1. Find a surgeon who insists on discussing all your options.

When many people make the decision to pursue cosmetic surgery, they a) aren’t exactly sure what they want; or b) aren’t aware of all the options available for surgically improving one’s appearance. That calls for a plastic surgeon that can provide you with tips on all the latest techniques and technology in use and be straightforward on cost and effect.

2. Find a surgeon who will help you decide exactly what you want.

The decision to seek aesthetic surgery or physical alteration of any kind is a big one. Many people are simply unhappy with the way they look and may not be sure just what “fix” will make them happy.

That’s why a good cosmetic plastic surgeon is both physician and counselor. A frank discussion with a medical figure that can be trusted helps many people find the focus they need on the improvements they want.

3. Would you prefer a female surgeon?

If so, there are plenty to be found in San Diego. Cosmetic surgery has become a socially acceptable, mainstream option that middle class women can afford. More and more female medical school graduates are moving into the field and becoming board certified plastic surgeons.

If it’s easier discussing cosmetic surgery with a female friend than with a husband or boyfriend, the odds are pretty good that you’d be more comfortable with a female plastic surgeon. There are some cosmetic surgery centers today that are run solely by women for women.

4. The best research may be through networking.

Enough people have pursued cosmetic surgery and other, less intrusive spa treatments that there should be a number of friends or friends of friends that you can consult. Find out how the decision making process worked for three or four people who may had the same general interests as you.

Why did they choose a facial lift over botox? What’s the best way to develop a comprehensive price comparison? And most important, get some detail on what the thought process was in selecting a plastic surgeon, clinic or service center.

5. Make sure your surgeon is willing to discuss all the effects.

If you’re considering breast augmentation, your surgeon needs to explain what maintenance those implants might require five or ten years from now. If you’re exploring the use of botox, your surgeon should be honest about how long it lasts and how often it can be repeated.

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Your plastic surgeon should volunteer this sort of information. If you have to ask, you might consider finding someone who is straightforward about both the limitations and the long term impact of cosmetic surgery.