Enough already!

The fugitive is armed and dangerous.

I don't think I'll go today.

Elvis is the only one here who isn't a teacher.


Thirteen people were killed in the train wreck.

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How will he repay his debts?

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It's elementary, my dear Hein.


The actress has a very beautiful name.

I wouldn't want to bother Lance.

He spent much of his time reading.

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This year we offer the same language course as last year.

Let's go for a beer.

Skef told me Murthy cooked dinner for him.


Lowell said he wanted my help.

Who gave you these flowers?

Everybody likes his jokes.


By what authority do you order me to do this?

Coffee is the holy drink of university students.

I made a stupid mistake.


We made pancakes for breakfast.

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The cat has been eaten.

I hurried and managed to catch the bus.

I believe so.

Did you bring everything we asked you to?

I must speak to her.

Is it okay if I take a break?

The advantages of replacing human workers with robots are the following: robots don't need salary, robots don't get tired, and, most importantly, robots don't complain about their boss.

Today, here and now.

Where is your compassion?

He is known for his eccentric conduct.

Brad can show him.

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Records show that Halley's Comet has been observed for over 2000 years. Confirmed sightings of the comet go back to 240 B.C.

Send a telegram!

Mathematics is the foundation of all exact knowledge of natural phenomena.

It was with my friends that I went out.

What do you call this insect in English?


I am tired.


In this world everyone is ruled by money.

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I don't think she is happy.

As to the source of this statement, I know nothing.

When can I call you?


That country abounds in oil.

Are we going to do this or not?

The epicycle made it possible for the Greeks to explain the planetary movements.

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Greet him with a warm smile.


I can't believe that she did it to me.

How long will he stay in Rome?

Grammar being the art of relieving the difficulties of a language, the lever must not be heavier than the load it lifts.

That makes no sense.

They are apprehensive that some further disaster might occur.

My failure did not weaken my self-confidence.

He left his wife and his three children to live with another woman.

As for me, I can't agree to his offer.

In Japan women assume the greater load of responsibility for childcare.

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What should we talk about?

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Thanks. You've been a big help.

Would you mind telling me all about it now?

We must stop Arlene.

They shot the film in an actual desert.

All this bickering is starting to fray my nerves.

Tony is a retired policeman.

I want you to admit you were wrong.

I likewise bless you this day.

They arrested him.


He's my dad.


You are not to blame for the accident.

Merat has lung cancer.

I think it looks cool.


Goro had the kindness to take me to the hospital.

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Why were you chasing me?

Hebrew is written from right to left, just like Arabic.

Kevyn prayed for Major's safe return.

The cliff collapsed, the rocks split, and the empty sky filled with a noisy clamor.

Willie was able to get home before Siegurd did.

Good words are worth a lot, but cost almost nothing.

That was a very kind act.

How long have you lived in Sasayama?

My sister resembles my grandmother.

Stanislaw looked down at the fuel gauge.

She gains an advantage over me in speaking Chinese.


Let's break stereotypes!


In the summer, people go to the seaside.

He has blue eyes.

Where did you put it?

The situation is getting better.

I made that decision.

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It's a pity that he had died so young.


I can't figure this out.


Did you get fired from your last job?


She has the air of being a lady.

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Is Lloyd with Izzy?

I'll do what the boss tells me to do.

"When did you buy it?" "Let's see. I bought it last week."

She was young, pure, joyful and naive.

Have you tried to play baseball before?


I cannot jump to the sea. I don't know how to swim.


From now on, be more careful with your money.

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What do adjectives modify?

He's very smart, so everybody likes him.

The doctor's quick arrival brought about her very speedy recovery.

When we know what God is, we shall be gods ourselves.

They handled it well.

There are a lot of sheep in the pasture.

I only ordered coffee, since I wasn't hungry.

I was busy.

What a dictionary says is not always right.

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I just gave Barrett one.

We shall continue our efforts to eradicate racial discrimination.

Kamel seems to be looking for trouble.

We saw a small island beyond.

They squeezed together.

That was the patriotic thing to do.

I didn't know that Clark was your friend.

The wounded man writhed.

You may be rich, but that doesn't entitle you to act like a jerk.

We need to protect him.

Mrs. Lark played the piano and the children sang.


I went to Australia, but I didn't see any kangaroos.


Barrett begged me to let him in.

I flunked two of my tests.

Yea, would to God, I were among the roses, That lean to kiss you as you float between While on the lowest branch a bud uncloses A bud uncloses, to touch you, my queen.

Don't try to pass the buck.

I don't understand you at all.

Which one of these glasses did you drink out of?

Say it.


It looks like Marie hasn't shaved in a couple days.


Nanda comes here practically every day.

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Can we stop there?


Mike likes cats.

The city is contaminated with that black smoke produced by engines with wheels.

You certainly knew Leonard was married.

The rumor turned out to be true.

I came here to play soccer.

In any case, I don't want you to worry.

Have you ever driven stickshift?


My family is an old one.

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Be utterly dejected.

Julia opened the window a crack.

I know it's a risky business.


Why don't we order pizza?

I don't know anything about Archie's past.

They fell silent.

Was he really that bad?

We are disgusted by his bad manners.

I enjoy being with Hein.

A shave, please.

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I think you should go now.

I don't want to ruin your day.

I tried to solve the problem, which I found impossible.

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Dori is freaking out.

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We often played chess after school.

She became scared when she noticed the man following her.

Is there anyone here who knows Alexander?

What just happened?

Both claims are false.