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Process Improvement

Process improvement is difficult, and can often be close to impossible to do internally. SLM Industries is a trusted, impartial advisor. Our experts work collaborateively with clients to help reengineer business processes to eliminate inefficiencies and maximize speed and productivity.

Data Analytics

Translate your data into insights that you can use to optimize your business. We can help with data assessments, data planning, data lake design and development, predictive analytics, and more.

Systems Management

Maintaining legacy systems while integrating new technologies, like cload or IoT, is a daunting challenge. Our experts use our deep systems knowlege and experience to help your team best manage and maintain the systems you have–all while positioning your business to integrate with new and emerging technologies.

Network Architecture

Computer network and infrastructures are the the core of modern communication. Great structures don’t start at the foundation, they begin with a well-thought-out set of blue prints. SLM Industries helps guide our clients to design a sophisticated, scalable, and secure networking architecture.

App Development

Software is everywhere. Your business needs software solutions to support and enhance your operations. Whether you need to integrate new technologies, build custom applications to simplify internal processes or enhance customer engagement, SLM Industries can help. Our experts have extensive experience in web, mobile, enterprise, and cloud based app development.


Project management is often the difference between success and failure for IT projects. Our experts have decades of experience delivering successful IT projects in a variety of industries. SLM Industries can collaboratively work with your team to ensure your project is completed on time, on task, and on budget.

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Multidisciplinary Approach

Your business challenges are complex, and require knowledge and experience from multiple disciplines to achieve holistic solutions. Our senior leadership have all worked in a variety of sectors across a variety of industries.

Solutions Driven

Theories and ideas are great, but solutions are better. SLM Industries works with your business to deliver solutions. Our whole approach is to develop practical, useful solutions to your most complex problems.

Engineering Mindset

All of our senior leadership have engineering backgrounds. We bring a rigorous, scientific, data-driven mindset to engineer solutions to your most complex problems.

Easy to Use

No solution will work well if it is difficult to understand or use. In order to gain maximum value out of process improvements or new applications, great care must be taken to ensure that it is clear and easy for everyone to understand and use. SLM Industries takes great pride in delivering easy to use solutions to our clients.


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