I'm through with my work. Let's go out.

Recently, I saw an attractive mature woman on the train.

How did she make that?

I wish people would stop staring at me.

Lots of people make that mistake.

Even a worm will turn.

The children of Adam are limbs of each otherHaving been created of one essence.When the calamity of time afflicts one limbThe other limbs cannot remain at rest.If you have no sympathy for the troubles of othersYou are not worthy to be called by the name of "man".

Shannon is way too old to be doing this.

The Denver Broncos have won the Super Bowl.

Can you speak up? I don't understand you.

I really need to talk to you about Ssi.

After a while, Duncan joined him.

The house in which we lived was torn down.

He was able to solve the problem with ease.

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I want to know if you will refund the full purchase price.


We know you're there.

I'm afraid it'll rain.

This isn't bad.

Francis has been a perfect gentleman.

You should leave the answer blank if you don't know the solution.

She loves Linda more than she loves me.

I wasn't sure about that.

I am silent.

I thought I could be of some help.

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There's something we haven't tried yet.

We have little snow here.

The gathering will be large if the weather is good.

I want everything to be just right.

There's nothing to see.

Everyone was speechless.

Let's join hand in hand.

Do you mind if I join in?

I don't want to trouble you.


Marie put on his robe.

Let me see you.

Whence came you?

I'll be able to assist you.

Who the hell do you think you are?

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I couldn't fall back to sleep.

She slammed the door shut.

There is nobody at home who knows that.

You need to focus on getting better.

She reads a newspaper every morning.

The mountains could be seen from afar, and it was a breathtaking sight.

Randy, can you get us some water?

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Sehyo has done an admirable job.


She would never in the world marry Satou.

He referred to his past experience in his speech.

Let's be serious.


I won't ever have a daughter.


The waiters bumped into each other and dropped their trays.

Miles knows the situation well enough.

People often spill their guts to bartenders.

The teacher said that you need to master the subject.

It is easy for me to answer the question.

Is my Esperanto sentence correct?

Greg will find them.

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I'll make it up to them.


Jinchao yanked the curtains open.

I hope it's not her.

Watch out for her.

For the sake of those around you, please refrain from smoking in the office.

I priced overcoats today, but found I couldn't afford one.

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They live in constant fear.


Winston is vulgar.

Would they do that?

From my position, I cannot see the tower.

I want to do something about it.

Saqib is very proud of both his son and his daughter.

Bud loves to gossip.

She can speak German, not to mention English.

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You can go there if you want to.

I have not heard from you. I was wondering if maybe my mail never got to you.

George felt the train begin to move.

Do you think that's wise?

What I need is a little more time.

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How soon can you start?

Steven became irritated.

I was already tired.


Debi looks as if he hasn't eaten in days.


Luke wants to be liked.

I'll give you a local anaesthetic.

And then what happens?

I can't believe Raghu killed Margaret.

I won't ask.

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I can't speak German at all.

There are not many books on these shelves.

We don't want this to happen again.


What makes you think that's what caused the fire?

The total came to ten dollars.

Let's play baseball when the rain stops.

I admired the beauty of all the colorful flowers

The kidnappers gagged Bobby and locked him up in the closet.

It is easier to go down a hill than to climb it up.


Tell them this is urgent.

The walls were covered with graffiti.

Eva turned the lights off.

He has been ill in bed for four days.

Elisabeth didn't know exactly what it was that Corey wanted him to do.

He is generally believed to have been innocent.

It was all right here.

Handsome is as handsome done.

She ran out of paper.

Before you reached drinking age, you couldn't stand family parties.

Someone is knocking loudly at the door.

The confirmation hearings turned into a free-for-all.

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I don't believe you've met Margie.

"No one likes you." "It's not true!"

I'm surprised that you have won that prize.

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This election is important for the future of this country.

I fear so.

There is no more room for a TV set.

Dorothy is a student representative.

Call me whenever you want.

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This is true.

Louis is now in the hospital recovering from a gunshot wound.

You need to take a break.

Do you find it easy to deal with the people you meet in the course of your work?

You hate regulations.

Wait, who told you?

I can't handle his comments

I don't have an ax to grind.

It is out of the question.

Yes, this one is very nice. How much does it cost?

Peter said that he saw the body move.

He's good at making food.

Clothes are more expensive here than in the United States.


Wanna hang out tonight?

We know you're busy people.

I am taking Arabic Level 5 this semester.

We had to learn the lines of the play in park.

We'll have to make room for your mother when she moves into our house with us.


He has eyes like emeralds.

Anyway, it's my problem.

How are we doing?

When it's cold outside, I put my gloves on.

Rathnakumar doesn't drive as carefully as I do.

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I made fun of Lloyd's accent.


Ross is crazy about me.

That sounds like our tugboat horn.

Dominic Jr. is Earle's only son.

In Italy, they work five days a week.

Just give me the car keys.

This was Rodica's fifth book.

As was my habit, I was walking on the beach after the rain.

Can I take your picture with us?

I like to listen to Case's stories.


The scholarship enabled him to study abroad.

He is not so tall as you.

Many kinds of flowers will come out soon.

"Let's play tennis." "Yes let's."

I turned off the TV and settled down to put the finishing touches to the report.

Kyrgyzstan is called "Kirgiziya" in Russian.

That's realistic.

Speak when you're told to speak.

He gave me all the money at his command.

There are two categories of verbs in the Uyghur language - primary and auxiliary.

Give those cookies to them.


Jess, we must not stop here for too long. The sun will set and I think we're very far from the river.

He was startled by the explosion.

Srinivasan didn't work as hard as Sue did.

Can you tell me how to get to the station?

The temperature on Mercury gets so hot it could melt a tin pan.


Why can't I drive?

Damone has never done that before.

You shouldn't talk about your friends behind their backs.

My dear child, this is not a star. It is a full moon.

I'm afraid I have taken a wrong train.

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He is looked up to for his breadth of mind.