Before retirement, I ran a franchising company, and our outlets were constantly in need of oversight, and knowledge . Indeed, I had all my area representatives out consulting with franchisees, alerting me of any problems in real time via telephone , and troubleshooting to form it all work more efficiently. hebdomadally I came out with “Letters from Lance” which I e-mailed and also snail-mailed to our franchisees to allow them to know of all the new things we had learned from their franchise outlet counterparts.

This in fact was over 10 years ago, and that i could’ve only wished for a few of the items that are available today with mobile computing, smart phone apps, and tablet computers. In fact, recently i used to be reading a really interesting article, it had been the feature story in Retail Solutions online magazine titled; “Big Benefits from Remote Management – New Rugged Mobile Computers with Remote Management Capabilities Saved Hastings Entertainment, $12,000 from Previous Year and Cut Cycle Count Time in Half,” by Erin Harris.

Yes, by the title you’ll see it’s written as if it had been a whitepaper, but the story speaks for itself within the potential for efficiency. the corporate with nearly 150 locations installed a replacement mobile computer system which interfaced with everything from point-of-sale systems, store security, and Universal Product Code and markup or shave readers. Amazingly enough, all of this information could even be fed to the stores computing system , and onto a manager’s mobile computing tablet.

Instant information, complete control the environment, and a group of systems, which was fully integrated – imagine that 10 or 20-years ago? this is often the longer term of retail management, and mobile computing is now allowing this to happen, better of all it’s happening in real time, with real solutions, that basically work. Efficiency is that the name of the sport , and cutting costs is extremely important. it’s amazing what a number of this technology can do today, and it’s wonderful to ascertain that it isn’t just the young Xers who have all the cool personal tech toys. Indeed I hope you’ll please consider all this.

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