Maybe it'll refresh your memory!

I tried in vain to open it.


I had some questions and raised my hand.

Don't throw a stone at the dog.

Shall we take a rest?

According to my sister, my muscles are in my head.

Give me back my wig!

Ask them to help you.

What were the contents of the letter?

He put his finger on the cause of the rocket's failure to orbit.

I'm your brother.

Our house is nice, but I still miss the old one.

My parents told me that I was adopted when I was thirteen.

Kathleen looks like he's a bit tired.

Hy doesn't like living alone.


I love your eyes.

He said, "I'm trying too much, but I don't achieve any success."

It's beyond any doubt.

It's very rare.

Are you sure you want to leave without saying goodbye?


The project requires a great deal of money.


A strange car was parked in front of my house.

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To all appearance it is true.

However hard the training was, she never cried.

This manga is pretty popular in China.

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Earl thanked Tanaka for her advice.

He was in the true sense of the word cultured.

I ate a hamburger.


Why should that surprise anyone?

Brodie knows what he's going to do.

I'm sure that Clem is a very busy man.


The president saluted the public.

Jim sometimes has disagreements with his wife.

He likes to watch baseball games on TV.

He is my husband's best friend.

I'm not impressed with anything I've seen so far.

I'm dating a girl named Donne.

I need you to find them.

I get a lot of questions, either by mail or by mouth, about some matter or another, and I often think that it's a shame not to publish the answers.

Jun knocked on the door and Malcolm answered it.

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I didn't see a doctor last year.


You may want to tell her that.


Do you want me to be your bodyguard?


I had no way of knowing where Knute was.

Whether he succeeds or fails, he has to do his best.

You'll never be alone.


Jianyun warned the police about a scheme to assassinate the mayor.

I've tried being nice.

Do you know how?


Your little sentence is too neat.

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I have friends who can help me.


I think I'll go buy something to eat.


Only 3 out of the 98 passengers survived.

Do you think you can help Ping?

You can't park in front of my house on weekends.

You'll be in charge of the girls working in this factory.

I wonder if Marlena is having fun.

I want to study with the same French teacher that Hurf is studying with.

Are you going back to Boston anytime soon?

That is his house.

Tomas put on his rubber gloves.

We were out celebrating all night.

Perhaps you're right.

The building on the mountain is our school.

Why don't you tell Carlos?

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I know where we can get some help.

A man is known by the company he organizes.

These grapes don't taste good. Where have you bought them?


A brother's brother is a brother's brother's brother's brother to another brother's brother.

I remember now.

Rolf can never keep a secret.

He left from there.

The girls wanted to meet white boys because the Asian ones were going out with white girls.

The next month he achieved his first NHL shutout and showed the talent of an NHL super goalie.

If your essay is on the short side, you can always pad it out with a few quotations.

I acted upon what I believed.

I'd be happy to help.


Call me after you talk to Adam.

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Don't confuse comets and asteroids.

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I don't have much collaborative spirit.

I'll contact you when I can.

Please move your car. You're blocking my driveway.

Skef went berserk.

Do you eat rice every day?

I don't want you looking over my shoulder.

The wind lifts the leaves.

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Uri let Damone go.

Joan became a great actress in spite of having had a difficult childhood.

The sun rises earlier in the summer.


With hands like these, I should have become a surgeon.

Coffee will be served after the meal.

The difference between them, in respect of age, could not exceed four years at most.

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Please give it a try.

Marilyn suppressed a smile.

You know better than to do that kind of thing.

Jared is facing eviction if he doesn't pay his back rent by the end of this month.

I asked him to sign the papers.

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When was the last time Beckie came here?

Ginny wasn't at school yesterday, was he?

The boy was all but drowned.

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I want to stay in the house.

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I love your spirit.


Such a childish plan is bound to fail.

I wonder if they realize what they're up against.

Maybe you ought to talk to him.

I know from experience; playing soccer barefoot is a bad idea. You could easily end up with broken toes.

She has faith in me.

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She is great with child.

Do you know what to bring?

I'm frightfully chilly.

American troops stayed in Nicaragua until 1933.

He asked us to be quiet.


Our brave servicemen have crossed thousands of miles to drop tons of explosives on the heads of these innocent children to defend peace.

For them who are used to live in hell, it is unbearable in paradise. For this reason, the Russian diaspora in the United States have voted for Donald Trump.

It was clever of Bob to solve that problem.


I'm afraid it's not true.


You have no reason to be afraid.

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This is cheap.

Was Liza working yesterday?

Please try one.

Pam and Van are dating.

I felt responsible.

Have you gone mad?

You guys are overplanning this.

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In the upper left corner it says "For sale".

Marcos gave it to me for nothing.

I'm going to Boston this summer.

OK, and what are you going to do for me?

Mother removed mud from his shoes.

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Who gave the order?

Gideon is going to pay me back what he owes me on Monday.

"Do you still believe?" "In God? Of course!"

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Ken runs fastest of the three.


She failed to keep her promise.

I'll check my diary, but, at this stage, I should be able to make it next week.

The budget was cut to the bone.

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The cat loves to chase mice.

The investor stole the capital of his client.

Connie felt the urge to confess.


He was delighted at the result.

Dan contacted Linda's sister.

I hope the bread keeps until tomorrow.

Everything that was asked for has now been sent.

Grandpa bought this for me.

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How do you say "blog" in Latin?


He is anxious about his mother's health.

Alan got a grip on his emotions.

Do you go to school on foot?

He pretended to be sick.

Where is Clifford anyway?

There's no one in the garden.

I was born on a ship.

Rex had no difficulty in solving the problem.

She was a real hero.

Where can I rent a car?

He lamented his hard fate.

She knew the teen.

I grew up in poverty.