Nobody saw him do it.

I was a fool to trust you.

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I usually wake up at six.

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She likes the extreme cold of Alaska.

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I like to be early.


Marla suddenly got very angry.

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It's time the kids went to bed.

The rain began to fall.

Oscar doesn't go to the office on Saturday.

Which party does she belong to?

Don't start anything you can't finish.


It's so bitter.

Nhan started to put his tools away.

How about giving me a promotion from just-a-friend to boyfriend?

Oscar woke up with a pain in his side.

Everyone knows that two plus two equals four.


I'll understand if you don't want to go there with me.


It cost too much.

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You're always drunk.

When the police arrived, the thieves had disappeared.

Hugh always asks for Pablo's opinion.


You should be more thoughtful of your safety.

The ship is at the mercy of the waves.

I want to know absolutely everything.

My father often goes to America on business.

This hat is too tight for me.

If the plug gets dirty, wipe it off with a dry cloth before insertion.

He's raking it in.

We released them.

When can we see him?


Which platform is it on?

My attitude has changed for the better. I'm more positive now.

Clara took care of our dog while we were in Boston.

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Which countries have developed significantly during the past ten years?


We were held up for half an hour in the traffic and so we arrived late.

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This lawn mower gets the job done.

I have to go to the hospital tomorrow.

It's been decided.


We're going to take a quick break.

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We're practically brothers.

Although he is young, he is very careful.

Heinrich has some very interesting ideas.


Can you explain it, Sunil?

No sooner had he seen it than he turned pale.

Syed comes here every three days.

Jinchao was vague.

Napoleon called the English a nation of shopkeepers.


I have a brother.

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"Don't be so serious!" "I think that sometimes one needs to be serious."

She was advised by him to go to the police.

I don't think Sanjeev has any brothers or sisters.

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How can I feel relaxed, with you watching me like that?

We understood each other.

Since women are taking on more responsibilities at work and in the community, it is said that the number of women with stress from both child-rearing and work is increasing.

What happened to all the money I gave you?

The city was covered in snow.

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He can't sing.


I have been working since six this morning.

We weren't given any food or water.

Act like I do!

Randal closed one eye.

The boy ran away when he saw me.

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Jisheng has to speak to us.


Don't forget to write me.

I'm still alive, and that's the main thing, Father says.

Tuna is smarter.


I think I've seen this movie before.


That proved to be no more than an expression of optimism when World War II began.

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I don't think she cares very much.

Who has it?

Let's make this simple.


Please attend my birthday party.

I hope you aren't disappointed.

I'm sure there won't be any problem.


I love her anyway.

Today, I do not want to go to school.

What does he want me to do?


We'll soon know the truth.

It's a very clever piece of kit.

That tall man is Mr. Smith.

He always troubles himself about minor things.

Donn doesn't want to discuss this.

Nigel and I ate dinner together last night.

Who were you with on the Ferris wheel?

One does not simply walk into Mordor.

This Christmas is going to be great.


If you want this marriage to work, you need to choose between spending time with me and working all the time.

Joon apologized profusely.

Joshua stared at the blank computer screen.

Why don't you just take it with you?

He was cheated into accepting the forged check.

Anthony poured a bucket of ice-cold water on himself.

Why are you taking so long?

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I will do anything for him.

A Russian chemist discovered the structure of that poisonous compound.

Also, please inform us of your terms of payment.

Does anybody need anything?

If you let me, I can help you.


Careless as she was, she could never pass an examination.

He may still be young, but he really is a reliable person.

Donne has already been questioned by the police.

Billy often eats popcorn when he's watching a movie.

Then the Germans struck again.

Donovan has been dying his hair.

You sure are a hooligan!

Hey, pops! What are you doing!

Why are you making such a big deal out of it, huh? Just suck it up already!


Valeria already had the CD that Dean gave him for his birthday, but he didn't say so.

Why did I ever listen to you?

Thanks for photocopying it for me.


Bill tapped me on the shoulder.

Unfortunately, my wife's sick, so we can't come over for dinner.

How could it have been done?

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I had expected stronger resistance from the enemy but if anything there are less of them as we advance to the centre... Don't you think that's strange?

I'd better stay home.

We've been working all night.


Our house is messed up.

He's the boy we spoke about the other day.

He lives outside the city.

I want to send some postcards to my friends in the United States.

She knew the teen.

I paid a fortune for this.

Don't laugh with your mouth open.

The Okonomiyaki was very delicious.

You told Steven to say that, didn't you?

Do you have any objection to this plan?

Her father was a talented musician.


Where can the kids play?

Death must be so beautiful. To lie in the soft brown earth, with the grasses waving above one's head, and listen to silence. To have no yesterday, and no tomorrow. To forget time, to forget life, to be at peace.

This word derives from Latin.

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Kanthan has been very uncooperative.

Ladies, I'm going to need some answers.

According to the weather forecast, there'll be more rain on the way.

He has more sense than to say such a foolish thing.

No one would have suspected it!

I'm so busy it makes my head spin.

Heat was spread throughout the room by the electric stove.

I've never told anyone before.

It does get easier.

In everyday life we have many obligations and responsibilities.

The robot does whatever its master tells it to do.

You obviously can't handle this.

I dare you to say that again.


They eat meat once a week.

What do you want, anyway?

May I take a message for him?

Was Toufic upset, too?

I suggest we go home by cab.


Is there a train station near here?

Some references claim that he lied.

Let's not wait too long.

Go upstairs and go to bed.

I awoke to find everything had been a dream.


She is reliable, polite and knowledgeable.

I can't let myself have any more setbacks.

Lorenzo lives just a few blocks away from here.


I was born on June 4, 1974.