I don't remember anything.

He led a life of vice.

The judge is ready to pass sentence.

Suresh closed his eyes as the nurse inserted the needle into his arm.

You'd better avoid discussion of religion and politics.

We somehow managed to swim across the river.

The investigators sent a glass and a pair of socks to be examined.

Don't let him distract you.

Corey hasn't cut the meat yet.

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Triantaphyllos left three hours ago so he should've arrived by now.

This castle is full of secret passageways.

I wasn't following the conversation.


Renu told me he was interested in visiting Australia.

Their job is to build houses.

I think it would be better if we didn't tell Clare the truth.

In 1989, the extremely famous Eiffel Tower celebrated its one hundred years of existence.

Can you see far?

I am going to shoot down enemy aircrafts.

I'll take him with me to the hospital.


Lum said he was tired and wanted to go home early.

I'm really glad I came here.

The students don't have the financial means in which to buy food.

It made Elisabeth happy.

I want to get a haircut before I go on the trip.

Boys, be ambitious.

Was it something special?

I don't remember anything about the accident.

I grew up around here.


I went to school with your dad.

You didn't drink that water, did you?

Will you please arrange for me to meet Mr Doi?

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Suspenders are safest.

The lesson of this story is not that reading Shakespeare will help one rise in the business world.

Tell Roberto I'm going to drop by his house this afternoon.

Do you still have what we found last night?

I thought you might want June to play golf with you.

My dad has a look at the newspaper every morning.

Jane objected to our decision.

Mother will never approve of my marriage.

Napoleon's life was a great drama.

I'd love to come and visit if I had the time.

Kari is looking for a bigger house to live in.

What can I do to sound more like a native speaker?

Takayuki started screaming like a 15-year old girl.


I wonder why some people think black cats are unlucky.


I have my own bedroom at home.

I'd still like to know what happened here last Monday.

On school nights, Gabriel goes to bed at nine o'clock, but on Fridays and Saturdays, he stays up much later.

Walter suddenly looked worried.

How is it going in the fish market?

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Why is this room locked?

The children from the village would often gather up on top of the hill and from there watched the trucks and automobiles going back and forth to the city.

He ought to have arrived in New York by now.

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It has been agreed that the meeting will be held on Friday.

The land became a village.

By all accounts, he is not a man to be trusted.

Sassan asked Dana if she ate pork.

China has had the fastest economic growth rate in the world in the last decade.

Obviously, I was very shocked.

Lois doesn't live here in Boston.

Do you have a bigger frying pan?

My name is Rodent and this is Miriam.

Paul respects his parents.

Why am I still alive?

She combs her hair.

In those days, he lived in the house alone.

My heart aches from love.

That would be silly.

Don't give in to peer pressure.

The thick fog made it hard to see the road.

I'm not going to hold my breath.

You can't stay here now.

Things keep getting better.

I have a low opinion of Margie.


I'll do it the way you've told me to do it.


Herb appears to be quite upset.

We'd all be very grateful if that happened.

Put the book on the desk.

We can not do without water even for a day.

What certificates and paperwork are needed to apply for a passport?

Myrick has three kids.

Do what you wish.


We could see the summit of a mountain twenty miles away.

I'm trying to reach Panacea.

"Who will tell him the bad news?" "I will."


They saw one once.


Do you feel sick?

I think I should earn my degree.

We were all present at her wedding.

Go to your posts.

We're about to leave here.


Michel doesn't care whether Dominick does her homework or not.

Cliff spent the whole day reading in bed.

Why would he want to impress me?

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Deposed in a military coup in September 2006 and having effectively been in exile, the Former premier of Thailand Thaksin has returned after about a year and a half.

Romain happened to let out the secret to his friends.

Theo returned the shirt because it was too small.

This washing machine hasn't stopped giving me problems.

Today I found that there's a movie called "The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!"


I hope that one day, all human beings will live in a world of peace and freedom.

Terrance was involved in a minor accident.

Japan has changed significantly in the past 50 years.

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My office is just across the hall.

It was not until the baby was fed that he stopped crying.

It is true that he accepted this job.


Do you have any idea where Srinivasan could be?

Pervasive and pernicious deviations from both fact and logical validity lurked behind a meretricious plausibility.

Gerard lowered himself into the chair.

That's exactly the kind of thing I don't want to hear you say.

My uncle gave his car to me.

Identify yourself.

Sheep provide us with wool.

They walked along the road together until they reached the village, but then their paths diverged.

When did you go to Boston?


He studied abroad.


Yesterday I went to Denizli and I saw a rooster near the coop.


I will leave home when my mother comes back.

It's not you, it's me.

If anything, the economy in our country is going up.

Brender loves his parents.

Everything is under control.


When does the plane leave?


The river flows into the lake.

Is your aim good?

My computer froze up.

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Orville had plenty of opportunity to plant the bomb.

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Sandy seems to be a bit taller than Rajendra.

Since my nephew was still young, he was let off the hook.

My house is conveniently close to the station.

I don't intend to do what Leith asked me to do.

Can I hang out here till seven?

Nanda waited nearby.

Did you speak to him today?

Due to the snow, the train was delayed.

Vassos gave Nguyen one of the books that John had given him.

Terrence is a very poor driver.

He was heard to sing at the concert.


He seldom, if ever, reads a book.

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Ned is fond of hunting.

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Anne was sent back to Boston.

I thought Johnathan and Vernon would get married.

"At Santiago Beach the water is nice and warm and crystal clear." "So you can take a good bath there, right?"

Girls notice that kind of thing.

You can leave tomorrow.

When he was about to pass, the Sphinx jumped in front of him.

Now I understand even less than before.

Geoffrey put on some clothes.

The first edition was published ten years ago.

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The train will probably arrive at the station before noon.

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Human rights organisations complained loudly and repeatedly about the lack of civil liberties in the country under Randolph's rule.

We were doing fine.

Brian is usually a little irritable in the morning.

Whatever you do, don't tell Mike.

How often do you shave?

I like how he just lies there, doing nothing.

I felt out of place.

They know things these people want to know.

Don't stay in the sun too long.

They looked far and wide for the missing dog.

Murthy and Rupert are waiting for you.

He walks in the park every morning.

How long have you had that rash?

He will have been in the hospital for a year next March.

This stone is twice as heavy as that one.

He is not coming, according to her.

They won't catch me.

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This stuff is worth its weight in gold!