How to clean and care for your jewelry It is best to take your jewelry to a local jeweler to clean it. It may not always possible. On Saturday nights, when you are getting ready for a wedding or going out to dinner, it seems like your jewelry has lost some of its shine and luster. Schedule for jewelry maintenanceMost people keep their jewelry in a central place such as a jewelry box, safe, or other container. It’s easy to maintain a basic checklist. It’s common for people to forget about their jewelry and not notice a missing diamond in a ring or bracelet. As a reminder, a checklist can be kept in your jewelry box. Jewelers should inspect all fine jewelry, including those with gemstones, that is regularly worn. Jewelry that is frequently worn often comes in contact to coarse surfaces, which can lead to metal fatigue and erosion. Jewelry Erosion“Erosion” is when precious metals like gold rub against other surfaces. When precious metals rub against other surfaces, such as stone or counter tops of counters, the metals gradually erode. A jeweler can help you determine the best way to repair an item before it breaks and becomes lost. Preventive measures like these can extend the life of […] read more