A Seamless MHE Experience

As a learning science company, meaningful data is critical to our success.

While most McGraw-Hill digital products include some form of reporting and data aggregation, products and their metadata structures live in silos making data comparisons across products and spotting overall student and district trends impossible.

The Bento Core Services knock down those walls and provide tools that are easy to integrate and customize to fit individual needs.


The Services


Provides a consistent, customizable tagging interface where all metadata tags are reported to a universal database.

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Eases the burden of displaying images to users in a Web-scale environment. With this service, images are delivered in the minimum size and resolution necessary to look absolutely perfect.

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Provides a consistent, yet customizable tagging interface, allowing users and applications to search all content tagged with the Form Service.

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With Single Sign-On, or SSO, Bento works as an authentication service for users to log in to their sites. Bento then authenticates with McGraw-Hill Intranet services for security and peace of mind.

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Core Services in Action


Building DLE Lessons from Modular Content

Course integrates Form Service for tagging lessons, describing lessons and providing course hierarchy descriptions. Course also uses the Form Service fields to control warnings and configurability options for their customers.


Describing CLOs

Currently, Bento’s Form Service implementation is CLO-specific. Moving forward, the team will re-configure fields and metadata dependencies to accommodate non-CLO content types authored in Habitat.


Assessment Engine Metadata

Engrade’s integration of the Form Service allows MHE authors to tag questions and tests with metadata,aligning with DLE metadata and content. Moving forward, this interface will be pushed out to externalcustomers as well.