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The omni-channel ticket platform facilitating the in-destination travel market.

Reach customers via all possible
channels worldwide.

Amazing customer experience in every channel

"Frictionless bookings, reservations and payments across online, mobile, and in store"


More channels

Give customers around the world the option to book or reserve your product. No matter which channel we have a solution.


More customers

Scale your operation with a single solution across all interesting sales channels, online or in the city.


No hassle

We don’t just offer IT. We help your company with finding the right partners and making the right market decisions.


All bookings, reservations and capacity in one smart system


It’s our focus to make it easier for the modern traveler to visit a museum or attraction. PrioTicket opens every door!
One overview where all bookings from all resellers worldwide come together. Become less dependent on the big players by facilitating all partners of all channels with 1 solution.
One simple overview displaying the expected daily and weekly capacity. Promote quiet days, create dynamic pricing, spread the crowd and push last minute impulse sales to resellers.
Create and organize all your content in one place so it's easy to manage and publish across all reseller platforms. No more outdated content and switch off online "partners" that misuse your brand name to promote their own website.

Services we do

Online tickets

We are the market leader in online museum and attraction tickets.



Our mobile solution is ideal for walking tours, activity providers, bus tour operators and anyone who's always on-the-go.



Our online point-of-sale supports tour operators to make bookings for individuals and groups.



One city attraction and museum pass. Skip the lines at the city's best attractions and pay when you enter.


What we can do

One single solution with awesome features

  • Booking overview

    Automatic registration of all sales from all partners of all channels worldwide.

  • Group bookings

    Making a group booking is easy with our handy back-office group booking system.

  • Dynamic pricing

    Manage the ticket price of the venue depending on the popularity of a specific day or time-slot.

  • Content control

    Search all online partner websites on outdated content and block sales to misinformed guests.

  • Secure data

    Securely stored data, this data is owned by the venue. We only display and never use any of the data ourselves.

  • Great support

    Everyone eventually needs help. We are there 24/7 to support with any questions you have.

  • Time slots

    To spread the crowd. Switch time-slots on and off whenever you need it.

  • Capacity tools

    Promote quiet days, spread the crowd and push last-minute impulse sales to resellers.

  • Analytics

    Detailed insight information in guest profile, country, gender, age and language.

Customer reviews

Powering growth for the travel industry

"With PrioTicket we can provide an optimal experience, regardless where our customers book and the booking methods they prefer. Because PrioTicket’s rich functionality is available in a single platform."
"After switching all customer traffic over to PrioTicket, an evaluation revealed that we have grown business, in 9 out of 10 countries. I can only welcome this additional revenue PrioTicket has brought our business."
"We found that for every new hotel we opened in a new country, we had to find new service partners. With PrioTicket, we’ve chosen one partner that facilitates the in-destination customer experience for both the online and real-life interactions in all hotels."

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