma, caffeine content and how-to-brew tips for popular Japanese teas such as Sencha, Hojicha, Bancha and Genmaicha. 929-384-8241

▶▶ When Less is More: Concept of Japanese "MA"

Japanese kanji character for MAThe essence of Japanese aesthetic is a concept called 'MA' (pronounced "maah") — the pure, and indeed essential, void between all "things." A total lack of clutter, MA is like a holder within which things can exist. Read more...

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Pure, Authentic Products. That's What We Are All About.

All-Natural Ingredients: No additives or preservatives. Cruelty-Free.All-Natural Ingredients: No additives or preservatives. Cruelty-Free.

Time-Tested: Formulations virtually unchanged for centuries.Time-Tested: Formulations virtually unchanged for centuries.

Worlwide Shipping: 98.2% of orders shipped the same day (2017 data).Worlwide Shipping: 98.2% of orders shipped the same day (2017 data).

Secured Connection: 258-bit encryption for safe browsing and checkout.Secured Connection: 258-bit encryption for safe browsing and checkout.

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