Tim crawled silently into Julie's room.


Christian helped raise Lawrence and John.

I want to kill somebody.

She set off on a trip last week.

You don't want to be late.

I had something else on my mind.

We lived in Paris before.

I plan to write Lois a letter.

There are people that are afraid of spiders.

Did Knut say he was worried?


There's a fence around my house.

Did you know that Lonhyn and Seymour were dating?

There seems no need to hurry.

You cannot be careful in the mountains.

I asked Ritalynne where he wanted to go.


Jerry was very lucky.

She spends a lot of money on clothes.

The old man was run over and immediately taken to the hospital.

Are they displayed all through the year?

Let's concentrate on the future, OK?

How about getting the special of the day?

I've worn out the shoes.

He has been working for two hours.

She is always hard at work.


I can't stand losing her.

I am getting big!

Indra shifted his feet.

I can't explain why it happened.

Stop right there.

There was an alarm clock in Dan's room.

I decorated one.

They were not forty children conducting themselves like one, but every child was conducting itself like forty.

Persuasion is often more effectual than force.


They arrived here safely yesterday.

I'll ask him about it tomorrow.

Heidi has gone inside.

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I know I'm rambling.

All this bickering is starting to fray my nerves.

Your house is three times as large as mine.

Living life in the fast lane is like burning the candle at both ends.

The road that leads to the hotel is narrow.

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Rodent is a local girl who made it big.

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I'm desperate.

Do that for me.

None of my friends speak Latin.

To help you all get to know each other, we've created some games to break the ice!

If I am elected, I will never let such things happen in this country.

Thanks for all the help you've given me.

Herbert knows how to have a good time.

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Every word in this dictionary is important.

Jacques is working there.

In 1981, the United States launched the Space Shuttle Columbia, the first reusable manned spacecraft. It was piloted by Robert Crippen and commanded by John Young.

He was ignorant of the fact.

I heard Charlie yelling at Tuna.

It was sheer coincidence that Seenu and I were on the same train.

Knit your eyebrows!

Pam looked miserable.

I should have written this letter yesterday.

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Do you think I should tell them?

John's parents seemed relieved to hear that his plane was on time.

It just got too expensive.


The rat was killed by Marian with a stick.

His ideas are always very practical.

Please pick your character.

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I think you know what I want.


Becky is too young to go there by himself.

He conducted a tour through Europe.

I was invited.

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Do we represent you?

Street racing is dangerous and stupid.

Did I just see what I think I saw?

You must pay attention when swimming in the sea.

I just can't get used to taking orders from Lonhyn.

It would be stupid to go on my own.

You don't pay attention.


Liber is ready to go home now.


You may see Tran there.


If you don't take a vacation, you'll collapse.


It was supposed to be a surprise.

What sort of father do you think you'll be?

Why should I lie?

Try to get ahead in your company.

Nigel volunteered to do the job.

My father works hard because he wants to give us everything we need.

The next morning, to our great relief, he returned home safe and sound.

Why don't you try eating this?

Someone tried to poison her.


She has read a lot of Tagalog books.


Unexpected results were announced.


She paid no attention to him.

Are you concerned with politics?

They hurried out.

Diane has a speech impediment, which gets worse if he has to speak in public.

We have a rich historical heritage.


Pablo doubts Andries's sincerity.

Though apparently healthy, he really has a delicate constitution.

These are the same kind of car.

Would you like to know why Kerry doesn't like you?

All of us stared at her; she had changed so much.

We ought to send Jordan to the hospital.

Are you tough?

Marian definitely has the ability to be the boss.

Andrew spent the night at a friend's house.


I'm still mad at them.

I couldn't let you do that.

Melinda did that by himself.


She made a point of visiting me.


Today's meeting has been canceled.


Tell her that I'm sorry.

You have to learn French.

I didn't realize you had company.

Her skin was just as white as snow, but her teeth as yellow as a daffodil.

This is easy. It's like taking candy from a baby.


He was born with an incompletely formed heart valve.


How much money did you give Lex?

"Do you have a pen?" "Yes."

I'm not sure Frank is going to be there.

We are baking carrot cake.

Had I known it, I would have told you.

Kate tries to walk on tiptoe.

She has more books.


Don't sweat it.


Stop running your mouth!

What are those people doing?

These boded you no good.

Everything will work out in due course.

Please lend me this pen.

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Guess what I bought today.

Caroline says that Sharon is innocent.

See a pin and pick it up, all the day you'll have good luck.

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Were you disappointed, as I was, in the results of the Arab Spring?


Please stand up.

I never saw Mahesh before today.

The functions sine and cosine take values between -1 and 1 (-1 and 1 included).

That doesn't matter now.

How can I sleep when there are unknown lands within?


You never told me you had these.

How often do you shower?

You're fearless.

Randolph voted against it.

Someone is tapping at the door.

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That much I guarantee.

Why are you a Republican?

Do we have to protect her?

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It's easier to stay awake until six in the morning than to wake up at that hour.

He helped to ameliorate the living conditions of working men.

It's pretty damn good!

The cat came near being run over by a truck.

Why don't you just let Jock go?

Please show me some of the travel guides for this country.

I missed my mother.

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My husband got a vasectomy.


"I can't say I much like that choice," Dima sighed. "To be honest, my head's been all blurry ever since I woke up in a dumpster this morning..."

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I think Jon is going to propose to me.

You said I could see him.

He can count up to ten with his fingers.


My wife died of cancer.

Sherman wondered if Dominic knew who his father was.

Now, let's go outside.