Everyone loves a good treasure hunting. As children, we had the opportunity to take part in treasure hunts at school, birthday parties, and even our parents’ homes. When I was young, Santa Claus used to hide one of my presents and leave clues so that we could find it. It was wonderful, and often it was our best and biggest present. What a treasure! It’s harder for grown-ups to take part in exciting treasure hunts. But there are some things that can help Indiana Jones wannabes.

Treasure hunt

Geocaching is an excellent way to find treasure. Geocaching is where people hide “treasure” or caches and then give geo coordinates to locate the cache. The cache was traditionally a metal box with a log book, something to write in it, and some other fun bits and bobs. The cache finder signs the logbook and can take one of its “treasures” from the cache. However, it is recommended that they leave another treasure in its place. This is just a description of typical caches. However, caches are different in size and purpose. Some caches can be as small as a match box or film. These caches usually have a log inside and are intended for excitement. Caches are often hidden in places with great views or interesting things to see. Geocaching is a great way to find treasure and get out there.

Another modern form of treasure hunting is metal detecting. You can use a metal detector to find old coins, buttons and pins. It can be thrilling to hear the detector’s tone and then dig for your treasure. You can go metal detecting in many places, but an old homestead could be a good place to find valuable treasure. People used to bury their money, rather than deposit it in banks. They would usually bury it near their house, or where they could see it from the kitchen window. Dog houses and chicken coups with an alarm are also common. Another great way to find real treasure is metal detecting.

Another way to modernize treasure hunting is to join groups that organize treasure hunts. Some treasure hunters still love it and will organize hunts for others. Many offer a lot of money to solve the clues and find the treasure. Some will charge for the puzzles, while others are completely free. These groups aren’t very common, but they are there and can be great fun!