I work nights as a paramedic.

How did you lose so much weight?

I love your garden.

You finished all of the exams.


I thought it over and decided to tell Denis everything.

Edgar stole my umbrella.

The event starts at 1am.

I'm taking French this semester.

Hey! It's stuffy in here. Get me out before I asphyxiate.

Kanthan is done arguing.

Spyros's boss is much-maligned, but Micheal's always found him reasonable.

I just missed him.

I don't want them to take over.

He gave witness to the truth of my statement.

It took three years.

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You're starting to get on my tits.

Is that what you were talking about last night?

Alcohol is harmful to health.

Those damnable pigeons have again dirtied my car.

I can't complain about that.

I have eaten a pizza.

Keep an eye on my suitcase while I get my ticket.


Why wasn't Edmond there?

Who else was there?

Judge faces many new challenges.

I gave away the table because it does not fit in the living room.

I just can't believe Brenda is dead.

Naresh was scared of The.

I could use some sleep.


The climate affects people in every land.

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Shane is a realtor.

You're a good friend.

Then they believed the scripture and the words that Jesus had spoken.


We can seat you soon.

People who bring personal details into arguments don't know how to argue.

I don't tan very easily.

Reid and I used to be friends.

Mr. Yamada is in charge of the personnel section.


She let him pay the bill as a matter of course.

Ben is in the hospital.

Benjamin became frustrated when his suggestions fell on deaf ears.

Did you order yours yet?

Father fixed the car.

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Professor, what do you think of the situation in the Middle East?

They were watching television.

If only her husband helped her, most of her problems at home would disappear.

The camera has been borrowed by someone else.

We carry the responsibility for the losses.

How long have you worked in this place?

That may be an understatement.

He's away on a trip.

We have to get Juergen out of here.

The children were playing in the park.

I gave it my best shot.

That's a question that I can't answer.

The happy cat is purring.

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They heard him.

Juan checked his mailbox.

Dewey doesn't know much about art.

Don't let me become discouraged.

I never doubted Hugh.

Teri tried to stab Tharen.

I have to examine you.

Hey, what's going on here?

I kept company with him since we were students.

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I have standards.


Do you have a foreign beer?


There are too many adverts on youtube.

I was abroad on vacation.

Do you like my new shoes?

Are you avoiding me?

There are some things you can't learn from books.


Did you buy me anything?


Is Rajarshi really back?

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If you want to still be my friend, you can never do this again.

Is this a serious matter?

Due to a number of unfortunate causes, one-parent families are on the increase.

Have you already completed this task?

I couldn't resist a touch of schadenfreude when he was defeated so heavily in the election.


The boys will be happy.

What should I be doing?

He has a strong sense of responsibility.

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The second term came to an end.


He stood on one leg, leaning against the wall.

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I met with Hui again.

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I can't meet Kurt now.

Put your hands up in the air.

Our headquarters will remain in Boston.

I cannot prune this tree. It's too high.

Do we have any sugar left?


We wish to speak to him.

I have a clear conscience.

Have you figured it out?

She's an admirable woman.

Some religious men regard pain as a sort of trial from God.

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I'm getting tired of your complaints.


I may as well go now.

The notorious rebel was ultimately captured and confined to jail.

Every unmarried man is a groom for life.


This time, I really mean it.

I have no interest in doing that.

You are always as busy as a bee.

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Sharon put on an apron.

I don't know when he will come back.

Children jump from here to there and play with everything they encounter.


She's deaf and mute, and is getting blind, too.

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You will soon regret your rash conduct.

Wendy is being quite diplomatic, isn't he?

Dan didn't even make phone calls.


Why did you come to Korea?


The poor little girl did nothing but weep.


Please give me some kind of medicine to curb the pain.

He was home alone at the time.

Our economy still hasn't improved.

Acting on an anonymous tip, the police located and apprehended the suspect, who was subsequently convicted of manslaughter.

Water in a solid state is called ice.

You're unreal.

Blue Sky Sport is closed every Thursday.

Helge and I were both happy.

Seth lay awake all night.

You're in Europe!

Mikey is an exchange student.

That's not appropriate here.

Some men treat women like property.


Pria saw a picture of Steen hanging on the wall.

Who are my new neighbors?

Sanity is sleepy.

From whom did Dejan know the song I've ever sung with my fellow friends from my village?

Teak is a tropical dark wood used for making furniture.

You shouldn't let him get away with cheating.

The children are listening to a record.


They stood up simultaneously.

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Give me back my wallet.

You should stay away from cults like that before you turn into a moron.

I've made a mistake in my calculations.

The problem just keeps getting worse.

Why haven't you done anything about this?


I thought Ricky and Rajiv were hungry.

That's obvious.

Recently, I feel like the number of women with loose morals is increasing.

He made great efforts to succeed in life.

The light is on in Miriamne's room.


He started off a country bumpkin.

I don't expect them to win.

I like water.

Eat snow.

List is clearly out of practice.


Let's give Griff some room.

Richard should be in a hospital.

Our plans are taking shape.

That's just awesome.

The new Harry Potter movie is pretty lame.


The outdoor spa at this hot-spring is wonderful.


Faded jeans are still in fashion.

His act was dangerous.

The correctional officer beat an inmate.

Can you stay for a while?

Don't let him sit there.

The early morning hours are the most effective for me.

They backed me up in everything.


Ira picked some berries and ate them.